Thursday, December 17, 2009

The TTS Toolkit


The TTS Toolkit

great stuff chris, i'm glad you had a chance to at least pique his interest, it'll pay dividends as the medical community is asked to do crazier stuff and they want to resist it. people should definitely keep flyers (cheap) or dvd's (complete) on them at all times just in case this type of thing happens. that way the person you spent time speaking with won't just forget about it. which often happens.

otherwise: all the random conversations would've resulted in a lot more people getting involved.

since they haven't: they can't be relied upon on their own to take us to the next level; we can add paper.

i'm pretty good at explaining stuff and made this mistake for years: so i don't want to see others do the same.

the simple 1" x 3" or 10 per-page type are great, inexpensive and non-threatening, so anybody can give or receive them easily and discuss things or not. these days many people are genuinely curious about what we have to say, so it's great to see everyone getting better at hearing and listening to each other. however, even if you or they don't want to talk, you can give them a flyer.

dr. russell blaylock ha said many people, including young people, are having memory problems, something he never remembers having as a young man himself. the poisons in our environment and our fast-paced and disposable "twitter" culture may be turning us into "twits" in one way or another. easy to read flyers can combat the phenomenon of complex words bouning off blank faces.

we should probably create a simple TTS Toolkit with information people can keep on them at all times. we can offer them for free, for donations, or have them online so people can simply take the package to the printers and be completely outfitted with info on a variety of topics. for 3-cents per page anyone can print 6666 of any 10 per-page flyers on any topic for just $20. that may work.

that also means 500 flyers each on 30 different topics if people preferred, even with cuts at kinko's it'll probably cost $30. people who spend hours researching can translate some of it quickly and easily in new ways. yuri's "vaccine ingredient list" flyers are brilliant and people react right away to the visceral nature of seeing what they are and what they do if you inject them. that's great.

people should start working on flyers about their areas of interest, posting them on the TTS "files" section, and of course, keeping them handy and sharing them. we can vote on the best ones and create the TTS Toolkit. once we're done, anyone in the world can copy the idea or use our design templates and info to quickly get started in their area. imho, if we do stuff like this, we can win.

once this email or post is finished being read, it can either be acted upon or not. if it's something simple and effective and it's not reacted-to or acted upon, then other people who see that won't bother thinking of or suggesting other ideas, or developing them beyond a sentence. nobody should say it won't work unless they propose something better. otherwise we end up doing nothing.

as the new world order "establishment" closes-ranks and attacks us, we need reasons to get closer to resist them. if we learn the world is going to hell and decide not act on the simple things we can do to help stop it, then that becomes a habit and our cynical apathy quickly becomes normal. if we can't make flyers like other people have for centuries, then "revolution" becomes impossible.

toronto truth seekers has grown from 206 members in august to 289 now. clearly people are concerned about the state of the world and interested in learning and perhaps also doing more about it. if a growing percentage of that growing number of people starts getting active, and showing it, then we'll reach the "tipping point" (malcolm gladwell) when it will be "normal" to suggest doing stuff.

until then, we'll have to figure out how to motivate ourselves to feel we're up to the challenge of handling our business. music is a great way, so definitely consider playing some (ballsy) music and sitting back and thinking of (ballsy) ideas. thinking of family and friends is another way to make the connection between what the new world order is doing to us and what we should do about it.

quoting alan watt quoting lenin: "there are many directions humanity can go in, but they must not know this, and must think that the direction they are going in is the only one". that type of conditioning is what makes it hard to "think" about ways to beat the new world order and not just "recycle" stories verbatim, or today, just pass on the email link. we need to see if we can change this.

no worries, as long as we know we've got a shot; otherwise not. since we know that our only issue is our own faith in our own ability to do anything, the only cure for it is doing something and to have that faith in ourselves restored. in every discipline it takes some discipline to achieve something. imho, we need to focus less on ourselves and other truthers and more on how we can reach out others.

it's cool, imho, that's what 2010 is for.





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