Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Twilight Zone Out vs. The No-Prorogue Protest: Sat, Jan 23rd, 1 pm, Dundas Square




Heya TTSperados! ;-)

Don't mind me. I'm living in a Twilight Zone episode. For the last few years I've been consistently encouraging Canadian conspiracy theorists to start having more conversations that can help us take action. Like most people, I have faith in human nature regardless of what the New World Order is doing to us. So, naturally I assumed that as things got worse, actually "doing stuff" would become more of a priority for more people. As it stands, that's not really the case. Yet.

Last year, I had meetings at my place in January and February to plan for a good year of truthing. We didn't plan much, but it was still good to discuss stuff. I also contacted the heads of Canadian truth groups, truther-leaders and others with various ideas all year, including what TTS was up to and more. They didn't do much, but it was probably still good for them to know they could. Either way, the average truthers utter lack of interest in doing anything productive at all is mind-boggling.

That's why this is a last stand for the human mind. If they don't work anymore, then we really shouldn't bother worrying about any of this. If they do, then we really should try to think of what to do about it. Maybe this is the NWO's greatest trick. Maybe before learning about the New World Order we can "do stuff", like arrange meetings, plan events, write articles, etc.; but after, we just don't feel like it. It's obviously not a lack of intelligence that keeps people from thinking of what to do. It's probably just a sheer lack of will.

Unfortunately, there's no point in waking up more people who won't do anything. All that will do is "normalize" that specific "response" to the NWO coming out in the open anyway. That would be an insane war crime against the future of humanity that no sane person should ever commit. In fact, if I was the NWO, I would try to engineer this exact same "non-response" before going public. Maybe they did. Regardless, absent anything else, it has to just be more mind control. We have to realize that and at least "try" to beat it before it beats us.

The only question any human being has to ask is: "Can I do stuff better than I do now?" This should definitely include fighting the New World Order. If the answer is yes, then we can stop making excuses, defending our egos and justifying our worst choices to try and confidently define who we are. People who "do stuff" don't need to do that when they're normally fulfilled by normal human accomplishment. For over 6 months TTS has done some great work, but if it doesn't change, our inability to discuss what we're doing now, or next, will eventually be our downfall.

After a year of encouraging truthers to do stuff, my intellectual and political capital may finally be spent. I can't just repeat the same stuff forever either, I'll get bored and intellectually stale. There's something deeper going on than the Orwellian double-think of truthers saying people should do stuff without talking about doing stuff. Since we've been domesticated and bred for slaughter, just expecting a "natural" response to help us survive won't do us any good. While it's not common to think in our communist culture, we have to figure out ways to be uncommonly good at what we do.

Creativity is an individuals own applied innovative juxtaposition. It's the only thing that certifies what "you" individually are capable of and who "you" individually are. Anyone can be good or bad, but the way we decide to do things differently, with the confidence to say that our unique choices are as good or better than most, is what also allows us to confidently define ourselves. Without this process: peoples souls die. That's why it's so important to avoid just being a "witness" to what's going on, albeit a well-informed one. You could testify at the trial, but there won't be one unless you also help make the arrest.

Anyway, if you want to know how to beat the New World Order, that was one way to find out.




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