Monday, April 12, 2010

TTS - APB: Chemtrail Spraying Over Toronto - Pix and Vids Wanted! - Monday, Apr 12th


TTS - APB: Chemtrail Spraying Over Toronto - Pix and Vids Wanted! - Monday, Apr 12th


FYI, they're spraying again today and I have a bunch of vids, a few over Queen's Park too. Now, in general, for some reason people keep asking "What can you do?" It's even a "common" question today. However, the reason it doesn't make any sense is many of the exact same people actually spend lots of time watching what other people do. So: they know what to do. The answer is easy. Try to do whatever you see others doing that you can do as well. Since people appreciate my amateurish chemtrail videos, perhaps they'll appreciate yours too. Or anything else that you "try" to do like anyone else.

Now, we're still in the early stages of this "Breaking! Chemtrails Over Downtown Toronto!" news, so our "normal" TTS response to being sprayed like bugs will either be "nothing" or "something" and be decided now. Once it's set: it won't be easy to change. Sorry, but this stuff is obvious in a world where we're supposed to "ignore" or "get used to" being killed-off. Since we're now getting sprayed every week and rainy days follow, perhaps it would be wise to consistently and independently document this pattern and get enough conclusive proof to get others in this city appropriately pissed-off at our lost patio season.

Also, perhaps Mark, Junior or Cathy could pass this on as a timely "TTS Meet-Up" so all 335 TTS members know to "look up" today, or any time this happens. Some TTS members might not want to take the time to join the listserve; but if they joined TTS to do something besides talk, documenting the weekly chemtrail attacks that began over Toronto in the Spring of 2010 might work. BTW, for some reason I'm no longer a TTS Assistant Organizer. I've inquired about it with no response. Hopefully it's a temporary issue. However, I now think TTS should expand to 9 trusted regional AO's after nearly a year of great activism.

De-centralized power and honest money are keys to winning the whole thing, so below is an organizational suggestions on behalf of what TTS members could do for the people of Toronto if we work together. BTW, this not personal, it's serious business. That's why I always think of what "to do" and don't get upset much at being persecuted just for thinking: this ALWAYS happens when "communists" take over and make everyone else scared of anyone who can think, so I expect it. If we don't stop this, then ALL the "smart" people like "us" who are a threat will be killed anyway; or "they" will just teach even "truthers" to crush dissent.

Incidentally, this is also the price of trying to "win" when our controlled-culture has taught everyone to want a perfect "new age" excuse to do nothing and still feel good. We're all affected to varying degrees. Since I'm in the cross-hairs of lots of this crap: I have a pretty good view. But: since I never want to make this about "me", I don't let that confusion bother me. If anyone wants to make this about "me" being a "not-nice person!" just because "I" try to think of what "WE" could do to save our lives and others, then I'll laugh quietly, shake my head, let them blow off some steam and get back to work. Let's try to focus on what we can achieve.

Here's an example of how we could organically expand and connect with the people locally who may want to connect with us:

Organizer - Mark (Richmond Hill)

Regional AO''s - Junior (High Park), Cathy (Milton), Vijay (Parkdale), Darcy (Parkdale/Facebook), Nada (Space), Michael/Mark (Mississauga), Chris (Scarborough), Brad (North York)

That could work and help us take more action locally where we live. Anyway, no worries, hopefully this stuff will do some good.

We have so many options it's funny and the NWO has to be freaking out, so that's the good news if we're willing to look at it.

Finally, as an individual concerned citizen, I also just want my conscience clean by giving Canadians a real chance to win.





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