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CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Screw The G20: Hollywood vs. Bilderberg vs. Boys vs. Men vs. Fathers Day - June 7 - 10, 14, 2010



Dave Chappelle - What's Wrong With Hollywood


Katy Perry Sold her soul??


Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil


Michael Jackson speech about $ony & Tommy Mottola - $ony Kills Music


June 7 - 10, 14, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

Screw The G20: Hollywood vs. Bilderberg vs. Boys vs. Men vs. Fathers Day

Featuring: Michael Jackson, Charlie Skelton, Dave Chappelle, Alex Jones, Bob Dylan, Alan Watt, Tupac Shakur, Katy Perry, Eminem, Melissa Ford, Drake, Janet Phelan (Live)


These episodes: with yet another disgusting videogame-like show of force being used by the new world order to build up their "police state" at the G20 "protest" on the streets of Toronto, what can the average pissed-off person do besides waiting to yell or bracing for the hit? What about the Bilderberg Group behind their G20 "salesmen"? Why are Hollywood stars mad at "who" they have to sell their soul to? How do we get our health, wealth and relationships in order to beat the new world order?

CKLN's Rude Awakening Morning News Radio Show is currently hosted by Black Krishna (BK) Monday to Thursday from 6 - 7 am on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3's for re-posting, re-use, adapting or sharing are usually available by around 8 am at, and Please feel free to contact with any questions, answers, suggestions, tips, music and more.




NOTE: Sorry, unable to upload June 7 - 10th shows to, please download the other "Screw The G20: Hollywood vs. Bilderberg vs. Boys vs. Men vs. Fathers Day" mp3's at:

Live On-Air Interview with Janet Phelan -- Newspaper, Web and Radio Journalist -- On Poison Pipes in our Water Supply?

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

This article documents some of today’s well-known artists who have gone on record and spoken about the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Lady Gaga's "Alejandro": The Occult Meaning

.. Many people are, however, still wondering: What is the meaning of the song and what message is the video trying to convey?

Bilderberg 2010: How political and business leaders are going to save the world – in secret

A huge agenda of global issues was crammed into four days of 'secret' meetings by a mysterious group of power brokers. But who elected them and why are we paying for them?

Bilderberg 2010: Globalists Panic Over Euro Collapse

... the Bilderberg elitists are panic stricken at the possibility that their embryonic global currency – the euro – could be heading for total collapse.

Bilderberg 2010: Between the sword and the wall

The Catalan police are refreshingly friendly. But if the time for action comes, whose side will they be on?

The Toronto G20 Police State Crackdown

It appears as if the G20 summit in Toronto is shaping up to be a showdown between anarchists and police. Caught in the middle of the security circus are local residents.

Father may I?

... “We do know that parents have a major impact on their children’s risk of injury through their attitudes and decision making regarding risky activity as well as appropriate supervision."


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