Friday, March 19, 2010

just understand that irony is not dead, it's on display.


sounds good man. if people need to post to keep me from f--king everything up when i post, then that'll work just fine. please keep posting and encouraging people to do stuff. thx.

now, i also understand that people need encouragement. however, that used to mean being encouraged either to "do something", or while "doing something", at least as i remember it.

today, it just means being encouraged to feel good regardless of what is happening. that results in a bunch of children saying stupid things to each other to make each other happy.

habitually, that results in us "thinking" less about how to solve our problems and just dealing with them by trying to get "higher" on "bullsh-t" to take away the pain. that's a very bad idea.

soon, that pattern will see us devolving totally into "fantasy" worlds, either of a better afterlife, or a better half-life through videogames, etc. it will only increase the worse conditions get.

however, once it becomes "cool" for "truthers" to "encourage" people to "do stuff", then more people will do it in a variety of ways, so then more people can relate to the ways they prefer.

therefore, please keep in mind that if veteran "truth seekers" who've known what's going on for years don't get their sh-t together, then it might not be possible for anyone else to either.

finally, also keep in mind that this group was formed to "do stuff", so any deviation from that mandate is suspect. we could get co-opted and destroyed by a huckster with happy-juice.

unless we make a habit of working together and planning in advance to do stuff about our problems, they'll get worse. by the time the happy huckster shows, we'll be happier for it.

that's our future unless we decide that it's not.

now, you can hate me like civilians hate truthers.

just understand that irony is not dead, it's on display.