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On To The Next: No One World Government (Final Version)


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Hello TTS Family & Friends,

I hope all are well. Below is the final version of the "On To The Next: No One World Government" song and lyrics. It's a hot track. I don't know what you do to get pumped-up to fight the New World Order, but for years I've prescribed certain forms of "gangsta rap" to increase the metaphorical testicular size in young men. It works for other fans and it's worked for me, so I figure why not. I've even seen it work on several truthers, at least temporarily, since it does. In a nutshell: this is what happens when a hardcore conspiracy theorist and a hardcore hip hop fan decide to compromise. Or, when instead of killing him, the BK Venom Suit takes Vijay, sits him down, shuts him up, and raps.

Feel free to share, use or adapt this public domain mixtape song, use it for YouTube videos, etc., I'm never particular about contributing to anothers' creativity. I'll make more music soon, but since the Copenhagen Climate Summit ends on December 18th, this is hot right now. If you're conspirienced, then you'll probably get most of it. If not, then you'll probably miss most of it. However, I don't think music is to be judged on the first listen forever. So, if you get more from it each time, that's a reason why it's good. If you don't like reading 4000 words about the "climate change" fraud, here it is in a 4 and-a-half minute song. In just 5 listens, or just 20 minutes, anyone can get it.

Meanwhile, people should remember that being creative can give you tremendous energy. My brilliant jazz DJ radio host buddy and I discussed it this morning. What do you have "energy" for anyway? If it's something you "want" to do that you think is "worth" something, validating two important criteria -- desire and confidence -- for happiness, then you'll get up for it. I'm working off 6 hours sleep in two nights, but I'm not focused on it. I'm focused on what I want to work on. As our culture is taken down, we'll need to find ways to stay up. Since we're all in the same "brain" washing culture, it helps to see what yours is creativity capable of once in a while on behalf of yourself and others.

Anyway, have a good creative and productive day.




MP3 Download

Black Krishna - On To The Next: No One World Government - Final version of this public domain mixtape song vs. Copenhagen GreenUNist Global Government. Please use or share however you'd like, damn jackbootleggers got me, this'll make up for it! ;-)


On To The Next: No One World Government

I got a million ways to get it,

Choose one,

It's going down,

The New World Order's getting clowned...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

On to the next --
No, one world government,
No thanks, crooks, kooks'n'spooks,
Start shovin' it,

Al Gore, hockey-stick shovelin',
Man-Bear-Pig, so serial,
Imperial, bumblin',

Big Gay Al?

So cold?
Since March 0-7?
So puzzling!

UN launch then,
Hunch when, tax comin' in,
Like Pavlov, they treat us like dogs,
To use less than them,


Rockefellers at the top,
Pledge allegiance to the Roc,
Eyes Wide Shut, doc?

PhD's make disease,
For, militaries,
Don't think they wouldn't lie?
For, the IPCC?

Can't get the weather,
For the weekend, please,
Tellin' me in 20 years?
We guaranteed to freeze?

Newsweek Cover,
For a 70's scheme,
Global cooling back then?
Global warming now?

Cease and desist,
This is a citizens arres--
ted development,
Finally rebelling, yes!

Pumpin' out CO2,
With the way, I speak free,
Green Hitler youth,
Can't say ---- to me!

Can't quit 'til we free,
Of the insanity,
Sayin' carbon dioxide,
Is bad for trees...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

Eugenics behind,
Control freak, soul weak,
Boot-lickin' menace,

Yuppie puppy dog,
Recycled commie rottweilers,
Socialists with a fist,
Up your assets, smilin',

Like they savin' the earth,
By, enslavin' the earth,
Copenslavin' pavin' graves,
In the third world first,

First world got a thirst,
Greenwashing won't work,
I'm not working on a problem,
I'm a problem at work,

On bein' a problem for jerks,
Who lie, spy and tax,
And increase the attacks,
'Til there's no going back,

There's always going back,
Piece of paper don't mean jack,
Blue-bin that,
Like Bin Laden, been found back --

When the "War on Terror Rapture!"
Was taking all our rights,
Now the "Global Warming Rapture!"
Takes our stuff, gotta fight,

Tough-love, don't bite,
But, don't get bitten,
By the hardcore, mind-control,
Victims in a Prison --

Planet dot-com, drop bombs,
Paul Joe blow,
Up another scandal,
Climategate show,

They know they lyin',
Admit they' emails tryin',
East Anglia U --
Findin' angles all the time and --

Caught just in time,
To stop us Copen' with enslavement,
Better flyer-up and hit the pavement,

Straight up.


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

De-pop plan?

I pop carbon-bubbles,

Before you double your money,

I cause trouble,

Before you double our trouble,

I'm gonna hustle,

Harder than the bards of B.S.,

Let's rumble.

Can't be stopped,
Plans poppin' off a lot,
Lick a shot, for your bin-laden block,
P(eace), stop, and think --

If they really cared?
Wouldn't they try to stop?
GMO food, mercury?
And real toxic slop?

Waste mind, on disaster predictions,
Based on fiction,
This' no movie, dereliction of duty,
The prescription,

Let's see the uniformed,
Learn, what's going on,
Attack like Voltron,
'Til the Gore-bots, gone!

Get an addiction for freedom,
You keep, for you and your children,
Can't be chillin' when it's chilly,
And green villains say it isn't,

Or, no matter what, it's our fault!

Earth-worship, death-cult!

To heck with people now!

What about the weather later!


You got this...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!





Black Krishna Brand

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Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)


If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


2010: A Truth Odyssey


BONUS: 9/11 Truth Prizing: Can We Rebuild and Destroy (the NWO)?

sure, there's lots of stuff we learn by doing stuff, including how to avoid some of the pitfalls, so we can all share it. many group models worldwide with a half-dozen members of a 'change' organization confronting politicians need to be expanded upon, otherwise we're just truthers doing stuff to impress other truthers, a bad habit we often fall into.

truthers have to avoid learning to only speak in conspira-shorthand by only talking to each other about this stuff and then getting frustrated when others don't like their conspirienced explanations. truthers need to clique-up and calmly and confidently explain our issues to civilians from a position of strength that only a real "group" can convey in an atomizing culture.

every truther move at their own pace, but we're not running daycares for grown-ups. those who can should, those who won't yet should watch and learn and figure out their learning or balls curve faster. we need more facilitators of this. we can make 2010 a big year, but practically speaking, we should just say we have to, because that's the only thing that makes sense if we do.

the idea of "truthers" living in parallel realities where they can avoid doing anything about what they learn means they suffer from the same orwellian double-think as civilians. except instead of choosing not to look at it, they just choose not to apply anything they've learned to doing anything significant about our rather significant NWO problem. as a result, our movement looks insignificant.

if more people were doing stuff, then more people would be doing stuff, so it might not be true. i wrote a song in 2005 called (in) "2008" (we set it straight) because -- after the confusion after the fading political hubub of 2004 -- i guessed that's when our "truther" growth curve would level off. i thought we'd have to get it done by then or we'd start losing steam and members, especially if our discussions weren't focused on getting more.

while it's a scary opportunity, 2010 looks like a political crap-shoot to me. i'll make sure we're fine in toronto one way or another, at least for a while. but, the "philosophy" of "doing stuff" and figuring out "how" to "motivate" ourselves is something we need to work harder on. we're marginalized by our own paranoia about each other. but, once you guys get a solid group going that's having more fun and getting more done than anyone on your block, you'll be fine.



BONUS: Email 4 U'r Health!

okee-dokee, with 4 hours left, let's send an email to save our health.




People, below is a letter I just sent to the Senate. C-6 vote is MONDAY NIGHT AT 8 PM!



(Note that many Liberal senators have broken the party line and support our demands... not to mention a couple of independents and a Conservative or two, notably Elaine McCoy.. but mostly Liberals. ALL Harper's new appointees, including the nearly-illiterate Jacques Demers, voted AGAINST AMENDMENTS! SHAME!)




Dear Senators:

Re: Please Preserve our Sovereignty and our Freedoms: Amend or Reject Bill C-6!

I write to you today on behalf of the many, many thousands of Canadians whose organizations have joined with Canadians for Health Freedom in mutual concern over Bill C-6:

* Freedom in Canadian Health Care
* Antiforced Vaccine Alliance
* Int'l Advocates for Health Freedom
* Oath Keepers of Canada
* Toronto Truth Seekers
* Vacci-Nations Forum
* Vaccine Resistance Movement
* We Are Change Cranbrook
* We Are Change Ottawa
* We Are Change Vancouver

These organizations, as well as many other individuals without other group affiliation, have joined with us in asking the Senate not to pass Bill C-6, or at least to amend it so that it complies with the Constitution, and does not offend or mitigate our rights and freedoms as Canadians. We are stunned that any of our governors, in either house, would find this legislation even remotely acceptable.

At this point in time, Senators, some of you have earned our trust, our respect, and our gratitude, for standing squarely, with all the integrity we expect from our governors, on the side of the Supreme Laws of Canada. For you, let this letter stand as an encouragement, as you make history with your vote for the Canada we all know and love, on this Bill.

Some others of your number, however, have earned our disdain, for these have had ample opportunity to apprise themselves of what they would throw away with this legislation, and yet would still approve this scurrilous attack on Canada's very sovereignty! You know who you are: the Prime Minister said "Jump" and you answered, "How high?" You don't work for him: you work for us, the people. He doesn't pay you: we do. Elected Senate or no, we deserve from you protection of our rights, not their derogation; you have a fiduciary trust towards us all, which we insist you honour now, and always.

Since the average Canadian can see the damage Bill C-6 can do without a microscope, it is only a rational conclusion to say that those of you who, knowing the facts, are deliberately choosing to ignore the Constitution, as well as the rights you, your family, and your ancestors have always enjoyed in this country, are making a conscious choice. You, who know this legislation violates not just the spirit of the law, but the law itself, and would still vote "Aye" without deep-cutting amendments, make us wonder indeed, whom do you serve?

Those of you who would follow the dictates of a leader instead of the law will still have to face yourselves in the mirror each morning: who will you see there, staring back? Will you see the face of a public servant who, when push came to shove, stood up for the rights of the ordinary Canadian, who braved the criticism of vested interests to preserve justice for all in this nation? Or will you see the face of someone who either did not care, or looked the other way, when the chips were down? For this, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, is the one reality from which you, none of you, can escape. The mirror will always reflect the truth about yourself, and what you did, and you will always know it.

None of you, to my knowledge, has spoken of Sections 2(e)(f) and 14(1)(d)(i)] of the bill, which literally provide the means for our sovereignty as a nation to be ignored, and for foreign entities, unelected, unknown to Canadians and without means of protest or access, to dictate policy upon us. This to me is stunning: how could I, an ordinary grandmother, spot this, and you not? How could all the people who have written to you have seen this, and you not?

Bill C-6 stands to go down in history as the Bill that opened the door to a totalitarian state dictated not by honest, accountable representation of the people, but by vested interests against whom Canadians have no defence. It is up to you to decide which sort of state we live in, by virtue of your stand on this, and other pieces of legislation (which seem to be breeding like rabbits) with equal deleterious effects built into their language. If the House is so easily led, only you stand between all Canadians and the end of this nation as we have always known her. Only you can ensure that our grandchildren will enjoy the same freedoms that you and I grew up with.

It is my fervent prayer that you will be guided in your vote not by the meanspirited directions of vested interests, but by honour, integrity, and loyalty to the interests of those you truly serve, the people of Canada. They deserve no less from you, from each one of you, at every given moment, and you all know it. It is time to pay the piper. Either we have a free nation, or we do not, and that question will largely be answered by your vote on Bill C-6.

Those of you who walk in honour will always have honour staring back at you in the mirror. Those of you who bow to other interests will have something else piercing your soul, from which you can never hide. To me, a simple grandma from Toronto, that choice just ought to be easy. May you make it well.


Dee Nicholson
Canadians for Health Freedom

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Legislative (L) Researcher (R) Phone
(613) Fax
(613) Email
Andreychuk, Raynell Bordeleau, Carole (A)
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Angus, W. David Lépine, France (A) 947-3193 947-3195
Baker, George Bittle, Linda (A) 947-2517 947-1525
Banks, Tommy Gauthier, Thérèse (E)
Smith, Tom (R)
Steers, Céline (A) 995-1889 995-1938
Brazeau, Patrick Rochon, Lorraine (E)
Flemming, Alan (P) 947-4231 947-4228
Brown, Bert Watson, Jonathan (P)
McBride, Marianne (A) 944-3434 944-3438
Callbeck, Catherine S. Nicholson, Melanie (A)
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Danilko, Evelyn (A) 995-4043 995-4046

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thanks dee, thanks to people like you we'll dee-feat this sooner or later! :-P

i know it sucks, but it's just a lousy piece of paper with lousy laws we should get rid of whenever we can. i know it's so we're codex-compliant by december 31st, 2009, so we should stop it now before we have to deal with that nonsense being implemented first. either way, one of the points i was trying to make with my new song "on to the next: no one world government" is how to deal with the "next" phase of our human (r)evolution. the steps leading up to global government have been a total failure for us, so global government will probably be a total failure for us, even if it's run to scientifically designed totalitarian perfection for "them", as it were.

we need to move on to developing our own consistent political resistance to this by aiming "for" and not just "against" something, including new local governance models that we can advocate for so people can see clear alternatives that they like better. near as i could figure out a while back, the key to saving the world is aiming for de-centralized power and honest money in our ideas and efforts. people can apply that philosophy and expand on it however they want, it'll help 'em aim. canadians will need reasons to believe in their own (r)evolution, including being able to handle control over where they live. we can help suggest what might work.

will holla about the radio drop, our phones weren't working, but they might be.



oooooh, just caught "hoaxenhagen" and started drooling, nice 'un...

btw, if we're sending stuff to put up on the website, i think [redacted] wants us to do some of the work for him. maybe taking a few minutes to organize some clear information or explanations that people who DON'T know what's going on can use, even so that the people who do can pass it on, might be a good idea.

we can scan infowars daily to get great articles ourselves, so while it's good to send them just in case we don't, for something to be given a semi-permanent place it should be worth the space because it clarifies things more than before. it'd help and look good if we spent a little time creating it. it would show we can too.

(imho) paul joseph watson and the infowars boyz are a good example of this, i stole a lot of techniques from them. they don't just say stuff, they source it, far better than any mainstream media does too. once we get in the habit of carefully proving what we say beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we will, which will help.

from a conspirienced perspective: movie or music reviews, fashion, local, national or international news or politics, subject-specific breakdowns and more would be ideal. if we get in the habit of carefully organizing our thoughts for a purpose, then we'll have one, ostensibly to reach more people to help beat the new world order.

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