Monday, January 11, 2010

Conspirience Say... "As I predicted: Rare subway shutdown 'drills' for G-20 12 hours at a time"


As I predicted: Rare subway shutdown 'drills' for G-20 12 hours at a time

\\This is the second subway shut down in the last few days. The Yonge Street lins was shut down prior to this. I saw the mass exodus walking down Yonge Street, but there was nothing in the papers. The problem was at King Street as I recall. They won't stop trying. If they pull one off, we'll know where it all began.

Signal Problems Shut Down Bloor-Danforth Line

2010/01/09 | Staff

TTC passengers were forced onto shuttle buses Saturday, after signal problems shut down the Bloor-Danforth line between Victoria Park and Kennedy.

The problem originated at Warden Station around 6am and wasn’t fixed until about 12 hours later.

The TTC said cold weather was not an issue.


no worries, here's what we can suggest we do, and then do:

1. Find the contact info of our local politicians, TTC chairs, etc.

2. Discuss the best questions to ask with other TTS members.

3. Email or call them as a group or individuals with our concerns.

now, that's only if we want it to stop, which should be a goal of TTS.

otherwise... we can just keep sharing updates until we get used to it.

while i'm at work, does anyone have the time or inclination to do this?

please let us know, anyone who's conspirienced should be able to do it.

once we get in the habit of finding "reactions" and "solutions" we can win.

plus, once we find simple ways to attack the system, we can recycle them.

our response to this in 2010 shouldn't just be "of course"... it should get better.



incidentally, if you don't like any of these suggestions...

...then please feel free to make other suggestions.

* new ideas are & have always been welcome *

we have to see if we can get better at this... improve our chances of survival.



local articles like this are great to post just in case we missed them...

...but, we'll just get used to all of the local tyranny unless we act.

if you don't want to think of any suggestions, then no problem...

...just suggest the ideas that are already out there online

start a facebook group, do a blog, make a youtube vid...

... or encourage us to post comments on an article.

see, we're not re-inventing the wheel here at all...

...we can just do what all other groups do.

therefore, no matter how you slice it...

...we can think of things to do.

lots of people in history have...'s about time we start.



incidentally, and i might get kicked-off myself for over-posting, but...

...i'm constantly amazed to see just how creative our civilians are.

while many conspirienced wring their hands and refuse to think...

...civilians are making great images, vids, blogs, and so on.

i'm about to blog this to see if anyone wants to act...

...and i just came across the funny graphic above.

for years i've been saying if we don't think now...

...then it will be way too hard to think later.

fluoride or no-fluoride...

...let's go folks.



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