Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Man WTF! What kind of times are we living in?"


Man WTF! What kind of times are we living in?



I put at least several different post up about the genetically modified organisms that are now in our food supply like crazy and everybody walking around here fat and unhealthy looking. Did you guys know that between 2008 and 2010 2 million people died of respiratory infections that were GMO related? Monsanto which is the main corporation putting these foods out in the market is killing people legally and getting away with it. They are poisoning our food? Has this reality hit any of you guys yet? I mean these are the times we are living in where they are pushing full steam ahead in their depopulation methods are you fully aware what is going on? I mean I just had to ask.

This is crazy that this is going on do you not agree? Are you getting involved with the petitions? Do you know how to grow a garden? Do you know which seeds to use to grow your foods?


Yo Isis,

I feels ya, this is ridiculously important stuff that every "green" person and everyone else should be on top of. Plus, you're a public figure, and these days, once in a while people of influence and good conscience gotta flip, so the attacks on our food supply are better reasons than most. There's a meeting going on in Quebec City (Canada) right now where they're deciding on whether or not to allow GMO foods to be labeled. Or, they're trying to make sure they can get agreements or treaties that become laws to make sure that we can't. The word is out, so they're trying to hide it. Some good links are below to check out and pass on:

However, all is not lost, and we have it easier than most "resistance" movement ever have in history. Most of us aren't even close to being in danger of serious physical confrontation, though it feels more likely as time passes. So, we should move as soon as we each can on doing stuff instead of talking about it, especially in groups of people, which helps others respect us and consider taking action themselves. We can operate in the open, while "they" have to operate mostly in secret. Most of us can move confidently knowing there are louder voices. Then there's flyers, dvd's... the usual info to post or pass out to wake people up.

Finally (or "imho" to use polite modern-slave language), since we're in a "spiritual" war by many definitions, imho, the secret isn't to retreat into preferred metaphysical fantasies that may change based on interest, discovery and taste, but rather representing that spiritual nature in some fashion. That often involves creativity on behalf of others. Yes, we have to burn dvd's of "Terrorstorm" and other "truth" films to stop a potential new "nuclear" 9/11 false flag attack -- and -- help people ask "What the hell did they do with the trillions of dollars they got for 8 years since the last attacks to stop this from ever coming close to happening again?"

However, to help people around you really understand that excessive use of the miltary and police is never in the people's favour, and even the troops and cops get screwed, you might need to show people how "you" feel about these issues. The only way to do that is to express your opinion in your own way -- but -- not in a slackass brokund sentunce YouTube comment, Twitter or Txt Msgng way, but in a way that will make other people respect you. That means instead of arguing with people about conspira-stuff, hand them a small piece of paper you designed and printed. They'll be too-intimidated to argue and may check it out later

There's a bajillion more things we can do, but that's the simplest and easiest, and in our Orwellian universe where we can scream "We have to do something!" and then can choose not to do whenever we feel like it, simple and easy works. To get our weight-up, I recommend listening to music that you find special because an artist helps you -- connect with reality -- not escape it. Nobody ran from reality when Bob sang "Get Up, Stand Up", they just manned-up for a minit. We all have people we respect more than the people we're told to think and talk about, so we should go find them and get reminded of why we remember them.

It's good to be known in your hood too, so hopefully that helps!

Oh yeah, and last thing -- puh-leeze nah -- don't blame the youth!

In any culture in history, when adults are acting like dumbasses...

... what exactly do we expect the youth to be doing?

That's just blame-shifting dehmanizing NWO control...

... but since we know better, it's over and done with!




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