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Mayor Vij 2010 Campaign Site - Update


Ed note: apologies for the delay in declaring, but I'm afraid I wasn't getting the feedback that I wanted yet.

Fortunately, everyone in the city is always supportive, so that's just incredible and appreciated. However, in our culture, this is often seen just like trying to get on "American Idol" and so on, or it's taken as an exciting individual pursuit.

Unfortunately, the problems the City and People of Toronto have are a bit more than any individual can handle. I don't want to try to sociopathically crank up the charm, sell-out, then become mayor of a city that's going to hell in a hand-basket.

That would suck. I don't even like throwing bad house parties, and they only last a few hours let alone years of being forced to shut up about what's important and pass awful globalist policies while everyone is running for and dying from cancer.

No thanks. Right now, the "G20 Circus" is coming to town to mess with us, so I think we should expose the ring-leaders to make sure this doesn't get worse and never happens around here again. They really should have done this somewhere else.

There's tons of weird military stuff going on that this is an excuse for, like spotter-drones lighting up the ground and low-flying black helicopters (I even spoke with a cop who agreed they were low and annoying), etc. It's a damn videogame on the streets.

With this much fascist foolishness in the air, we can smell it.

Therefore, we can find it, fight it, and finally finish it.

Better to than not to, so that's the future focus.





[UPDATE: June 20, 2010]

Sorry for the "declaring" delays, I've been busy on these issues in other ways, plus I see that Rob Ford and George Smitherman are in the lead, but "The Metro" showed a new poll that said if John Tory was to join the race he'd be the front-runner. Nobody is saying or doing anything to impress the people of Toronto yet. It's an open race.

As a philosopher who's worked in Toronto on journalism, activism, sales, music and more, I'm aware that Canadian are aware of the "system" where corporations control governments. They also know that the same "system" poses a serious threat to our health, wealth and relationships that should be addressed in the Mayoral campaign.

With respect to defining this problem, and how to solve it, as a CKLN 88.1 FM radio personality for 4 years, including currently hosting my own news show from 6 - 7 am Mondays - Thursdays, I know nearly Torontonian says they're okay with my approach, but they just worry about what others will think. So, we're okay with it.

For now, the G20 "world leaders" coming to Toronto, charging us $1 billion for it after saying they're "broke" after wasting our tax-money for years, and siccing 10,000 cops, troops, spooks and "private contactors" (mercenaries) on us after building what looks like half a concentration camp in the middle of Toronto is... wrong.

This "protest" is also the "wrong" approach to "real" problems, especially after the government you're against built you a "Hollywood set" to blow-off steam and go home. They never plan to achieve or result in anything but the media being able to demonize dissent by telling people to act too-crazy for normal people to relate to.

Super-rich families who run the world created private, charitable and tax-exempt foundations to hand-out "grants" to control "activism" and "academia", like the "Ford" and "Rockefeller" foundation among many others. This "protest" or "rock concert" model and traumatic slap in the face to the people of Toronto is their handiwork.

They are also behind "globalization", or globally centralizing their power. They use our politicians like puppets to lie to us and give them more power by signing agreements with international bodies the elite control, like the United Nations, World Health Organization, International Criminal Court and so on. They want World Government.

Before Canada Day, on July 1st, 2010, it would help for us to understand the only reason we're threatened by GMO foods, the loss of privacy, a weak economy and more is because we don't control where we live. We don't really talk about how to control it either, which is what the global elite in control of most countries want.

Fortunately, the "G20 Protest" is a perfect opportunity to expose how "globalization" takes power away from nations and transfers it to un-elected bureaucrats working for super-wealthy families who've run the world since the "colonial" days and never stopped. For example, "The Queen" is STILL on half the money in the world. Plus.

On that note, we can see that yelling at cops trying to keep a straight face while the G20 politicians inside already know how you feel is pointless. Still, our big problems can be fixed with small solutions, including simply sharing information in a calm, compassionate and peaceful manner with our neighbours. It's that simple.

People who want to stand for something should stand for it before the G20 from June 26 - 27th, and before "Canada Day" too. Below are public domain posters and flyers on our health risks and socialization that we can use, adapt or share. This is what's worked for thousands of years: telling our neighbours what they needed to know.

Finally, this understanding of the world can be new to some, so two CKLN radio interviews that explain almost all of it are included. Since this can seem like "heavy stuff" to a lot of people, and we've all been socialized to avoid it, should Canadian men age 25 - 45 feel they can deal with this stuff on behalf of women, children and the elderly? :-)


Poster and Flyers To Stand For Something

* Before * The G20 June 26 - 27th and Canada Day on July 1st, 2010

MS PowerPoint (better resolution) and PDF (only if formatting issues)


Alan Watt as a guest on CKLN 88.1 FM's "Rude Awakening" News Show

MP3 -

Transcript -


More updates to come shortly, all the best! :-)






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