Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"please note: the following takes nothing away from your efforts. it's only meant to aid them if possible."


great ideas [redacted], all of them, i haven't looked into the cash 4 views yet, but it sounds great and might be worthwhile on the side as a program for someone with a couple of bucks, plus the flyering and everything else, we should get a team with brad and whomever this friday. keep firin' away, though i also think it would be wise to organize the info a little bit differently for our specific politicians.

please note: the following takes nothing away from your efforts. it's only meant to aid them if possible. the reason i think of adding ideas to ideas is because i like them. otherwise i dismiss or ignore them. just like with music and anything else. if i see you're trying to make a song, i might suggest things to help you. that doesn't mean i don't like the song, it only means i'm trying to help.

sorry: there's lots of anti-dialectic stuff in the air making it hard to discuss things, or the new age "keep it happy" chemtrailing of our conflict-averse culture. imho, there's nothing wrong with being "happy". i'm happy, i enjoy it and it gives me energy. but today, adults are often taught to just ask for and give "approval" like children for everything to keep us from getting better at it, on purpose.

(end caveat.)

after saying that, i'd like to add my two-cents to help grow your anti-bankster account. i would add a longer explanation of the situation, maybe 300 words, to explain why they should look at this, especially since the more responsibility one has for others the more open-minded they should be to info that may help them. people, parents and politicians basically scale up in this fashion.

people might also try letting them know that this is not just a random one-off effort from a random citizen who may or may not be a crank, or who may give up after "at least doing something", as is the unnaturally low standard today. (then after that it's back to escapism!) if you let them know you're in touch with other people and politicians on this, peer-pressure may help them look at it.

finally, matters that directly relate to canadian policy may be a better bet, including tons of pending NWO stuff going through all the time, like Jeffrey Smith vs. Canadian GMO label-less legislation. by making it directly related to their taxpayer-paid "job", you can show anyone else whether they're doing it or not. once that can become clear to anyone: they may feel more pressure to do it.

hope that helps! :-)




FYI, the good folks at Infowars are on the case and have posted the latest, it's great to see how fast this stuff can be exposed, especially before a new potential "nuclear" false flag attack the latest NY bomber incident is prepping us for. I can't watch the video right now, but it's great to know that some NY cops would rather talk now before something blows up than not. Our cops are probably the same. We just have to make sure they know we're on their side before the G20 football game messes with their heads.

Webster Tarpley has done some of the best work analyzing how false flag ops are often just terror "drills" flipped "live" at the last moment. That helps hide their preparations and plotters, and it ensures that authorities are quickly on the scene for crowd (and camera) control. We should probably add a narrative of false flags to any 9/11 info to make sure people don't think it was an isolated incident. 100 million people supposedly watched "Loose Change - 2nd Edition"... but only a fraction have become activists. So far.

BTW, at "Freedom Fest" on Saturday, I was surprised to see just half the crowd of about 100 people listening to my speech knew "9/11 was an inside job", or less than did a few years ago. That can change as long as people think of new ways to change it, otherwise slackass old folks will just wait to hopefully die peacefully while they let the kiddies die fighting an endless war on terror. There's nothing shocking about this 8+ years later. The only difference is our "Infowar" resistance movement has it easier than any others ever have.

Since we're just up against plain ol' mind control, or there's nothing stopping us from doing what we hear people on The Alex Jones Show do, below are the NY bombing drills YouTube news clip; Webster Tarpley in fine form on 9/11 from 2007; and a little ditty sent to me by a buddy. Much like Bob: I hate blaming the kids. A dude tried to do it yesterday, so I said: "In any culture in history, when adults are acting like slackasses... what exactly do you expect the kids to do?" He got it quick. We can beat our dehumanizing NWO mind control.



Sheriff Involved In Bomb Squad Drills Before Times Square Incident

WINK News | Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEW YORK – Lee County Sheriff Michael Scott was in New York City over the weekend and shortly after taking part in a New York City bomb squad training session, he found himself at the scene of a bomb scare in Times Square. Sheriff Scott spoke with WINK News.



Webster Tarpley: 9/11 Was An Inside Job



A little classic from Peter Tosh and Bob Marley: You Can't Blame The Youth




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