Monday, January 18, 2010

Toronto Mayoral Candidate Info Session: Thurs, Jan 21st, 7 pm


Toronto Mayoral Candidate Info Session: Thurs, Jan 21st, 7 pm


Hello TTS Family & Friends,

After playing rope-a-dope possum and helping to build Toronto Truth Seekers, I'm going to focus more on music and the mayoral race, two things people say they've been waiting for. I'm still working with TTS, but after 6 months of thinking of, saying and doing stuff, I think TTS has enough of my advice. We know what works, or if something doesn't, then do something different.

Ideally, I'd like to show up at future street actions and have this happen:

BK: "Hey everybody, how's it going?"

TTS: "Good, now shut up for a sec. We've got 7 members on the north-east corner, 5 on the south-east, 8 on the south-west and shifts of 6 flyering the area. Go say hello to people, then help out the short-side on the south-east. Here's the new flyers, we got the goods on the body-scanners and people are freaked out by the radiation, we threw in warnings about cellphones, mammograms and microwaves as part of explaining eugenics too. After this we head to Fran's. Any questions?"

BK: "Umm... no, thanks!"

That would be the ideal scenario. We know what works, so now I'm going to work on more stuff. Frankly, the only thing I'm good at is figuring out how to beat the New World Order. I can't even boil toast. So, instead of waiting for people to catch up, I'm moving forward with the G24 Solution developed about a year ago and double-checked by other truthers. Details in a minute.

However, there will be roadblocks as an anti-NWO candidate, including the mayoral candidate session below being "full" right now, so hopefully TTS members among others will support my (our) efforts. In our disposable culture you're only as good as your last YouTube video, but we know better, so hopefully there's some loyalty among truth-lovin' conspira-thugs looking to win.

FYI, the goal is to go "mainstream", so if anyone is ready, then please let me know.



P.S. Oh yeah, I did a pretty good radio show today. Mondays and Thursdays are usually the best, while on Tuesdays I'm crunched on time and just did it yesterday, so sometimes I get sloppy. As we're encouraged to speak less about less, it's good to have creative ways to speak free to keep who you be. TTS should encourage creativity and productivity to keep our (in)sanity.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Candidate information session - Getting started
City Hall, Committee Room # 2

This is the first of three segments of the Candidate information sessions. These sessions are designed to explain the recent legislative amendments, the election process, campaign finances, Electronic Financial Filing System (EFFS), accessibility, rebates, etc. All sessions will start at 7 p.m. To register, call 416-395-0025 or e-mail



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