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look [redacted], i don't know how you can write all that stuff and not write other stuff that involves making plans to do stuff. however: that's the point. as for your points, beyond the usual "chill out" message, nothing you mentioned really changes or challenges anything i said.

here, i'll just show you, it's good to understand this stuff.

no offense, if it's the truth then people will see it. that might come in handy.

but, if it's not the truth, then i'll see it when people show it to me. that might come in handy.

1. your interpretation of your religion is not infallible. that's dangerous demagoguery right there. it happens all the time. we can see it in others. to varying degrees. people can justify anything as long as they think they have all the answers. i get accused of the same.

the only thing is, i'm just a bum with ideas. i don't think they're inherently infallible and from an infallible source. i share them with people and get feedback. i throw out the ones that are bad. of course, i haven't perfected this, but my words are basically based on yours.

i could ask a dozen christians the same question and get a dozen different answers. i could ask a dozen christian-truthers the same question and get a dozen slightly-different answers. they don't trust organized religion, so they think only they are correct. that means they can't all be correct.

as long as your "personal" interpretation is inherently infallible and meta-physical as part of prophecy, then it can be used to explain anything in any way you want. i.e. you completely agree with me, yet you still say i'm totally wrong because you think i'm getting the bible wrong.

that doesn't make sense. if the truth is we have to do stuff because of the stupid new world order, then that's it. you can get there through the bible, or if you happened to miss it, some other way. many christians have been massively misled, but if they get it right, we'll all convert.

now, you sound like a fan of a "new age" or "karmic" interpretation of christianity. why? that basically means you think we should "do stuff" because it's the "right" thing to do, but that ultimately g-d is going to break everything anyway, and that there is nothing we can do about it.

you think you'll be saved because you chose the right religion. that's enough. that'll do. that means randomly doing stuff is fine. that means taking our time is fine. that means not making any plans is fine. that means me suggesting that we do is a heretical waste of time.

that's the "new age" influence on christianity right there. at least when compared with christians hundreds of years ago. or even 50. you can look at your own histories yourself. see: there was a certain "discipline" that religion brought people that has nearly vanished today.

when "women and children" were in trouble, beyond "christianity" or "religion" or any "belief" systems corrupted for hundreds of years and that need to be cleaned up, humanity survived when men would just man-up and fight. not just say they're cool with g-d. actually do stuff.

today, religion is used to interfere with our tribal instincts instead of reinforce them. armies of christians walk around convincing people to convert so they'll have a better "afterlife". in the third world especially, that allowed the new world order to help people deal with sh-tty "lives".

that's why so many christians just "do what thou wilt" thinking they'll be saved and that g-d's going to break everything anyway. it's pure masonic, crowley, new age bunk. it varies and some christians have avoided this crap, but many others rely on it to relax and do what they wilt.

the same thinking affects the rest of society thanks to 100 years of "new world order from concentrate new age brainwashing juice -- now online and pulp-free!" the same logic is used when it comes to "doing stuff", don't logically rise to a logical challenge, default to what thou wilt.

i'll hasten to add that i'm not above this crap, i just recognize it and i'm actively trying to deal with it, so i suggest others do the same. you are not making these comments here only on behalf of yourself. you think others can relate to them too. that's true. the only question is: why?

well, it's because everybody is supposed to "feel" that they'll probably be fine no matter what happens to others. that's supposed to be comforting. you might keep your job, house and life. or, you might (obviously) have a better afterlife thanks to a good eternal cuddle from g-d.

in the neo-communist brave new world: this is exactly how we're supposed to interpret things and deal with dissidents. we're supposed to turn into children so big brother can beat our ass. plus we're socially engineered to hate anyone who says otherwise, even when it's obvious.

then, when we could "learn" what's going on and "feel" like "doing something" about it, instead we'll "learn" what's going on and "feel" like children who are barely able to deal with it. this wouldn't be so bad if we didn't justify it, but we have to to protect our infantilized egos.

by now, i'm sure the binary i'm a "good" or "bad" person stuff is kicking in, or the idea that this can't be more complex than that. if you say "i give out flyers = i'm a good person" then that gets you off the hook. that's what's been happening. that's why "truther standards" are so damn low.

now, this particular pursuit shouldn't have the lowest "standards" in the world when it comes to getting better at it. however, the "new age" interpretation of the world, which is basically that if it's going to end, you'll be saved, means that once you learn it might end, you default to that.

once people get over the "ego-syntonic" approach to the "new world order", we'll stop feeling how personally screwed we are and just running to something for comfort, whether it's ignoring them, just learning about them, half-heartedly sharing info, karmically persisting alone, etc.

real religious people -- and i include "real" christians -- wouldn't always put themselves and the fact that they have nifty explanations first. they would be focused on what they need to do to get better at helping other people who are being "assaulted" as consistent with their beliefs.

unfortunately, and i hate to break out the "p" word again, but that does mean "planning" to "do stuff", just like other groups of humans do. we have to wonder about the character of supremely arrogant know-it-all truthers who can't plan for sh-t to help others deal with what they learn.

again, our ego-syntonic approach to the world will force us to say "i'm not that!", but that's not the point. that's the culture. that's the point. we're all basted in this "anti-NWO" culture and learn how to deal with it from that culture. or not. perhaps that's the problem. if we even care.

again, that's the point. more energy and creativity is wasted on excuses for failure in our circles than would be tolerated in any other social circle. it's a joke. we just "can't" do this or that, even though we know we should try or die. just check out all of the "chill out man!" responses.

mainstream activism is also taught "it will take years" to do stuff. that gets the people and "system" screwing up now off the hook instead of put in the spotlight. the "truther" version of that works the same. if the problem is real, we should get better, not get better excuses for being lazy.

this would all be true upon a cursory review of the situation, but after a few years of saying basically the same stuff, i'm pretty sure it's more true than ever. if most "truthers" are asked to get "better" at fighting the "new world order", they'll do whatever they can to explain why they can't.

in fact, the need to ask the question itself is completely ridiculous. like anything else, people should want to get better at it. like any other group, people should want to help it get bigger. there are no excuses for being unable to make "plans" either. not with what we know.

finally, unless a "christian" (or other) male age 25 - 45 in our immature culture wants to fight the "new world order" in a serious and focused "planning" way that sees them actually push themselves to get better at it, then i will be forced to either disrespect the religion, or the individual.

there are NO excuses at this time in history for males age 25 - 45 to not even be "trying" to make "plans" that they "try" to fulfill in the near future. to know about the "new world order" and to say otherwise is assinine and insane. of course, it can and will be done, but that's a big mistake.

anyway, i hope that answers it. now, i know there are a thousand random lines of scripture, or any other belief system, that can be arbitrarily used to dismiss the above and make personal sense of something different to avoid thinking of how to take this whole "new world order" problem seriously.

so, i guess we'll see what happens.




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