Thursday, January 28, 2010

TTS vs. Bill C-6, H1N1 Shots 'Til April, Flyers, Posters, Street Actions, Warm Weather and... The Will To Post.


(FYI... if you're just joining TTS, you're joining a narrative in progress. We're moving from "talking" about this stuff online to "talking about doing something about" this stuff online on a more consistent basis in 2010 to build on what we accomplished in 2009. The key difference is TTS planning in advance to take action by discussing it first, just like many other groups do. Once we start doing this consistently, we'll be happy with the results - Thx! :-)


Heya TTSperantos! ;-)

Hopefully everyone is doing great and looking forward to a great weekend of truthing or not. Regardless: it's great to know that people are. It's also great to be in the great position to leverage our technology and relationships to get this done. Just remember the famous quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as he described communism taking over Russia. We are in way better shape than they were.

Solzhenitsyn said (paraphrased): "If only we had gotten together with our axes and pokers ready to fight every time Stalin sent his gestapo in the middle of the night, they would have soon been scared to come, and the cursed commie machine would've ground to a halt!" Today, we don't really need to polish our axes and pokers, just maybe our flyer, poster and dvd-making and distributing skills, among many others.


Just this morning, the next guy on air after me rhetorically asked: "'Still fighting the good fight?" I answered in the affirmative and mentioned I was enjoying it. He said "Yeah, but it can't always be easy." I asked him "What always is?" just as he caught himself thinking it too. Then, I rhetorically asked him exactly what "this" has to be before I can "enjoy" it. We laughed. First of all, it just is what it is. Second, I enjoy it.

However, feedback is important, and I received some from a gentleman who said that he had admired me, but that he now felt I was getting too arrogant, and he didn't think he was alone. Fair enough. My response was: thanks, my apologies, and I think you're right, but I don't know what else to do to make sure we do stuff. Knowledge is power, so we should have power and use it wisely to help many others who don't have it.


On that note, simply realizing what we've learned by acquiring all this knowledge and figuring out how to apply it is key. I'll hang around as long as people want me to, but only if we try to get better at doing this stuff. If we don't want to, then there's no point. We are on the verge of being taken seriously be this City and everyone in Canada. However, we have to plan ahead of time to make sure that we make the best use of our time.

The main reason the people I know who "do stuff" hate the TTS listserve is because it was just full of people just arguing "about" stuff, or forgettable, divisive and useless nonsense. We can see what the "chatroom" produced in 3 years. Not much. Therefore, if people want to engage in that type of conspira-therapy, we'll set one up, or they can go elsewhere. However: if they really want to feel better, they should do stuff.


No worries, we'll see who cracks. The people with the will to do stuff, or the people without. Place your bets. Meanwhile, I haven't been sharing all the "stuff I do" because I want others to post stuff, but frankly we need a steady diet of "stuff" besides random "conspira-fluff" on here to ensure we encourage more people to "do stuff" and get an audience. With the prorogue ending and shots going until April, Brad's posted new Bill C-6 and H1N1 flyers:

We should take a look, make and post our own, and discuss the dozens of other ways to reach out to other people. We should also be careful when emailing over 200 people on this listserve, otherwise any serious or busy people will soon leave in frustration. Take the time to talk to everybody with something worth saying, preferably about something we're doing. Since many of us have spent lots of time hearing stuff worth saying: we can definitely say it too.

Finally, if you're planning on coming, please RSVP for Saturday's meet-up. That way new people can see the confirmed numbers and can plan their weekend to include dropping by or attending. Of course, people can "do whatever they want", or "do as thou wilt" as the masons say, but frankly, when it comes to helping a group that you're part of increase its size and effectiveness, one can also think of others when making the decision to RSVP.

Warm regards,




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