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CKLN Rude Awakening: Could Vancouver 2010 Host Canada's "9/11" Attacks? v. The Star 4 Guns - February 1, 2010


CKLN Rude Awakening: Could Vancouver 2010 Host Canada's "9/11" Attacks? v. The Star 4 Guns - February 1, 2010


February 1, 2010

CKLN Rude Awakening with host Black Krishna

Feat: Analysis of the potential for a false flag terrorist attack at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics from February 12th - 28th courtesy of (29/Jan/10) and; analysis of the overbearing police actions against columnist Joe Fiorito from his write-up in The Toronto Star (29/Jan/10) courtesy of; a breakdown of what The Metro daily newspaper is saying instead of this stuff.


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Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11?

January 29, 2010

WARNING: I now believe I have reasonable grounds to suspect there may be a "false flag" attack carried out during the Olympics in Canada. The games will take place in Vancouver and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. Below, I have compiled the following suspicious activity by searching and analyzing the news from various media sources and by speaking with citizens in Canada themselves.

In my opinion, an attack on the Olympics while it is being highly guarded would be the perfect way to bring in more police state measure and to more fully integrate the US and Canada into a functioning North American Union. But the question remains, is that really what is happening right now?

I hope you will look at the information and make up your own mind as to what pattern you see unfolding, any information provided is for analytical and educational purposes only and is meant to raise public awareness of current events and the potential dangers they could present.


(Continued at...)


Loose Change - Second Edition Free Online

Loose Change Filmmakers Website:


How Gun Registration and Confiscation Works in Canada

Joe Fiorito
The Toronto Star
January 30, 2010

A pounding at the door the other morning; my windows rattled. I was upstairs at work. I don't always leave my desk to hear the good news about Jehovah.

The pounder was insistent. I went down, if only for the sake of the windows.

Oh, jeeze, the cops.

Officers Firth and Kozar in attendance. "Whatâs up, boys?" My preference was to talk to them through the plate glass door. They wanted to come inside.

Not a chance.

I stepped onto the porch. Who wants two armed strangers in his house, and anyway it was a nice morning.

Officer K. said, "Are you aware of Project Safe City?" I hate it when a guy answers a question with a question.

* Excerpt above; the original Toronto Star full-column link is:


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Gun Owners of America (GOA beats the NRA)


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* The NRA Selling Americans (and the world) Out:

NRA On Texas Gun Shows: It Was a "Self-imposed Regulation"

January 24, 2010

(Editor's note: No mention of APD and ATF chicanery.)

NRA has received many inquiries about reports that the Austin, Texas Police Department and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tried to stop private gun sales at an Austin gun show.


* The NRA Lies Exposed By Darwin Boedeker

Texas Gun Shows Organizer Targeted by the ATF Makes His Case on the Alex Jones Show

Kurt Nimmo
January 18, 2010

Darwin Boedeker of Texas Gun Shows appeared on the Alex Jones Show today and provided details of the criminal conspiracy by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (abbreviated ATF) and the Austin police to shut down the show last week.

In a classic case of Mafia intimidation, the ATF in league with the Austin Police Department leaned on Boedeker in a brazen and illegal attempt to scare away participants and ultimately close down his business.




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