Thursday, April 29, 2010

"i'm sure the same thing happened with resistance movements in cambodia when they fell to communism -- and everywhere else. "


hi [redacted],

sorry if you were offended, but like other dissidents, i just can't avoid referring to the past to make sense of today, so it may happen randomly at times. since being offended often shuts down thought-processes by-design (see bush/obama supporters, etc.), the question is whether anyone can move on to figuring out the rest of it. since my nickname for this country is "communist canada" until we finally change it, i'm sure you will see why i made the obvious allusions.

basically, i see us drifting towards fascism fast, especially socially, which is mostly how we police each other. that means our "minds" are being affected to the point where we'll accept fascism in all facets of our culture. (see: TV.) despite the fact that people have always just taken what they want from what i say or email and ignored the rest, suddenly and without explanation, all my work and "free speech" here at TTS is being marginalized right before the G20.


since i come up with the most ideas and i'm the biggest driver of our efforts at TTS, this is historically bad timing. the new world order couldn't have asked for more right before the NWO military takeover of toronto than to neutralize my influence over TTS. wow. i'm not bragging, nor am i trying to discredit anyone else, i just think of stuff we can do and do stuff, so i refuse to lie about the facts for anyone's sake. we would have had several "G20 meet-ups" by now, etc.

for those who haven't been here, i was one of the guys who helped organize and grow TTS (flyers, videos, leadership) into what it is along with mark (truth-table/brella, dvd's, leadership) and others. though we're good friends, for some reason mark removed me as an assistant organizer without informing me at all, possibly because of something said to him by someone i don't know. i've enquired privately and publicly to change this with little or no response so far.


while good friends normally respond to each other, because we're falling into fascism, when you have power, it may not seem as necessary now. i'm sure the same thing happened with resistance movements in cambodia when they fell to communism -- and everywhere else. i'm sure there were "smart" guys just like me who were told to shut up or kicked out of groups that were being twisted by the same playbook. this isn't a "conspiracy theory", it's happening now.

since i'm trying to stop it right until it's impossible to, this "westerner" will bring up examples from "history" to make sure this situation doesn't go from bad to worse. for example: my going from being a "leader" of TTS to being called a "politically incorrect drama queen" by someone who just joined is an example of how my reputation is being destroyed in front of everybody. it's spectacular to watch -- and -- i'm not sure why you posted what you did, but it is interesting.


no worries, as someone who's worked out a lot of this stuff, it doesn't surprise me, all that "friends will turn on you" and "why try" and "the good die young" stuff, etc. since i think we can know better, i'm still working on it. i even heard catherine austin fitts on the alex jones show (21/Apr/10) talking about how the romans asked the crowd if they'd rather execute "jesus: the son of god" or "barabbas: the thief", they said "give us barabbas!" -- and -- chose to kill jesus.

that's why i can't get too mad at people, friends or enemies. i can't even get mad at your spooky weird comments that: first get you (liberal) sympathy for your tortured mom (?); which lets you -- as a newbie -- call me a mean "drama queen" (?); but since that almost sounds mean, you rap it up with your "serious" interest in being active for the G20 with TTS at the end -- as if you were actually expecting people to continue your "G20" thread after my email.


anyway, i guess we'll see what happens next, but bad things are happening now.

that's why i want my TTS - AO position back to help us plan for the G20.

however, i have been given no indication of how to do that so far.

please advise on the best course of action if you can.





Hi [redacted],

I agree with you that TTS should have our own response. That's why I'd like it to come from a leadership level so it's not just random stuff pumped into cyberspace. We should have an organization that encourages us to be active, not one that stops us from being active, which is what TTS is turning into.

Right now, if I had my way, I'd leave Mark as Organizer so he can use his time however he wants while contributing to TTS however he'd like, but on behalf of the group, I'd have myself, Junior, Cathy, Brad, Chris, Darcy and Jenny as Assistant Organizers, or something like a council of 7 or 9 people who we trust.

While I've floated this idea by the people in charge of TTS and received approval, my mysterious banning recently has thrown a wrench into my plans. Ideally, I'd like to take TTS as far as I can while encouraging others to as well. That would involve other "leaders" with the power to add weight to their suggestions.

Right now, when people post to the listserve, it's often like a "twitter" or RSS feed, or part of the tidal wave of info we get on a daily basis which gets lost in our conscious while programing our subconscious into accepting fascism more easily. Once more people can start more initiatives, they will compensate.

I think TTS should have a populist approach to the G20 that explains how people are practically screwed by the system the G20 are salesmen for, then we won't get bogged down in random metaphysical academi-crap, but rather on how people are "really" being screwed today -- and -- what they can do about it.

Right now, we have to move from academic ideas into hardcore reality, or to see if those ideas are worth anything, or if they're just hi-falutin' NWO clap-trap crap-traps. How do the actions of the G20 relate to the man on the street? Kids looking for jobs? People looking for futures? The recession? Everything?

That would be good to figure out and kNWO fast.

We can do it before the G20 in 8 weeks.

As long as we can try to.





Blogger who cares said...

"i'm sure the same thing happened with resistance movements in cambodia when they fell to communism -- and everywhere else. i'm sure there were "smart" guys just like me who were told to shut up or kicked out of groups that were being twisted by the same playbook. this isn't a "conspiracy theory", it's happening now.

that's how they work. they enlist sincere believers to lend a cause legitimacy, then when the cause achieves a certain level (where the "effectors" of the cause can now put into play the REAL plan behind the camouflaged true-sounding plan), they have to either convince sincere believers that their plans are for the good of the cause. but the sincere believer sees through the lies because your faith gives you the eyes with which to see through falsehood. then they have to remove you as quickly and as quietly as possible. and if you don't go quietly, they'll shut you up.
this is also a good way (even though a painful one, when it comes to disappointments), to learn who your real friends are. a real friend will stand by you and abandon you when it becomes "politically" expedient to do so.
i have just described to you nearly thirty years of my life, a good portion of my father's life, and 16 of his father's 32 years of life cut short but tuberculosis contracted while serving time in an eat european prison between the world wars for ... stuff.
but politics, based as it is on the dialectic formula of human interaction, is not conducive to confluence. it's based on conflict.
what things like these experiences should also tell you is that "causes" are, in this panopticon society where thought is no longer even under own own willful direction but manipulated through what i like to call "remote control," mostly fabrications. camouflaged as "popular" movements for legitimacy, controlled from within by the very antithesis of the "cause", for the purposes of furthering the antithesis plan. you know?

10:46 PM  
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