Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Do Conspiracy Theorists - or - People Know About GMO Population Control? - June 16, 2010


June 16, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

Do Conspiracy Theorists - or - People Know About GMO Population Control?

Featuring: Jeffrey Smith, Alex Jones


This episode: Do conspiracy theorists know about the dangers of GMO foods? Do other people know? Do we know companies don't have to label them? They sterilize us? Cause organ failure? Hair to grow in our mouths? Should we figure out how to tell everyone about this to help stop it instead of just chanting old slogans and blowing-off steam at the G20 "protest" set up to show off the new world order "police state" (divisive term) in a big city? Should people deal with real issues in a serious way?

CKLN's Rude Awakening Morning News Radio Show is currently hosted by Black Krishna (BK) Monday to Thursday from 6 - 7 am on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3's for re-posting, re-using, adapting or sharing are available after 8 am at, and Please feel free to contact with any questions, answers, suggestions, tips, music and more.




The Alex Jones Radio Show - June 8 2010 - Welcomes top anti-GMO Frankenfood analyst, author and filmmaker Jeffrey Smith.

GMO: Seeds of Deception

Expert Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception, and Genetic Roulette, presents shocking evidence why genetically modified crops may lead to health and environmental catastrophes, and what we can do about it.

Buying Non·GMO

Here is a summary of what crops, foods and food ingredients have been genetically modified as of July, 2007:


Quickly become an expert on GMOs. It’s as easy as using the information provided on our website to learn about the health risks of GMOs and how to avoid them.

Gerald Celente CKLN Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

Uploaded: Jun 04, 2010 - 6,725 Views - 22 mins

[Ed note: Special thanks to top financial expert Gerald Celente for uploading a clip from CKLN's Rude Awakening to YouTube featuring him and more. Anybody can hear something compelling that's said and record it or cut that part from the MP3 file. Then they can upload those clips of favourite radio shows, add images, annotations, websites, etc., or even use a simple video music-mixing program to add music to help give people the energy to handle the information. Here's a couple of examples among others, like all BKB philosophy, they're public domain ideas for anyone to use.]

Afghanistan Mineral Riches Story Is War Propaganda

Obama To Push Nightmare [Now BP Spill-Related] Carbon Tax In Oval Office Speech

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet

Thaione Davis: Emanuelle’s Theme Music


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FYI, if you're interested, these interviews can help us understand the world.



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