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COPENSLAVEMENT TEMPERMENTAL: To Be Free or Not To Be? (Good Question!)



where and when meng. that'll do. maybe even consult a couple of us to decide first, then post an official meet-up. i like the spirit and energy and it's great working with you, but i'm not going out in the cold unless i see a game plan worth braving it for.

note: this is not a "diss" or anything that any neurotic crapanalysis can configure out. those who fail to plan, plan to fail. this is in any endeavour, including taking on a 1000 year conspiracy to enslave and kill everybody. we can take 5 minutes to plan.

at times i've noticed a tendency to just yell randomly and then get frustrated and give up quickly when no one responds. as someone who yells very carefully while no one responds, i can only say get used to it until you get better. then people will respond.

it's the same thing with making flyers. the first one you design may not be good enough for people to bother commenting on. however, that's no reason to give up and let your soul die. instead, make a second or third version. you'll see they're better.

speaking of which, i have thousands of "climategate" and "detox" flyers i'm dropping downtown tonite starting at 7:30 pm after i leave work at queen and bathurst. if anyone wants to join me they're welcome. hell, maybe i'll post a meet-up with details.

the "7.7.7" meet-up yesterday for the week may have been misconstrued. i always assume that conspiracy theorists who read tons of info will read the meet-up messages before trying to figure out what they mean. no worries, i'll simplify the next one.

either way, it's time for people to decide if they're serious or if this is all a big joke. we can all prioritize other things, but conspira-sheeple have blamed "sheeple" for doing that forever. so, it make no sense for us to hypocritically do the same thing now.

world government is being formalized at copenhagen from december 7 - 18th, or right now. while aspects were in place long before, this is the global sales-pitch to convince everyone it's a good idea. if we don't respond soon, we may have to go along with it.

nobody really wants what we think is happening to happen, so we're good. then again, if it's all a big joke, then f--k it, let's go' t-tty bar. first rounds on me. then again, if it's all not a big joke, then let's start firing all our guns in the infowar. first rounds on me.




great ideas guys, keep 'em coming and start organizing for us. we should all keep track of our efforts on this, including our efforts to bug the media. having a good resume and the courage to act on your convictions will be enough to convince most people to at least listen to you, which means our efforts at battling world government in the next 10 days will reflect well on us.

assuming this is what we do.

if we don't do stuff, then other people won't. if the people who know stuff don't do stuff, then other people won't see the point in knowing stuff. if the people who know stuff do stuff, then the people who don't do stuff will have to respect that stuff is getting done. then if they feel like doing stuff, then can see the stuff that got them to do stuff and do it too, or do other stuff.

either say we got stuff do to.

we should also share what we're doing with others, none of us can beat world government on our own, but if we keep doing stuff and telling people what stuff we're doing, eventually we could see more people do more stuff. the reason people don't do stuff now is most of the time they don't see or hear of much stuff being done. doing stuff they see will definitely change that stuff.

let's make some stuff happen.



they're awake to a lot, but their solution is not making waves and just getting more political power within the system however they can, and then pushing for more global governance over our governments and corporations. they're not interested in the "facts" for the "right" or "best" solutions that we need, just the best ones they can compromise to finally get.

me'n'doc met an ex-banker greenie who he was running for mp against in north bay. as they see it they're basically pragmatists who try to get in power to then effect change later. this is just like most young people and most "green" (i.e. "new") politicians in general who eventually get beaten into shape by the system as they try to conform to climb the rungs of power.

me, steve and jake hit up a provincial green party event and "wrchang'd" their leader frank dejong with questions, plus i recorded a city councilor candidate saying he knew about DU and corruption but still supported the war in afghanistan, it's mind-boggling stuff. anyway, they can say they're principled because they're "green" and the best shot we've got, but it's a crock.

fyi, on the eve of world government, here's the con-frontation and a new vid...

Green Party on Climate Change Taxes


On the Eve of Global Government...



hey [redacted],

no worries, [redacted] now agrees because fox news is now telling more truth than the "liberal" media. that's how it works: when the right is in charge their media lies more while their fans mindlessly cheer for their "winning" side. when the left is in charge the opposite happens. fox is so discredited that they can tell the truth and the "left" won't believe it, so they often do these days. this keeps us fighting without listening to each other. it's a brilliant trick played for centuries on us since the roman "senate" and other "democracies" enslaved people.

however, none of the mainstream media outlets tells the truth consistently enough to be "good", so they're still "bad" like the rest. both the "left" and "right" fake ideologies and supporting machinery work for the same people at the top who support both parties and the "system" the control. this way they make sure we choose between their two puppets and exclude any other possibilities for something better. this was revealed by professor carroll quigley in his book on the council on foreign relations called "tragedy and hope". a friend has a copy. he was bill clinton's mentor at georgetown law school and a CFR historian.

btw, all this copenhagen crap this had nothing to do with the environment. that's why they're worried about "carbon dioxide" instead of the many real toxins killing us and the earth. this is about using a UN world government to control every aspect of our lives using phony environmental laws that will lower our living standards, steal our property, spy on us, take our rights, control every aspect of government, set up communist-style community councils, tax us to death and more.

for example, the use of 1/3 of farmland for failed bio-fuels that cost more energy to produce also doubled world food prices in the last year. that's bad for us, but it killed lots of people in the third world. the people in charge don't mind doing this, just see the 20th century and the conditions of the world's population and what they're doing about fixing it, which hasn't been and isn't much. putting the same people in charge of a world government just means they can bypass our elected representatives and enslave or kill more people, which may be their plan.

btw, do you believe in "over-population"? it's not true, but that's their doing. the people who rule over us have similar elitist mentalities that see us as "human resources" to be used like a farmer uses sheep. they've been recycling the need to "cull" populations for centuries using wars, famines, taxation, etc. in reality the whole world could live in australia with a home and some land to grow their own food and share it with others. if you don't believe me, just take the world's population and the square footage of australia and see for yourself.

in fact, just read anything i've written or anything i send you on this subject, it sounds like you never have. i've included the article i sent you in the last email one more time below, the link is there or the entire thing is copied. this complete inability to understand anything i'm saying may continue happening forever, but it's not a good sign. the media talks to us like children and we don't talk much about serious issues, so the result is a weakening of our cognitive abilities.

it's too bad, but i can't let it bother me much. everyone who carefully listens to what i say understands it, including people who believe in mainstream nonsense. you can theorize about what might happen, but there are rare facts available that can improve your theories. it's cool, the [redacted] can't believe it either, but he's heard my show and he knows i'm not wrong, so he's in a tough spot just like you are when it comes to liking me but not believing me for whatever reason.

it doesn't matter anyway, it's not your responsibility as a [redacted] to figure this stuff out, you should do whatever you want at this point, you've paid enough into the system and the system should let people like you relax. however, there are men out there who have the capacity to deal with this, once we find more we're in business. if you're ever in the mood to learn what's really going on, see infowars.com, it's what i've been saying for the last few years because it's true. the quality of the news and analysis is better, which is also one reason why mine is.

btw, if he's lying then it's no big deal, but my research says he's not.



Who Will Stand Up Against the Coming Global Climate Tyranny?

Adam Murdock, M.D.
December 6, 2009

This week, President Obama and the leaders of the world are to meet to determine the fate of humanity. This meeting, to be held in Copenhagen, has as its’ mission to bind the nations of the world under a climatocracy, or rather a climate regulatory scheme devised and operated by bureaucrats and elitists. The members of this climatocracy will profit while the rest of humanity will sink into darkness. There will be nowhere to hide; no oasis to be found in the desert. Indeed, after the discussions have concluded will our freedoms also be concluded? Will humanity be plunged into a global tyranny governed by a state of climate fear or will we be able to stop them before it is too late? There have never been greater stakes for the freedom of mankind.

Over the past couple decades globalists like Al Gore and Maurice Strong have used the cloak of pseudo climate science as their veil. Now that ‘climategate’ has removed the curtain and shone the light on the slithering cockroaches within the backrooms of climate cookbookery, there is no longer any debate about the science. The only thing that now exists is laid bare before our eyes – a deliberate attempt to subjugate the people of the earth to global governance under the guise of science.

As the newly ‘elected’ EU President Von Rompuy puts it:

“2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”

This goal as stated by the EU President was made prior to the recent revelations about the padding of the climate data by key climate scientists. Yet, what has been the response of the very leaders now proceeding on with the conference? Have they toned down their rhetoric or better yet admitted the charade that the conference represents? Unfortunately, they have done the exact opposite. They have continued their relentless course toward the “global management” of our planet as if nothing has happened. It is as if they are willing to deny that the sun is shining at noonday when it is clearly visible. I can fathom no other reason for these leaders to do this, unless climate change is not really the goal but only a means to an end. Now that their desired end is so close it appears that they are not about to let some emails or real science get in the way of global progress.

It appears that although the fraud has been revealed, the deck may have been stacked against humanity. Indeed, the stacked deck may have already been dealt. My only hope is that the clock has not already struck midnight on our freedoms.

Now is the time to make your collective voices heard. Once the treaties have been signed and freedom has been lost there will be very little we can do to rescind such agreements. Call your local, state, and federal representatives wherever you live. Do it for your children, do it for your country, do it for your freedom to live and breathe as you see fit.

A life of regret will not make up for inaction at this time. Let us hold up a flag of liberty to everyone around us and rally them to the cause of freedom at this crucial moment in our history.

Adam Murdock, M.D. is founder of The Freemen Institute,



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