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SATURDAY STRATEGY 2: Of Course! If Michael Phelps Can Do It: Anyone Can Do It! :-P


SATURDAY STRATEGY 2: Of Course! If Michael Phelps Can Do It: Anyone Can Do It! :-P


BTW, I was just talking with [reDacted] about this idea this morning, it might work. If we can casually grow TTS to over a thousand local members who generally support this genre of research and activism, but only have a handful of core regulars on the TTS listserve or involved in regular communication, we can still notify everyone of important developments that might interest them.

For example, if a random TTS member who is an architect or engineer says they want to start a local chapter, it's possible that when others are informed as part of larger weekly announcements, three or four others may pop-up and join them. However, to get people closer to the goal of doing something to fight for their future, TTS may need to provide a process.

The great news is nearly everyone is "awake" to something they don't want to learn or talk about. It would be worse if they weren't. As someone who flexes anti-NWO nearly 24/7 in public, you figure out what's up after a few years. In 2010, truthers will have to find ways to work with our NLP "Keep it silly stupid!" programming since working against it is too hard on people.

Fortunately, we have all the tools in the world to figure out how to beat our programming. If you're confident: you will ask that pretty girl who smiled at you out, just like anyone else for thousands of years. If you're not, then you might invent some super-reasonable complex way to explain how you're not like that, how people shouldn't be bothered, etc. People can normalize weakness.

While versions of the same ideas have been around for millennia, the reason they keep being updated by people is because there's always been battles for freedom against oligarchs trying to take it. That most importantly includes our freedom to "think" freely, which is the only thing that can lead us to "act" freely or "fight" for our freedom effectively. One always has to follow the other.

People want things "simple" today, which only makes sense. Once truthers try to make things so simple that everyone can understand it, then smart people have no excuse for not. That's the trap, and it can reveal to everyone who's lying to us very easily. Since a lot of that has obviously been done with the amount of people waking up, the next stage is simply dealing with it.

Music is something I keep coming back to for years because it is so elegantly simple. I've prescribed 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Trying" album since it came out in 2003 for "small ball syndrome" affecting guys way-before I knew about the "new world order" plans to shrink them. I've prescribed others for years and successfully advised people on how it can affect social situations.

However, me trying to sell ex-crack-dealers as motivational speakers may not be compelling to others in our culture. I've achieved lots of mental and personal freedom to help me think of lots ways to save the world that will work, but that's no big deal. Now, when swimmer Michael Phelps, who won several gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, reveals his secret, it might be worth hearing...

Monday, August 25, 2008 | 10:48am

Michael Phelps Rocked Young Jeezy Inspired Playlist on His iPod Prior To Races

Posted by Juan

Why his playlist more than any singular item serves as the most important Phelps memorabilia

So now that the Olympic games are done folks like to look back and pick the true champions of the games. However this year without a doubt Michael Phelps, the Baltimore swimmer trumped all taking home an unprecedented 8 golds and becoming the most decorated Olympian in the history of the modern-day games.

If you were like me you watched in anticipation every time dude entered the water cube with his warm up and his iPod on. But what exactly was he listening to. Phelps, a (commercial) hip hop head recently said it was Young Jeezy whose tracks “I Got What it Takes” and “Go Getta” with R. Kelly provided the inspirational soundtrack that he bumped before every race at the Olympics in Beijing.

“It would be great if I could holler at Phelps,” Jeezy told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Peach Buzz column. “And it’s a compliment that the man found inspiration in the music I do for the streets over here, over there in Beijing.”

In last week’s profile by the New York Times, Karen Crouse wrote that the “The hip-hop beats have a hypnotic effect on Phelps, who sometimes, after a race, is unable to recall the songs that locked him into his groove.”

P.S. Incidentally, I'm listening to this song on repeat on my Sansa while typing this...


Lloyd Banks - Better You Know Me [V5}



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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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