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SATURDAY STRATEGY: "Join TTS And Help Support These Efforts!" (etc.) Convos, Posters, Stickers, Flyers, Philosophy?


Will Chemtrail Rain Ruin Toronto's Patio Season? - April 6, 2010


CHEMTRAILS: Canadian MP Libby Davies in 2000???


SATURDAY STRATEGY: "Join TTS And Help Support These Efforts!" (etc.) Convos, Posters, Stickers, Flyers, Philosophy?


FYI, while walking around in the rain just now, I had a thought about how to stop the "chemtrails" now being sprayed over millions of Torontonians every week that are probably designed to make us too weak and confused to react to the "G20" summit in a few weeks. In America: there are many groups going nuts on these issues with a longer history of activism. In Canada: we're a little different.

Since TTS gets a lot of love from the street(action)s, including growing from 200 to 332 members over the last few months, that might be how most Canadians want to show their support. Since even us conspirienced Canadians who really know and really worry about what's going on want the "right" (?) to chill-out and cheer-lead, that might be a part of our scientifically designed "sports fan" identity.

Therefore, in April 2010, it looks like a) some Canadian individuals will get fed up and go nuts making dvd's, flyering, etc. as often as possible; b) others will actively support to form groups; c) most will passively support to make sure local anti-NWO resistance has a chance. Perhaps TTS should try to recruit as many "supporters" as possible and not worry about pushing for the "activism" as much.

Once the pressure is off, then people won't be bothered by it as much as they normally are, or feel guilty, weak, sad, etc. Once TTS grows stress-free from 300 to 1000 members with little pockets of people doing or talking about whatever they want, then just the size of the network alone can be used to connect people by interest, religion, culture, profession, geography, conspiracy, etc. later on.

Now, most people from the same culture can socially discipline each other. Conspiracy theorists and others elsewhere could kick each others butts to wake up and do stuff. That's how they held mass general strikes in France, Greece and worldwide last year. Canadians in general can't pressure each other because our backgrounds, values, tastes, etc. are too different. There's nothing to appeal to.

Pavlovian escapism is a big danger, or turning people off just by trying to turn them on. While TTS has kept a relaxed attitude about "recruiting", perhaps it's now time to try it with a twist. While only about 10% (est.) of conspirienced people will take action right now, the majority of the(our) culture should still have their interests catered to, especially since they are basically the same as the public's.

The simple counter-propagandistic value of this to relate to many others in an "isolating" culture is key. 15 people hanging out on the street is one thing. 15 people supported by over 300 is another. On issues like "chemtrails" and others, instead of having to impossibly agree on everything, just support those doing the most research and work exposing stuff. They may have it right, or be getting closer.

Once more Canadians are comforted by the idea of supporting the "research" instead of the "conclusions" drawn by people doing their best in their spare time, more will support it even if they don't want to know what it is. Some people have the stomach for this stuff, some don't. Either way, like "surgeons" and others who can do things that most can't, we should be glad that we have a variety of skills.

Finally, this gets to how to apply this general philosophy, which can be an entirely individual pursuit, though individuals can also discuss it to improve. In conversations, one could suggest that others join TTS with no responsibility, just an appreciation for what's tried. It could be on flyers, stickers, posters, etc. It could be part of the responsibility understood by people who learned more than others.

After all: misuse of hidden knowledge is what we blame the bad guys for.

So: we can easily do better.



P.S. Sorry about the length, imho, it's just too hard to beat these guys without explaining how, so this is about 700 words, or the average length of a newspaper article (not "The Metro" mini-paper). With the chemtrail sprays, rainy days and people in Toronto ready to get pissed-off at the bad guys for ruining our beloved but-short patio season, we're in pretty good shape to make some appreciated noise.




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