Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toronto Chemtrails vs. Toronto Patio Season - Round 5 - April 12, 2010


Great Film on Chemtrails: Don't Talk About the Weather



Toronto Chemtrails vs. Toronto Patio Season - Round 5 - April 12, 2010 - Pt 1



FYI, got about 25 chemtrail videos from yesterday uploading now, it's craziness, but it's actually kind of fun tracking them for a whole afternoon. Please consider taking and posting your own pictures and video, that's the simplest and easiest thing for anybody to do now for a variety of reasons. If anyone is interested in hearing the reasons, or a host of other possibilities, then please let me know. We still live in a "free" country if we can think like "free" people with lots of options.

IMHO, the reason the NWO has decided to start spraying Toronto every week is they think millions of us won't react to something this obvious. If we don't and we "normalize" a non-response to acts this bold and deadly, they'll start acting even crazier even faster to get to their goals quickly and publicly with no fear of being challenged. They also think the people who kNWO what's going on will just bitch and complain about it to each other until they piss each other off. They'll live with that. We won't.

BTW, right now, before losing faith in anything that "you" or "we" can do, simply keep in mind what "chemtrails" are in our culture: a very public display of something that's very hard to believe. So, instead of esoteric evidence that people may choose to believe or disbelieve, having lots of confident locals simply point them out every time they happen with a variety of photo and video evidence from across the city will be enough to get others to notice them to. Then the bad guys will have to stop this attack.

So, we'll achieve a small victory and be better prepared for others.




Chemtrails Over Toronto - March 9, 2010

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* NEW * LOW-FLYING CHEMTRAIL CLOUDS? - Part 1 - April 5, 2010

Will Chemtrail Rain Ruin Toronto's Patio Season? - April 6, 2010


Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV

Beck - Chemtrails - Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

NBC NEWS - Chemtrails over California?

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

Should We Geoengineer the Climate to Stop Global Warming?

Desperate climate times call for oddball measures


The Best Chemtrail Film: Don't Talk About the Weather

Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?...



Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)

Press For Truth

Conspiracy Culture Store (Queen & Roncesvalles)

Toronto Street News

SiLSa! Productions

The Freedom Link


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