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CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Thursdays - Bob Marley vs. G20 vs. City Sunny vs. African Money - June 3, 2010


"Some people say, great G-d will come from the sky,
Take away everything, and make, everybody be high,
But if you know what life is worth,
You would look for yours on earth,
And now you see the light,
Stand up for your rights."

- Bob Marley, "Get Up, Stand Up"


June 3, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Thursday

Guest hosted by Black Krishna (BK)

Bob Marley vs. G20 vs. City Sunny vs. African Money

Featuring: Bob Marley, Colin the Caller, Spooky the Caller, keith harmon snow


This episode: with regular host Usheak Koroma off, guest host Black Krishna (BK) from CKLN 88.1's Rude Awakening (Mon - Thu, 6 - 7 am) fills-in. Can we understand the music of people like Bob Marley? Is the $1 billion in "security" for the G20 Summit in Toronto June 26 - 27th just a big staged show of force and slap in the face to Canada's biggest city? Why didn't they meet somewhere less disruptive? What about the issues? Can we share inspirational info with each other to get something done?

CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Thurdays from 7 - 8 pm EST is hosted by Usheak Koroma and covers news and social issues as well as the African diaspora. CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening is hosted by Black Krishna (BK) from Monday to Thursday from 6 - 7 am on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3 download links are available by around 8 am at, and Please contact with questions, answers, suggestions, news tips, music and more.




Africa from keith harmon snow

A peek inside the G20 war chest

Mirvish cancels Rock of Ages and Mamma Mia! shows during G20

VIA Rail announces G20 disruptions

Children's Aid societies partner up with G20 security

U of T casual staff won't be compensated during university's G20 closure, union cries foul

Police visiting activists in lead up to G20, report says

CKLN 88.1 Rude Awakening: G20 Related: Why I Say, F--k A Protest, F--k You Gon' Do Before This?

The Caribana Police Report: NLE '09 Martial Law Drills in Toronto?

SONG: F--k A Protest (Radio Edit)

SONGS: G20 Related

PLANS: G20 Related

G20 Summit vs. Nuclear 9/11 Flyer - 6 flyers per 8.5" x 11" page, double-sided, or single-sided mini-posters. Print at 3-cents per page (many places), 6 cents double-sided, plus $1 a cut at Kinko's. Make 500 copies, or 3000 flyers, or 6000 single-sided mini-posters, for $36. Tag up your hood. Don't just inform the informed. Do something to inform the uninformed. Public domain. Please adapt, use, share.


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