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We Can't Communist Canuckistand This Crap!


We Can't Communist Canuckistand This Crap!


Heya TTS Fam,

Sorry again for the crackdown, frankly it's a pain in the butt to break it down and take the heat, but I've had conversations with a few conspirienced friends and answered their questions, so it is what it is. Respect is a two-way street, which means respecting what TTS stands for and all the people involved. No worries on my end, I'm built for this in ways most aren't. But, that doesn't mean we can't all be the best we can each be. That's why I don't need the love. I need people to love themselves enough to get confident.

FYI, this may be an example of news that can help beat current GWOT propaganda in conversations we have today. Before posting it, I might do some more Googling to come up with a package of info that people can use and enjoy. If I'm not very conspirienced, then I'd look for more important and possibly related stuff. That's where the "thinking" comes in, or putting things together for yourself. IMHO, use discretion and discernment to decide on what you want to share with other people. Everyone appreciates it.

Being fairly conspirienced, I'd probably throw in a YouTube link to David Weingarten's "Unfair Dealing" documentary on the "Toronto 18" subject; perhaps more links to activist or victims' families websites so people can research it more; maybe a few MSM articles to post comments on; etc. If you feel like posting two-words from a Blackberry while walking your dog: don't. If you feel like taking up the precious time of truthers whose skills need to be used to save the world, then take some time to make it worthwhile.

In the "Hey now -- I'm just sayin' (for a reason)" department, I've performed in front of audiences for years. While I don't always show it, I know one should always bring their "A-game" for a group of people willing to quietly appreciate it. For better or worse, that's why I carefully construct these emails. The reason the listserve pissed-off the people doing stuff is that it wasn't focused on doing stuff, so it was wasting the valuable time of people who could do stuff. This can change. We can change it. We can do stuff.


P.S. FYI, look for this damnably incendiary headline to be changed at the same link to something much blander soon.

Toronto 18 trial hears from star witness - police agent paid $4.1 million by RCMP

1 hour, 33 minutes ago

By The Canadian Press

BRAMPTON, Ont. - A police agent paid $4.1 million to infiltrate the so-called Toronto 18 terror group is portraying accused bomb plotter Shareef Abdelhaleem as an "aggressive" person.

Police agent Shaher Elsohemy told court Monday that the two were friends until Abdelhaleem, an alleged member of the so-called Toronto 18 terror group, went to police after he suspected Elsohemy's brother of shattering the windshield of his BMW.

"He was pretty aggressive in describing what he would do," Elsohemy testified.

"At that time I had to end the whole (friendship) because the threats were increasing and it made no sense to me whatsoever."

Elsohemy is the Crown's star witness, a paid police agent who posed as a co-conspirator. The RCMP paid him more than $4 million, an amount Abdelhaleem's lawyer indicated he may raise in court.

"A $4.1-million payoff for this is pretty steep," William Naylor said outside court.

"It's unprecedented in Canada as far as I understand."

Naylor suggested Elsohemy was more interested in the money than in seeking out the truth.

Abdelhaleem, 34, the first adult to stand trial charged with terrorism offences in the Toronto 18 case, pleaded not guilty to participating in a terrorist group and intending to cause an explosion.

He and 17 others were arrested in 2006 for allegedly plotting to detonate bombs at key targets around Ontario.

Of the 18 people who were charged four have pleaded guilty, a youth was found guilty, seven had their charges dropped or stayed and five others still face a trial in March.

Abdelhaleem has elected to be tried by a judge alone and not a jury.

He has been in custody since his June 2006 arrest.




Hi [redacted],

No worries and thanks for sharing. The only problem is everything we learn is like this, or information hidden from the public that they need to know. So, we need to work on telling them. It's good to know of the radiation, but if all we do is tell it each other, we're going to be fried when we fly anyway. Informing the informed doesn't work. Plus, anyone can post anything if this is the standard.

For stuff like this people can visit, they often find "truth" (e.g. admissions) buried half-way down a mainstream article and make that the headline of their refererring to it. We need to find ways of putting our thoughts to work on what we can contribute to the sharing of specific information. If we personally have nothing to say or do about it, then maybe it's not worth it to post it.

However, when we're up against shiny 21st Century propaganda, we need to find ways to help each other beat it in our normal lives, conversations and creative endeavours. That's where articles like yours -- with some analysis -- may come in handy. If we start from your topic, then work on working together to communicate with others instead of arguing with each other, then it could work.

That means: if we think we're worth it, we might need to put more of "us" in what we post.

Or: if we individuallly have something smart to say, or do, about something: then post it.

No worries: we're probably really interested in doing this, we just have to figure out how.

Or: instead of just listing our problems, let's also work on our reactions and solutions.






FYI... (imho...?)


Below is an example of the type of stuff we should do, like organizing meetings and screenings and stuff, just like other people do. This may also be stuff to share on the listserve so we can learn how to do it. Truthers can definitely do stuff that others can do.

Whether the "war resisters" groups admit "9/11 was an inside job" or not, if they're actually "doing stuff" about the wars going on, then they're doing more about "9/11" than most 9/11 Truthers are. The more we "learn" the less we "do". But it shouldn't be true.


Therefore, let's try discussing how to do something. Anything at all really. Just saying "we should do something about..." isn't enough. Based on what we research, we could say that all day about anything instead of actually thinking of what to do about it.

While I'm not a fan of people getting together to watch a movie about something they already know, as Alan Watt said about "Fall of the Republic" on The Alex Jones Show, it can be good to see the same movie to base a discussion on it. That's a good idea.


Friends deep in the truther game tell me "face to face" meetings are much better than online, which I agree with. So: let's simply discuss how to meet up centrally or locally in different areas. Truthers can agree to meet with new friends to have conversations.

We're currently involved in a 'holding action' for the fate of the human mind. We need to see if they still work. We can see it. Our adversaries can see it. Even the general public can see 5 - 10 people at a 9/11 Truth street action over 8 years after 9/11. C'mon.


Businesses who want more customers discuss how to get them. Truthers who want more people to "wake up!" should discuss how to work together to make it happen. Instead of living in our own compartmentalized pyramid fantasies, truthers need to "wake up!"

What happens next will vary, but no matter what it is, we can justify it. We were raised to be ego-syntonic, so if we decide to be willfully ignorant, selfish, weak, or lazy, we can easily explain why we're justified in doing so. But, we should really kNWO better.


Truthers must see how we are being robbed of our ability to "think" about how to fight the NWO. If this wasn't true, then members of groups like this one would share more ideas on how to fight the NWO. There's lots of stuff (or... everything) to work on to start.

No worries, some truthers may say they'll do stuff later, or wait for others to do stuff, or they just don't feel like it, but at least they should know they shouldn't. That's why we had to stop. Learning about the NWO and doing nothing about it is part of their plan.

What's ours?






The Mississauga Coalition for Peace & Justice and the War Resisters Support Campaign are co-sponsoring a public forum in support of Bill C-440, the private member's bill calling on the government to allow US war resisters to stay in Canada. Similar events are being organized all over Ontario, and across Canada, to build public support for the bill.

Please join us for a film screening, followed by a discussion with two war resisters.

When: January 21, 2010 at 7 pm.

Where: Mississauga Central Library, Room CL-3, 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd., adjacent to Square One.

For more information about Bill C-440, see For more general information about the Iraq War resisters in Canada, see

In peace and solidarity,

Laura Kaminker
for War Resisters Support Campaign
[address removed]

Peter Votsch
for Mississauga Coalition for Peace & Justice




Thanks [redacted], no people in any country in the world should just take an insult to our intelligence and dignity like this laying down, so hopefully a few of us on here respond with a serious interest in dealing with it. The Alex Jones Show is offering $10,000 to the team with the best neo-nudezi protest, so we can discuss that option among others.

It doesn't mean we have to act like PETA-models and freeze naked. As Alan Watt suggested on AJ's show (6/Jan/10), perhaps we can simply take some old naked pictures of concentration camp victims and show our authorities, and their confused minions, that we see exactly what's going on and where it's going and don't want it to happen here.

Finally, with respect to the little thing we can do, like random conversations and so on, if that becomes the "standard" by which we're measured, then we're not taking our problems seriously. The New Age movement wants us to keep it happy no matter what happens, which is why there's so much celebration about nothing that anyone can name.

Anyway, one more thing to think of what to "do" about, with so many it can't be that hard.






[redacted] et al,


I think you're on the right track, but once again, if you can't think of anything to do, then don't post.

My apologies, but every truther in the world can write exactly what was written, it's just our culture.

Endlessly re-defining the problem is what got us into this mess. I'm even doing it myself right now.

The question is whether any of this can lead to "reactions" that lead to "solutions" that we "will" use.


Personally I've had it with too many truthers acting like the retarded activists on the little yellow bus.

Nobody respects anybody who argues like they're cause is easily the most important in the world...

...and yet, who then does nothing but randomly argue with people, quickly destroying any credibility.

We should not be less capable of doing things than other people, especially if we think we're better.


We should not just show up to other well-organized protests; we should consistently have our own.

We should not just celebrate other activist efforts; we should make them "normal" for truthers to do.

Fear dominates our thoughts; fear of meeting whackjobs; of committing to doing stuff; of the NWO.

Just reacting by scaring or arguing with each other; or discussing until it's all "normal"; is a mistake.


On Brad's radio show yesterday, Ron from Newmarket was discussing raw milk.

Michael Schmidt will be sentenced for selling it on January 21st; they want us to be there for the trial.

While meeting us and filming the day would be good, there's a hell of a lot more that we can do today.

Access to more communications technology than ever should, logically, make it easier to communicate.


So, before we move on to more self-destructive analysis of how or why we're incompetent, with 7 days left:

What the hell can -- or "will" -- we do about this?


Canadian Raw Milk Court Ruling and Big Rally for Michael Schmidt

A POLL will be posted at the Journal to determine the level of particpation, PR, news releases, articles and blogs will be devoted to this event, as well as videographers and authors to document the event. (Pending)

Rally starts at 8:00 am. Court Ruling 9:00. Rally after until? RSVP here:


Many conspiracy theorists are all talk and no action, despite the fact that taking action can beat the NWO.

Toronto Truth Seekers is about taking action, so if you don't want to right now, just relax and support others.

Meanwhile, others can help promote "the queen v. raw milk" case to health groups and others so they know.

That alone can open debates about pasteurization, change buying habits, build relationships and much more.


Skipping the endless why's...

Any ideas on how?




Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)



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