Friday, March 19, 2010

Self-Destruct Sequence Engaged



there's lots of things to say...

but perhaps nothing to say that will work...


thanks [redacted], sounds good. let's just talk about doing stuff while the skies above our heads -- today too -- are being filled with chemicals -- and almost nobody here is (thinking of) "doing" anything about it. i won't say anything if we talk about doing something. otherwise i'll keep pointing out the fact that we're not until i get sick of it or people get sick of me.

probably after a cup of coffee.

i'm currently watching the lobotomization of the human race taking place right in front of my eyes. as said earlier: this is a last stand for the fate of the human mind. if we get trapped into thinking we're doing the right thing by doing nothing, or if we can't work together to plan to do something, there won't be point in doing this at all. or if we're pompous twit(terbot)s.

probably need a "save the paragraph!" campaign too.

finally, i don't give a f--k if it's not "normal" for people to take action. i don't give a f--k if "alex jones" can't get people to take action. the bottom line is we have to. so, we either find ways to, or we have a stupid hobby that involves learning things that make us unhappy. saturdays street action is less than 24 hours away. let's see who RSVP's and what we do.

probably gonna need a cup of coffee too. i can't take the anticipation sober.


heya [redacted],

no offense, but i'd rather stick with "evil spirits" that get me to "do stuff" than to go with "good spirits" that don't. that means they might not really be "good spirits" but rather "evil spirits" in disguise. both civilians and the conspirienced make the same "chill out man!" arguments, but then the same people don't want to talk about "doing stuff" because it's the exact opposite of "chilling out" in a world we we "have to!" do lots of stuff we don't like.

hey, the new world order ain't in charge for nothing: they're good.

like i said: the lobotomization of the human race is on display right in front of us. it's happening neuro-linguistically in ways i've tracked for years, chemically and scientifically. i can see it right now. i just stepped outside and there's criss-cross chemtrails above downtown toronto for the third day in a row. where's the response from people who want me to "chill out"? i think that is the response: "chilling out" while the skies rain chemicals.

hey, it might be a good idea if it's the only one we bother thinking of.

in fact, because they're not causing rain like they usually do, i'd guess these particular chemicals are to help us "chill out" as much as possible. we have new taxes being announced daily; our governments are determined to "balance the budget!" during a "recession" when we the people need our tax-funded services money more than ever; and so on. using metaphysical mumbo-jumbo as a defence mechanism is a common mistake.

hey, anyone can say anything if they think they're infallible, who can argue?

religion should build the character that gets people to "do stuff", not give characters a perfect excuse to avoid doing stuff. now, the "new age" perversion of religion is sold by lots of religious people who've been fooled by it; most truther-christians admit most christians are. i'm just pointing out the fact that if your religion doesn't help you fight the new world order, it either sucks or you're doing it wrong. if it just helps you "chill out" until they kill you, well...

hey, if that's how it's going to go down anyway, then maybe it's not such a bad idea.


any better ones?




you're absolutely correct man. these are funny.

now: we can either forward these all day or deal with the chemtrails.

we can either search for "facebook silly!" sh-t or we can plan for saturday street actions.

practice makes perfect. what we're practicing right now will make us perfectly incapable of doing sh-t.

don't believe me? fine. it's understandable, millions of people are on facebook and happily "twittering" away.

alright, riddle me this truth-man: when do we want to discuss doing stuff? why do we just want credit for being stupidly funny?

there are different levels of how deep in "the matrix" we all are. if we know we're in a matrix and don't want to do anything, that's pretty deep.

as for just trying to cheer people up because i'm making things so heavy on a nice day, i understand. if all people want to do is be cheered up: it's over.


Self Destruction



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