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CKLN Rude Awakening: Psychopaths vs. Superbowls vs. Rothschilds vs. Vaccscreams - February 8, 2010


Dr Russell Blaylock On The Chemical Dumbing Down Of Society


CKLN Rude Awakening: Psychopaths vs. Superbowls vs. Rothschilds vs. Vaccscreams - February 8, 2010


February 8, 2010

CKLN Rude Awakening with host Black Krishna

Feat: Analysis of the politician as (is!) psychopath and global big bankster plans by Alan Watt; an insiders point of view featuring audio clips of elitist scumbags like Lord Rothschild, Richest Man in the World, and David Lang, Scummiest Banker in Montreal; an assault on the vaccines and other toxins being used to assault our branez by Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny from The Alex Jones Show; Superbowl XV#&@% being used like "bread and circuses" during the fall of Rome as described by poet Juvenal, or like "Brave New World" warning of "man's infinite appetite for distractions" being his downfall according to the author Alduous Huxley, who says it's easier to drug and brainwash people to "love their servitude" like his novel suggests than to constantly police and crackdown on them like in George Orwell's "1984"; a skimmin' of the scammin' Metro local snews; solutions for saving your families, friends and fantasies.


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Super Bowl Sunday: Scientifically Crafted Mass Mental Illness
February 7, 2010

As the Roman Empire drew to a close, the poet and satirist Juvenal wrote about an infantilized populace that had surrendered its birthright of political involvement.


Jan. 28, 2010
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:
Fabians -- Nothing They Won't Try, Your Brain They'll Modify:

"The Fabian's have a Solution to Every Altercation
And that's to Train All Society through Behaviour Modification,
With their Psychologists, Sociologists, They will Create
Homo Politicus Correctus, Slave with No Hate,
With Embryonic Gene Replacement, Alteration, Splice,
These Slaves Could Work Efficiently, Always Smiling, Nice,
Won't Need Entertainment, No Wage, Retirement Plan,
That's What they Meant by 'Change is Good' and 'Oh Yes We Can,'
In the Meantime, 'Don't Say That' and Goodness! 'Don't Say This,'
You'll be Tazed, Brain be Hazed, Drugged into Incoherent Bliss"

MP3 Download Link -


Fabian Society

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Fabian Society is a British intellectual socialist movement, whose purpose is to advance the principles of social democracy via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary, means. It is best known for its initial ground-breaking work beginning late in the 19th century and continuing up to World War I. The society laid many of the foundations of the Labour Party and subsequently affected the policies of states emerging from the decolonisation of the British Empire, especially India. Today, the society is a vanguard "think tank" of the New Labour movement. It is one of 15 socialist societies affiliated to the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia (the Australian Fabian Society), Canada (the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation and in past the League for Social Reconstruction) and New Zealand.


George Washington Hunt on The Alex Jones Radio Show - January 12, 2010

Alex welcomes to the show George Washington Hunt, a former naval officer and an official host at the UNCED 4th World Wilderness Congress. Hunt is educating the public on a secret bank set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild and Maurice Strong. Hunt exposes this conspiracy in his 30 minute documentary, The Big Bad Bank. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

(Commercial Free! :-)


The Big Bad Bank, The New World Bank, The World Conservation Bank: Revisited and The Big Bad Bank Manual all in one.

In the The Big Bad Bank documentary DVD you will hear Maurice Strong, Secretary and Under-Secretary of UNCED meetings; Baron Edmund de Rothschild, private banker to nations and the very rich elite; and Michael Sweetman president of the new World Conservation Bank. You’ll also hear an elite Montreal international banker named David Lang request that the cannon fodder (that’s us) not be educated about this bank. That is why I have undertaken this role as the world educator about this world banking scheme.

George Washington Hunt


Welcome to Rothschild

Rothschild has been at the centre of the world's financial markets for over 200 years. Today, it provides Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Private Banking & Trust services to governments, corporations and individuals worldwide.

It is organised globally so that clients can obtain the advice and services they require wherever it suits them. Through 49 offices in 34 countries, from the Americas through Europe to Australia, clients can access Rothschild ideas and expertise. It ranks amongst the world's largest privately-owned banks.


The Shot Is The Pandemic: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC

CBC's "The National" news program was looking into why some Canadians are against the idea of taking swine flu vaccines. They recently asked Toronto Truth Seekers to hold our Dundas Square meet-up on a Wednesday afternoon, instead of our usual Saturdays, so they could film it and interview us for that evening's broadcast. Our good friends Dan Dicks and Steve Davies at documented everything. To see what happened, please visit the links below for the YouTube videos.


10 real doctors questioning the effectiveness of vaccines:

Dr. Shiv Chopra, Microbiologist, Health Canada Whistleblower -

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, MD -

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD -

Dr. Barbara Loe-Fischer, MD -

Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD -

Dr. Rima Laibow, MD -

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD -

Dr. Rebecca Carly, MD -

Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD -

Dr. Gary Null, MD -


Please visit these great websites on vaccines and pandemics:

Canadian Legal Vaccine Exemption Forms

Canadian Wayne Prante's "We're Not Gonna Take It" Campaign

Journalist Jane Burgermeister's Baxter/WHO Lawsuit

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock - How To Detox After You Get Shot

Vaccine Truth Global Resource Links

Actors Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Help Autistic Children


Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11? (UPDATED 5pm EST 2-7-10)

Posted by sakerfa on January 25, 2010


Global tension is escalating at an alarming rate, and yes, this idea that there could be a false-flag attack during the Olympics is purely speculation based on factual current events and historical precedent, but I feel the mention of it is justified in the interest of our national security to keep an eye on potentially dangerous overlapping occurrences. The games will take place in Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. Below, I have compiled the following suspicious activity and coincidences by searching and analyzing the news from various media sources and by speaking with my own contacts.

Author: Marc Stinebaugh


Facebook page: The Anti-New World Order Group

Special thanks to:

- Alex Jones @

- Shahin Pahlavan @

- Everyone @

- Ryan Robert Pennington @

- and to the rest of you who have contributed your own research through e-mails

In my opinion, an attack during the Olympics while it is being highly guarded would be the perfect way to bring in more police state measures and to more fully integrate the US and Canada into a functioning North American Union; I will provide some evidence of this taking place already but there may be another motive at work here to expand the “war on terror” into more nations while blaming an attack on their scapegoat for everything, Al-Qaeda; however, the question remains, is that what will happen? In more recent news, it looks as if Iran may be the one to take the blame.

I hope you will look at the information and make up your own mind as to what pattern you see unfolding, this could really go any number of ways. Any information provided is for analytical and educational purposes only and is meant to raise public awareness of current events and the potential dangers they could present. Linked sources will be provided at the bottom of the article for reference and additional information, please do follow the links and check my information. If you see any mistakes, please feel free to point them out by contacting me through email or comments.





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