Thursday, March 18, 2010

"fine, no problem. since we basically agree..."


fine, no problem.

since we basically agree...

i want you to just tell me one thing...

what exactly do you guys think we should do?

and, why do you think i'm wrong for exposing this stuff?

or, what makes my stuff "paranoid" and your stuff "normal"?

plus, how do you go from "there's a conspiracy!" to "who cares?

see... bitch-ass too-cool 2 do stuff snobbery ain't gonna do nothing.

now, you just want to believe in "old" conspiracies because you're scurred.

but, there is stuff happening today that we should deal with, don't you agree?

fine... why don't you tell me what you guys think it is?

and... then tell me how we should deal with it?

'cause... is just might be important.



btw, this is what the NATO, or british, canadian, american and australian defence departments think the next 30 years will look like starting this summer according to (rare) mainstream news.

the media does report stuff, but if it's good stuff they just don't repeat it. this article is just 3 years old, but like most of the other warnings i've promoted, you can see what's been happening

fyi, everything i say is documented and cross-referenced, not just what i think is reasonable to say in a world where we don't want to do a damn thing now even though we're worried about our future.

we're worried with good reason. nearly everybody can "feel" something, but then we just get distracted. anyway, here's what the future looks like unless we decide to stop the bad guys planning for it.

finally, if you are physically unable to read this, relax and don't worry, someone who can will rescue you later. we've been whacked pretty hard in canada. that's why i'm moving so aggressively on this now.

oh yeah, and if all of these multi-billion tax-dollar "military" and "intelligence" agencies working together worldwide are so damn good at their jobs, just like the TV and videogames and mass media say they are...

... then how come they're just planning for this instead of trying to stop it?



Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future

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* Richard Norton-Taylor
* The Guardian, Monday 9 April 2007
* Article history

Protective chemical suits

The MoD predicts more use of chemical weapons. Photograph: Paul J Richards/EPA

Information chips implanted in the brain. Electromagnetic pulse weapons. The middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx's proletariat. The population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%, while Europe's drops as fertility falls. "Flashmobs" - groups rapidly mobilised by criminal gangs or terrorists groups.

This is the world in 30 years' time envisaged by a Ministry of Defence team responsible for painting a picture of the "future strategic context" likely to face Britain's armed forces. It includes an "analysis of the key risks and shocks". Rear Admiral Chris Parry, head of the MoD's Development, Concepts & Doctrine Centre which drew up the report, describes the assessments as "probability-based, rather than predictive"


Alan Watt Revolutions Flashmobs Brainchips


The Toronto Star

Published On Sat Oct 17 2009

Canada's military peers into future, and it's scary

In the worst-case scenarios, oil prices quadruple, drones patrol the skies, global wars spill into cities

OTTAWAThe war between India and Pakistan spills over into Toronto's immigrant suburbs. A terrorist sleeper cell poisons Montreal's water system. Mandatory military service is enacted for young and new Canadians.

While the country's politicians debate what Canada's engagement in Afghanistan will look like after the current mission ends in 2011, the military has already peered far past that date to determine its training and equipment needs and the worst-case scenarios it must prepare to face. Forums

Those are the best nightmare scenarios they can come up with? :boring:

What about zombie-plagues, aliens or Mothra? :alarm:


The Canadian Army Predicts The Future




Repilogue: TTStimates...


hmm... i'm back online for a minit switching stores. i also notice that the meet-up never came through, which either means the wrong settings were chosen when initially sending it, or it got stopped, or lost in cyberspace. either way, even people who don't subscribe to the listserve should know about the meet-up, so let's see it re-posted or i'll post another one later if i can.

incidentally: this is the type of thing we need to focus on, or making sure the street actions are well-organized. it's not that hard and only takes about 11 minutes a week. but, if we all contribute to promoting them to each other and others, then they will be successful and have a positive impact. if we completely ignore talking about them or planning for them, then they won't be.

conspiracy theorists should simply ask themselves: what have i done in the last year to help stop (or "fight") the new world order on behalf of people who don't know? if it was just randomly saying random smart stuff about random conspira-topics to other conspiracy theorists, then you can see what that produces: not much. it's a massive mistake to waste all that creative energy.

on that note: nobody can say that i'm stopping anybody from taking action by pointing these problems out. if that's the case, then anybody can stop you from saving your families, friends and neighbours from being killed. so, then it's not my fault. so, i don't feel responsible. you could've just stepped on some gum and that might have stopped you from moving too. same diff. it's on you.

imho: we need to get better at this right now before the aluminum'n'barium cocktail really, really kicks in...




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