Friday, March 19, 2010

My 2-Cents: Before I Self-Destruct



there’s bad reasons why people don’t believe conspiracy theorists...



there’s good reasons why people finally could so people could finally win...


My 2-Cents: Before I Self-Destruct



just describing this crap the way we read it won't work to stop them.

sorry, but we've gotta get our heads in the game, today was a really bad sign.

the NWO is studying us to see whether "TTS" and others will react to
their plans or not.

since we stopped our street actions and haven't done anything else,
they're spraying carefree.

unless we decide to get active, like 9/11 truth stopping further false
flag attacks, this will just get worse.


excuse me, but how many years old is the "chemtrails or contrails" conversation? how about the "planers vs. no-planers" conversation? how about the "lizards vs. jews vs. rothschilds vs. jesuits vs. aliens" conversation? why the hell are we repeating ourselves when we have a successfull "street action" on "saturday" to plan for and it's already "thursday" night?

before 100 people respond with their own spontaneous home-made 500 word essays on the same topic that have been written 500 times before, why not try and think of "what to do" about what's happening? mark my words carefully: spooks know how to distract us. see: the world we live in. if you're a truther and this is all you do: then sorry, but they got you too.

this is how we're being taken out slowly month after month.

just like with chemtrails, if we open our eyes, we can see it.


don't we have a G20 summit turning downtown toronto into a police state in 3 months to plan for? this is ridiculous. the idea was initially floated several months ago. the fact that we don't get excited about it is a sign that we've been heavily indoctrinated into uselessness.

this is downright embarrassing. there is no way in hell that i want to continue ignoring all the opportunities to talk about "doing something" about our problems. we can waste time saying interesting things that we forget in a half-hour like chinese conspira-food. or we can move.

perhaps it would be a good idea to review the plans we have in place: there are none. that was quick. now, perhaps it would be a good idea to review our opportunities to plan to take on a number of issues: there are a million possibilities. unless we're g-ddamned goldfish.

let's cut the crap now. for several months several people have floated possible ideas to build on. when that happens: they are ignored. when random controversial subjects are brought up: we throw in our 2-cents, but it doesn't "change" sh-t. this is a huge f--king mistake.

again, if that's all that truth seekers want to do and discuss: then fine, it's too late. my sincere advice is to give up and forget all this crap. there's no point in knowing it if there's nothing to do with it. like a juggler with no balls. people worldwide can do stuff. we can too.

so: what will it take? what exactly has to happen? a "keep it happy!" post with lots of smiley-face emoticons to cheer everyone up? for what? to what end? didn't people used to have to "do stuff" before feeling worthy of being rewarded? isn't that a much better way to feel fulfilled?

what conspiracy theorists "can" and "can't" do with the tons of evidence of a "conspiracy" they collect just might prove there is one. clearly with bill c-6, chemtrails, projected false flags, fluoride, aspartame and more to deal with, the fact that we don't want to means...

... what?

why can't we make plans just like humans have for thousands of years?

what the hell has happened to us -- and -- what the hell can we do about it?

when the hell do we feel like answering that question and when will it be too late?

... thoughts?


sorry mate, welcome to the group. as you can guess, just like joining
any other group, you're joining an ongoing narrative. however, you
might be right. so go for it. people are always encouraged to speak
up to help get us to do stuff.

however, another school of thought might suggest that's what's making
us "soft", or our childish need and desire for approval without doing
things that adults would normally do to get it. either way, give it a
shot. we need stuff done.

please keep in mind the fact that as a "group" we've been together
since at least july of 2009. in that time we've accomplished some
great things. but: we have absolutely no "plans" to do anything else.
that has to change.

meanwhile, if people who say they want the truth don't really want the
truth, then that's not my fault. i've said crazy stuff like this for
months. but i'm not wrong. if i was, then truthers would tear my
words apart like truthers love to do.

therefore, the idea of getting us to "do stuff" instead of just
happily typing away on message boards, adding to the 500 pointless
comments on infowars articles, arrogantly boasting about how smart we
are, or whatever, is still a good one.

feel free to try whatever you'd like. that's the point of my posts.
since they don't accomplish enough, i'll take full responsibility for
my failures. my only issue is that not many people want to try at
all. if it was normal to, we'd be fine.

as soon as i see something working, i promise, i will shut the heck up
to avoid screwing it up.




thanks [redacted], we'll try as many angles as possible until one or
several work, it's great to have you aboard. and [redacted], if it's just
the exact same group of guys who decide to play poker every saturday,
then there's no reason to discuss anything.


if it's a group of people who are working against an evolving global
conspiracy to enslave and depopulate the planet, then it may be worth
thinking of new things and discussing them, especially for the benefit
of new people. so... what do we want to be?


to be honest, even the same group of guys who play poker discuss
stuff, like what booze and munchies to bring if they do, etc. in
fact, every group of human beings on the planet makes plans... except
for the people who are fighting the new world order,


it's not hard to discuss stuff and build on it. just look at a
newspaper. or tv. or other mass media online. realize they're
kicking off a massive vaccination campaign, possibly forced. respond
with counter-propaganda. shut it down. oops. that was last summer.


that means it can be done. the formula's established. i've added a
million words to it, but they're not necessary. they're just
insurance against anyone thinking it's a bad idea. once you've run
these ideas by conspirienced peers a hundred times, you know they're


"what suggestions do i have?"

did you just ask that?

f--k it. i give up.



Death To My Enemies - NEW 50 CENT - Before I Self Destruct



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