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no problem dood, i've been listening to "better you know me" by lloyd banks for a day straight now, it works for me, so hopefully you find something that works for you. the point of sharing these ideas is so they can be adapted, but people have to know how.

on hip hop, and music and culture in general, in our communist "politically correct" system, we'll be ready to "judge" things or "snitch" cynically very quickly on anything we think is "offensive" to others. it's justifiable here in nwo-world, but we have options

me'n'd were listening to this track this morning and i explained it. the first time you might get into some parts and then offended by others. however, if you get into some parts, then you can ignore others, which can help make the song work for your own needs.

once you have needs to fulfill, like the need for "confidence" in a world where we're supposed to say "imho" before saying anything, you can see what provides it. one reason i use "mainstream" music to prove this is so that most other people who listen can too.

another reason is getting into "your" thoughts instead of "theirs" to figure things out. once you have a steady beat and ballsy energy behind ballsy - but simple - lyrics, you can zone in and out of it whenever you want and think of your own thoughts instead.

the reason this is a matter of "technique" instead of "taste" is that it can and should be used by anybody who's not maximizing their own potential before they are unable to. people might not even be confident enough to "try" it, so more should while they are.

i did an audioblog on this which may allow me the amount of words needed to explain it, but i'm happy to answer questions about this at any time on the record. i figured this stuff out years ago and still use it today, so like chinese tradional medicine: it works.

on the specific lyrical content, just like michael phelps, you can translate how someone else "feels" about something into getting you to "feel" more intensely about something else. nobody "is" anybody else, so we do this all the time subconsciously anyway.

on these specific lyrics, the list expands later, but the ones i first related to are below. there's a whole bunch of science to this and a book at chapters i was gonna buy for $15, but the bottom line is simple: can you make what you consume work for your work?


"ain't nuthin' poppin' a tag,
we keep the mags, 'cause they mad,
and good ain't gon' outweigh the bad,
i'm winnin', they ain't glad,
born ready, shot-for-shot, stab-for-stab,
'cause good ain't gon' outweigh the bad..."

"bad enough we got the coppers on our tale,
n-ggas hatin' at an all-time high, the love's stale,
made man, wanna know me,
better you know me..."

"animal-engine revvin', knockin' predicate felon,
i'm excellin', I can show 'em better than i can tell 'em..."

"i got the strongest dope out, all i need is the vein..."

"a lot of n-ggas mad at me, insecurity actually,
emotion ragin' rapidly, towards your majesty,
music address me, got [strippers shakin' they a-- for free,]
sh-t's slow, we have to beef, as i paint my masterpiece..."


Lloyd Banks - Better You Know Me [V5}


Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Official Video)




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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