Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Global Warming Potshot Plus


Hi [redacted],

It's great to hear from you, but these are odd details to pass on based on "Climategate" and the rest of what we've been able to know about the "global warming" or "climate change" fraud for some time. I can't figure out [redacted] angle, unless he just doesn't know. I've been on to this "Club of Rome" globalist scam since before it was launched in March 2007 when I interviewed Professor Timothy Ball then and in November, among other research on UN Agenda 21 for "sustainable development" (watermelon-green global neo-feudal communism depriving us of rights, stuff, opportunities and property) and many more revelations over the years,

I don't know why we should prioritize dealing with what the weather "may" be like in 20 years while ignoring what "people" are going through now, which I see as part of an anti-human agenda. Especially since they can't accurately tell us what it will be this weekend. This may cost us and make a few rich people trillions of dollars based on the plans and promotion we've seen so far too. No worries, this was just to summarize and clarify some areas to investigate before pushing this, or yet another "global" solution when locally we should be making connections and acting with them on issues. Imho, as us modern plebes are wont to bleat.

Hope you're well otherwise, please let me know as you'd like. I'm hopping around here activisting and trying to stand for something "before" pointlessly participating in the $1 billion traumatic G20 slap in the face to the people of Toronto hassling most of us for no reason to showcase the latest toys and techniques of the NWO "police state" (divisive term), freak us all out and demonize "normal" and "healthy" dissent as usual. They could've just held this somewhere like Montebello in '07 so that the people who just want to yell could. I was even stopped today at high noon and asked for my ID while filming the "protest wall" now outside Union Station.

I resisted and we chatted for a half-hour.

Then I chose to give in for a variety of practical reasons.

Among them was to save the face of the officer who gave me a half-hour.

Anyway, more details to all shortly. I think this is a fantastic and obvious chance to let everyone in this city know about the new world order, so that's what I'm trying to do and trying to encourage others to do, including suggesting that Canadian men age 25 - 45 should man-up and defend this country on behalf of women, children and the elderly. After suggesting and testing it for a year, nobody disagrees, so we're good to go. My colleagues at Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) and I should have been on this after the fantastic way we attacked the "man-bird-pig flu!" scam last year, but we've had some issues, so hopefully we get it together too.

I guess that'r ought'r do f'r now f'r'm me m'lady, stay up and hollatchabuoy anytime... :-)




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