Monday, January 18, 2010

TTS Brunch Report: Conspirience Say... A Lot! :-)




Hey TTS Fam,

About 20 Toronto Truth Seekers had a great brunch yesterday at Jack Astor's and made a great impression on our gracious hosts and each other. We were seated in a long row by the bar and served by a lovely young lady named [redacted] who even asked about us later and took a flyer and dvd. We took some pictures and video of us having a good time speaking freely with other like-minds. They will be posted shortly.

While scheduled to be in a comfy bar atmosphere for 2 hours, the conversation extended an hour there, then another hour near some escalators, then another half hour near some doors. Truthers love talkin' to other truthers, so for those who missed out, please consider attending the next one. We are often conspirientially constipated in our normal lives, so it's a cathartic release to bond with others over things we care about.

Now that we've finally reached 300 members (yay!), Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) can easily grow meetings like this to 100+ people at the right venues. We can also spin these off into regional discussion groups that cover the GTA. While a half-dozen people meeting in deepest darkest Scarborough might feel marginalized, if they're connected to a central group with hundreds of members, they don't have to. That's a good future.

In 2006 and 2007, at our Saturday afternoon "Laila's" meetings, we also had a great time. But, because we weren't focused enough on doing stuff, they eventually broke up. The only way for people to respect each other in the anti-NWO game is to see each other doing stuff. Otherwise the hypocrisy of talking about how important it is for people to do stuff, without talking about doing stuff, eventually destroys any credibility we had.

For those new to all this, it's worthwhile just to relax and speak freely with others about it. However, we have to keep in mind that it's selfish and self-centred to focus only on what we want or how we feel. With a bigger picture to keep an eye on and fellow citizens to keep an eye out for, we don't have to worry about what we "can't" do, we have to figure out what we "can" do. But: first we have to talk about it, so brunch was a great start.


Vijay Sarma
Assistant Organizer
Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)