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Great Find Dood: F--k Suzuki With A Zucchini


WEARECHANGE Ottawa Confronts Suzuki and Trudeau about the Man Made Global Warming Hoax


FYI, about a year ago when I was having winter meetings at my place to plan for truthing season, I started piggybacking a mass email blast to reach the leaders of truth movements across Canada. The goal was to see if people reacted to options they received by doing stuff; or suggesting more options; or if they didn't bother doing anything. I mentioned at the time that if we didn't act on our beliefs on behalf of others, that I was going to be a whistleblower on behalf of all Canadians to let them know what the problem is. Consider this a head's up. With previous anecdotes and a year's worth of hard-evidence, some of my analysis is below.

In 2010, I'm planning on destroying the Canadian "conspiracy theorist" movement. Most truthers don't feel like doing anything, and even most truther leaders and celebrities aren't pushing much for us to take action. People want something like a "pat on the back" for doing nothing, but the cowardice, apathy, eugenics and Orwellian double-think of people who focus on feeling better by cussing out the general public who don't know better -- because we don't tell them -- is ridiculous. Canadians with knowledge of what's happening have an obligation to do something about it before we're all dead. Our conspiracy culture isn't doing that.

So: it must be destroyed before Canada is.

Then: people who can view our problems practically must be found.

And: work on figuring out what to do about them instead of just figuring out what they are.



Thanks dood. No response yet. I haven't written it. I did run the idea by Mark 6x though. The fact that he let me tells me it's probably a good idea. Plus I ran it by other truthers. This is something we can all sit at home and email out in the cold weather. With all this stuff happening there's no off-season, even in cold Canada, just new things to think of doing while we have time.

Essentially, I want to create a 500 - 1000 word .pdf document titled "Climategate vs. Copenhagen: What's In It For Canadians?" (e.g.) explaining there are 282 TTS Members, 800 CAP Members, 100+ other Cdn. Truth Members, 1000+ who signed the Climategate petition, plus others across Canada who believe the information here is worth checking out. That's enough reason to.

It'll be footnoted with links, but otherwise a smooth read. I'll start with Climategate vs. Copenhagen, then move towards some simple health and wealth info, then invite them to contact us if they'd like. It's going to take some time and concentration to write it perfectly, I just have to find it. We can either make this a TTS effort, or have it co-signed by other groups across Canada.

We don't realize that -- with hundreds publicly and thousands privately agreeing -- we could be forming effective lobby groups to approach other Canadians or Canadian groups and suggest they check stuff out. That's all we have to do. If we decide to be loners who have isolated random conversations, then that's what we'll be. If we can work together, we show we're doing better than most.

Anyway, I'll get it done by Monday, I'm 2 years behind and stuff takes time.

Regardless, if I have to do this by myself, it'll get messy before we win.

However, if we try to work together soon, we can win fairly easily.



Great Find Dood. F--k Suzuki With A Zucchini.


great find dood. f--k suzuki with a zucchini. we've gotta have the "who's funding them?" arguments ready to stop the commie greeniac legions, otherwise they won't "know" sh-t and just "believe" whatever they want. the foundation-role in 100 years of conspirashit isn't discussed much because most conspiracy theorists are distracted and mind-controlled into ignoring it. they're the real source of social engineering and why we have to compete against tons of fake charities sucking up the energy of good people.

once more of us start using logic to "follow the money" to "find the crime" we'll be fine. the alien crap and most other stuff is so masturbatory that it leads to most conspiracy theorists just j-rking off over what they find for themselves. that's why the global government we've feared for years is finally here -- and -- many of us can't react in any way. we're so used to "fighting the new world order" by just "learning random crap for ourselves" that we now can't help ourselves or anyone else. canadians have to know this.

nobody has to do everything, but everybody has to do something. if they can't, they aren't worth anything to themselves or anyone else. just like the general public, once conspiracy theorists see how they've been brainwashed into being useless against the new world order -- no matter how much they learn -- they can finally "wake up" and realize it. just like the general public, many conspira-sheeple won't be able to realize it. the rest have to push through all the conspira-cobwebs and figure out practical things to do.

with almost no "production" from most conspiracy theorists, the value of their knowledge or analysis is never really tested. people can argue about random crap they find, but since the goal is to wake up more people and beat the new world order before they beat us, just surfing different websites and agreeing to disagree leaves "truthers" nowhere near "truth" at all. the "truth" is our research is only as valuable as what we can achieve with it. the fact that most "truthers" don't want to achieve anything is making us useless.

there's lots of evidence of this online and offline. if the people who try to figure out "conspiracy theories" can't or won't apply their knowledge in any way, or just settle for the least they could do, then we have to figure out what happened to us, how to fix it and how to make sure the next people we wake up don't fall into the same trap. from there, we have to do what ALL self-help books suggest: have a goal, have a plan, think positive. without goals or plans to validate our positive thinking, we can clearly see the problem.

we're also sold the "hope" vs. "information" dilemma. we can see "religion" and/or "god" is now mostly used as an "insurance policy" by willfully lazy people, including conspiracy theorists. in the old days people used to "act" on religious principles to improve their society. now, they just ignore the fact that "god" helps those who help themselves. or, instead of just vaccinating your child and hoping "god" makes sure everything is alright, perhaps you can look into the issue more and have "god" help you figure it out.

conspiracy theorists are trapped in the same paradigm of "hope" without doing much to earn it. just like obama fans, most conspiracy theorists "hope" lots of people are waking up by saying it like it's a fact. even if it's true, if less people are doing stuff, or if more people are "waking up" and a smaller percentage are "acting" on it, then it's probably part of the NWO "masonic revelation of the method" plans to tell us everything anyway, and then laugh at us for doing almost nothing about it. that's where we're going.

unless this is wrong, there's no escaping it. if some of it is wrong, there's no escaping the rest. people have to wonder why "they" aren't doing anything instead of just lazily pointing the finger elsewhere. it's cheap like racism to just slag people for not knowing stuff. if you just try and tell them and they don't listen, you can get personally frustrated. if you do something significant like write a book, make a film, work with a group, etc., even if they don't "believe" you, they might respect you, and that will end your frustration.

we'll also finally respect ourselves for what we "do" instead of just what we find. it's the only thing that's ever worked. unless we actually "do" stuff, we don't really have respect for ourselves, or our abilities, or our voices. random conversations show no real effort on our part to take our issues seriously. the vicious cycle continues as we do little, succeed little, do less, succeed less, and eventually give up. as we can see from our conspiracy culture, we have to break this cycle for our own sakes and the sake of our country.

let's be what happens.




People who deny the reality of human-caused global warming are wetting their pants over the illegal theft and release of emails from scientists at the East Anglia Climate Research Unit. In their desperation, the deniers claim the emails point to a global conspiracy by the world’s scientists and government leaders to… Well, it’s hard to say what they believe the conspiracy is about. A letter to a Vancouver newspaper some time ago indicates the way many of them think. The writer claimed that people working to address global warming “are ideological zealots pursuing a quasi-religious socialist agenda to command and control western economies”.

It would be funny if it didn’t echo the thinking of so many people – even some in influential positions in government and industry – and if the situation weren’t so critical.

Sadly for the deniers and for all of us, the emails don’t show that global warming is a grand hoax or conspiracy. They do nothing to diminish the decades of overwhelming scientific evidence that the Earth is not only warming largely because of emissions from burning fossil fuels but that it’s worse than we thought. Recently, 26 scientists from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the U.S., and Australia released a report showing that the impacts of global warming are occurring faster and are more widespread than other reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had projected.

The report, titled The Copenhagen Diagnosis, summarized the most recent research from around the world, which shows that Arctic sea ice is melting faster than we thought, that both Greenland and Antarctica are losing more ice than predicted, and that sea levels are rising more quickly than anticipated. The scientists conclude that the Earth could reach several “tipping points” if we keep pumping emissions into the atmosphere at the same rate.

The report also quashes the myth of “global cooling” that has been “promoted by lobby groups and picked up in some media.” The report’s authors conclude that “even the highly ‘cherry-picked’ 11-year period starting with the warm 1998 and ending with the cold 2008 still shows a warming trend of 0.11 °C per decade.”

It’s astounding that those who deny that climate change exists or that it is human-caused, either out of self-interest or ignorance, are willing to see some grand conspiracy in a handful of stolen emails but are unwilling to see the undeniably clear evidence of the impacts of climate change already occurring around the world.

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, world leaders are dragging their heels in the lead-up to the Copenhagen climate summit this month. As University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver notes, in abandoning the idea of reaching a binding agreement in Copenhagen, world leaders are essentially saying that they don’t believe they owe anything to our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, Canada has a poor record on climate change and international negotiations to address the problem. Our government argues that the economy takes precedence over the environment. It’s incredibly short-sighted to think that a healthy economy can be maintained when the health of the planet is failing. And it’s absurd to pin our economic hopes on extracting limited supplies of dirty fossil fuels in a world that is increasingly switching to cleaner forms of energy.

Our prime minister wasn’t even planning to attend the Copenhagen summit until U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he was going. Canadians citizens can take some credit for the prime minster’s about-face. He is said to have reconsidered in part because of a recent Angus Reid poll that indicated most Canadians want him to attend.

Beyond the poll, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have told the government that we must work toward an agreement that is fair, ambitious, and binding. And 3,000 scientists recently sent an open letter urging the government “to negotiate an outcome that will rapidly and adequately address climate change”.

One of the strongest messages came from a coalition of representatives from the developing world, Commonwealth secretary-general Kamalesh Sharma, former U.K. international development secretary Clare Short, climate scientist Saleemul Huq, and British environment and development groups. They argue that Canada should be suspended from the Commonwealth for ignoring the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest countries.

Our leaders have a historic opportunity in Copenhagen to address the most serious crisis that humanity has faced. As citizens, we have the responsibility to let them know that we expect them to act.

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* Meanwhile, let us take a look at some of his funding: *

- Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Page 23)
- NM Rothschild (Page 21)

Employee charity
Giving programs
These programs allow employees
to donate a portion of their salary
to the David Suzuki Foundation.
4Charity Foundation Inc.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
ADP Canada Co.
Ahuja Family Charitable Giving
All Charities Campaign –
Province of Manitoba
AMD Matching Gift Program
Bell Canada
Bentall Employee Group
Bird Family Fund at Strategic
Charitable Giving Foundation
BMO Employee Charitable
Canadian Association
of Chain Drug Stores
Canadian Tire
Corporation of the City
of Kitchener
EJC Charitable Fund at Strategic
Charitable Giving
Helping Hands of WorksafeBC
Hydro One Inc.
IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund
Investors Group Matching Gift
London Life Employees’
Charity Trust
Mary Maitre Fund at Strategic
Charitable Giving Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts
OPG Employees’ & Pensioners’
Charity Trust
Provincial Employees
Community Services Fund
Sun Life Financial
TD Waterhouse Private Giving
The Hydrecs Fund
Travel Underwriters

This man is WELL-FUNDED!


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