Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"we engage in orwellian double-think all the time. that's just how we's raised."


hi [redacted],

no worries.

we engage in orwellian double-think all the time.

that's just how we's raised.

since we know that, we can move past it.

we say "bad things are happening!" and "we have to do something!" and then -- more often than not -- we decide not to. it happens for years. whenever we feel like it, we will call this a "fascist" or "socialist" on the way to "communist" country. if we feel like it's a nice day and a nice place, we may decide not to.

saying cambodia was "worse" doesn't change how "bad" things are getting today in canada. i agree it was worse. that's not my issue. my issue is that i understand english and know what's being said about the "new world order" by people working on stopping them. my ideas are as good or better than most.

nobody has to be anybody else. or be torn down by being compared to anybody else. i recommend getting advice from the best humans in history, including revolutionaries, instead of magazines. i think about how to beat the new world order, not just about how they're beating us, so i have more ideas on how to.

that's it.

you can cherry-pick your nose to spite your face. that's not my issue either. i explained myself well-enough and i've proved what i'm talking about often enough to avoid being bothered by you. you can't make me feel anything because you haven't done anything but try to bother me. that's not enough to do it.

on the g20 and gage and everything else, my suggestion is to expand the TTS organizers to 7 or 9 people so they can be reached by more people to quickly post new meet-ups, run ops, etc. TTS should have several small independent things going on each week that we all hear about. it wouldn't be hard to do.

here in canada, there is lots of mainstream activism. this proves that groups can be organized to operate successfully at this time in this country. i'd like to work with people on improving ways share anti-NWO information that others can benefit from while we're satisfied by accomplishment instead of escapism.

that's it.



Hi [redacted],

No worries, I agree for the most part with what you're saying, but when matters are unresolved, the effects tend to linger. Hopefully for the good of everyone they can be dealt with and moved past soon. One problem is when we disagree, in this country, at this time, it's too often seen as bad form instead of good dialectic that can lead to a better understanding. This (imho) can often hinder our ability to respect each other, or improve our individual or group efforts.

My only comment on yours was that I'm in favour of using our substantial knowledge and intelligence-base to take all this high-falutin' academic anti-NWO talk and break it down to a "populist" level before the G20. Then everyone can understand: 1) the G20, 2) anti-NWO activism, 3) TTS activism, 4) valuable vs. usless conspiracy theories. It would be great if everyone in Toronto knew where we were coming from instead of activists talking to activists, as happens.

Your ideas are great, and I agree, we should focus on the "G20 = Banking" situation that most people might be vaguely familiar with, or at least accepting of. I'm just saying if we simplify it and use the media-generated public interest to answer their questions better, the sky's the limit on what we can achieve. It's cool, I've always tried to help people improve their efforts, I'm just running into more problems today as the dialectic is phased out of plebian communication.

On why I was removed as an Assistant Organizer, while it could be a reaction to many things, absent specifics, I can only reason things out in the broader cultural context to help improve our TTS organizational model. Why? Because I'm weird? No, because the better we are at what we do, the more people we can help today regardless of when or how this ends. I don't know if G-d is going to break everything later, but I know the NWO is breaking everything now.

While I love Mark to death and don't mind if he gets mad at me for as long as he'd like, based on how I've helped TTS react before, the fact that I was removed from a familiar AO role without being told right before the G20 in Toronto is more Masonic "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" than Jesus' "Do unto others as you'd have them do" on behalf of the group. I'm not special, but to beat the new world order, I'd like to continue to help us develop leaders.

FYI, I never wanted to be the consistent "leader" or whatever of a bunch of people. It's not practical based on what we know about us and the NWO today. However, I know how people-in and leaders-of any groups can help deal with this situation. So, like others, I can lead whenever called-upon to help others become leaders so they can lead others different areas. That way, they can move on things now to prepare various groups; or have those groups for later.

Anyway, it's good to see things are moving well, but let's get it together indeed! :-)




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