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1984 vs. 2007: "Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia and always will be?"

New Orleans - Latest Minority Report

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7dAA0zVj4g


Q: During Katrina, did Bush pull rescue workers out because locals were shooting at them?


Hello Sir,

Thanks and I'm glad you liked it, I too live in Toronto, and yet get most of my information from The Alex Jones Show and his Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com websites. They take the best of the MSM and reprint it daily, and when big news breaks they're on top of the early stories that reveal the truth before the whole thing gets sanitized for the future.

It's sad to say, but I also first heard about the Canadian Action Party from the same radio show in Austin, Texas, and the 2 companies who own our media are certainly doing their job to blind us to the biggest threats we face. CAP are the only ones telling the truth about the new election schedule (Oct 19, 2009 is the next one) and North American Union, so check them out. I wish the rest weren't lying so we could have real choices, and you should check with them to ask your favorite party and candidates better questions while improving the process as a whole.

Back to New Orleans, the stories of the "U.S. government" and "soldiers" and "private mercenary contractors" victimized by drowning black people are mindless racism. It's easier for us to believe the government killed a bunch of black people because they were bad than to confront how evil the government has become, but if we don't we'll all be herded into the Skydome and shot after the next blizzard.

It's easy for us to picture black people acting crazy for no reason like in Rwanda, Sudan, and other wars sponsored by Western governments. In fact this was in part a big population-control exercise and land-grab, including FEMA boarding up low-income housing not even hit by the hurricane. Filmmaker James Bills with "Refuge of Last Resort", BBC reporter Greg Palast at gregpalast.com, Alex Jones, Democracy NOW and many others have reported more of what really happened than CNN's CIAnderson Cooper crocodile tears (see: Radar Online), so check it out.

As for Bush, we can keep giving him the benefit of the doubt as the bodies come out, but all it does is morally, spiritually and intellectually weaken us. We know he's an evil puppet, and with "concentration camps" (yes they are) at Guantanamo and other places, let's focus on blaming the people proven evil, and get it into our heads that bad people don't have a right to go around calling others bad people until they at least stop doing bad things.



Alex Jones: How They Divide And Conquor Us

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwSE9QbRZaA


Q: Is Alex Jones a Zionist agent?


I took at look at their AJ page, it's full of paranoid assertions that his analysis is probably flawed without offering solid evidence or accurate sourcing. It's based on a fear of him being wrong as opposed to any evidence, which is how smear-campaigns work. It's crap, and if you want to be scared into ignoring the truth then that's sad.

AJ and his team work their ass off sourcing information including a daily best-of the MSM, interviewing whistleblowers - who can't get on TV anymore - and other experts, and making documentary films. Compare your websites to his and you'll see the difference between those jerking off in anger and those getting stuff done.

The fantasy world of impotent hatred you're selling won't get anything accomplished in any real political terms in the world we live in.

As Webster Tarpley says the main financial centers for this global tyranny are in London and Wall Street, and essentially the British, American and Israeli governments run the world - in that order.

Many of the anti-Zionist fantasies are government ops meant to discredit real anti-NWO activists, and if that's all you want to focus on then you're screwing the world.

Good luck getting it,



9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in U.S.A.

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sba0X5hI8cs


Q: Is the muslim religion evil?


Blah-blah-blah, it's rubbish.

We're stirring them up like a hornets nest on purpose, including sanctioning the Saudi support of terrorism. The stuff you read about is no different than crazy people using Christianity for the crusades, slavery and Nazism, or racism re-writ large. Now it's Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations", which isn't prophecy, it's a neo-fascist instruction manual for starting World War Three.

As long as our governments are doing the worst job possible in fighting the "threat" of terrorism we have to focus on them as the biggest "threat" to our safety. Even in your silly paradigm you can't possibly support our "concentration camps" for people based on no trials or evidence, or what Hitler did to the jews in World War II thanks to a scared and ignorant public.

Our leaders are creating an external threat so large that they're scaring us into accepting police states, and it's stupid to accept this as reality when there's ample evidence to show "Talking Points" (etc.) propaganda campaigns are turning us into children.

People were just like you back then, and they'd "read" or "heard" a lot of crap about the jews that created a far bigger threat than any that might exist based on propaganda. There was a fear of what they "might" do, when at the time and much like the 1.2 billion muslims in the world, they weren't doing sh-t.

With our military, financial and intelligence superiority we shouldn't be such 'fraidy-cat pussies, but that's what a steady diet of fake fear gets you - ignorant paranoia.

You can build a fantasy based on the worst elements or realize that most people just want to work and take care of their families until you start carpet-bombing them based on lies. Our biggest problem is we talk about "car-bombs" but not "carpet-bombs", so chicken-choking chicken-hawks can spank to their warno-mags without feeling it's anything but a big game of "Risk" instead of dealing with the evil at home.

If all we focus on are the enemies we create we'll let our own governments trap us in police states, and that's the plan.

Keep fantasizing about how they feel while our criminals make it happen for real and you'll get trapped in your own nightmare. Before this these people didn't give a crap about us, except for the ones who wanted to send their kids to school here for a good education, and the ones that liked our pop culture, like in ultra-religious Saudi Arabia.

The religious fanatics only gain power where Western interests suppress the locals, so it's more of a political than "fanatical" or "religious" response at it's core that wouldn't be necessary if they weren't messed with.

I'm not saying the "mullahs" are right, but we're empowering them, and we're certainly not right in calling them "fascists" when that means "governments and corporations working to control the people", or "what we have here" as Bill Maher joked the other day in making the same point.

Umm... you know the media and government are lying to us, right?

And... you know you can't just make up what the truth is from a pile of crap, right?

We've got the weapons and intelligence to defend ourselves, and the money and expertise to build up their economies and societies until a middle-class rejects and isolates ideologues and terrorists. Once that happens the cops would clean up the crazy people just like they do here, and we would build strong relations and trade ties with the middle-east and live happily ever after.

So: cut the fascist crap out.

Again, Hitler sold the "jews" as a threat with no evidence, and also faked a few incidents just like the British, American and Israeli elite (NOT the clueless people) who run the world with their intelligence agencies have.

Wake up and look "up" to see what's up.



What does "Al-Qaeda" mean?

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9DPWZNJtHw


Q: Are conservatives the biggest pussies because they can be scared by anything?

God? Gays? Blacks? Browns?

A "War" on "Christmas"?

A "War" on "Terror"?


No worries,

That's where the action is, and globally people who know what's happening say America is where it starts and stops - if it stops. My analysis is solid because I've studied the hell out of them, but I'm now switching to playing defense for Canada because we're completely clueless as well. (Sorry.)

It's too bad because so much of our identity is based on feeling smarter than the Yanks, but it's not true, we're just smarter than the ones they put on TV.

Just like America's schizophrenic attitude towards what it does and what it says, Canada needs to take a long and hard look at itself to see our own issues, including Natives being 2% of the population and 28% of the prison population, or 14x more likely to be in jail than on the street in the country they founded first.

I'm not fan of the "Left" growing governments and NGO's who are already doing a crappy job, though at least they try to help "people" while the "Right" focuses on screwing them. After being scared out of their minds by "gays", "blacks", "single-mothers", etc., it's amazing how the guys who say they're the toughest are really the biggest wimps, and with almost no information they can be scared and fooled for years.

How much do we "all" know about Osama Bin Laden?

How many TV specials and in-depth stories have we "all" seen?

How many solutions to ending any threat of radical Islam are there besides endless war that we "all" discuss?

That's our fearful leaders for ya, turning "all" of us into sheeple.

It's too bad you're a Harper supporter, they're all liars but he's the most evil, and that's why he was selected as PM. He's getting a free-ride from the corporate media, and the criticism we hear on a daily-basis is a deliberately weak set of lies like just like Bush's designed to fool us into having stupid conversations.

As we descend further into fascism, criticism of our gang-leaders will defensive supporters mindlessly angry, rendering them unable to question the moral failings of their leadership:

Bush steals elections, enriches the rich, tortures people, attacks the wrong countries... blah-blah, it doesn't matter, he's our gang-leader.

Harper dresses up in military uniforms like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam and other dictators do, sends our boys "hunting" for locals fighting warlords enriched by Western interests fostering a 60% increase in the heroin trade and being occupied... and it doesn't matter.

We're fighting, and we need to keep fighting.

In fact, we have to "win", or perhaps conquor them like we've done for hundreds of years. It's nice when the fans at home cheer on colonialism, it makes it easier to sell it for the future.

We don't know whey we're there any more than we know why gas prices are high, and talking points like "It'll somehow get worse if we stop carpet-bombing them!" or "The people live free in danger and poverty with no reconstruction efforts over the last 5 years!" are slightly more accurate than the "cut-and-run" crap that magically explains war-profiteering, depleted uranium poisoning, torture, genocide, imperialism, dehumanization, brainwashing, etc.

The important thing is we've been taught to ignorantly hate someone else instead of building a world where we can all live together and do what we want, and that's the f-word I hate the most:


Something really simple for you:

Harper said he would replace Federally funded daycare with a $1200/year tax-credit for every child. Okay... that equals $100/month, and with 20 working days a month, that equals $5/day to pay for private daycare.


That's a criminally stupid idea, and don't instinctively attack the parents for wanting more money, understand that a healthy democratic country values it's children enough to care for them, and it's public enough to not sell them this bullshit. I blame the controlled-corporate media for skipping on the math and dumbing us into accepting it as a major party plank, a sign of the times.

Search for "MPVij" on YouTube if you'd like, my politics are anti-fascist, and I have no interest in telling you what you can't do, only what you're doing that's screwing someone else.



Teachers run military PSYOP drills on students!

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piy4Gr8S-2A


Propaganda, 24, Bank Robbing, 9/11 and Guns.


Incidentally, here's how a couple of things work as I clearly see them:

1) Propaganda is what's repeated everywhere until everyone is saying it, and it becomes common knowledge. Truth is likely the isolated and well-researched stories that are said but not repeated, with courageous experts defending the integrity of their professions.

When you watch TV or read the paper and bump into some real 'ish, you know it's real because it's a real surprise. What's more surprising is why it's said but not repeated despite being well-documented and compelling, and that shows the media conspiracy to avoid subjects (e.g. CIA, banking, etc.) and suppress stories that break through.

A good journalist may squeeze one in now and then, like the "Torture flights out of Newfoundland" in The Toronto Star or New York Times, but what's amazing is how they disappear and fizzle-out instead of stopping the psychopaths from torturing innocent people for years for no reason while obviously getting no good intelligence, as proven by the "wars" getting worse every year.


2) Regarding the nuclear attack on Iran and prelude to World War Three, we know they want to do it with plans in place and aircraft carriers circling, so it could happen any minute. At this point it's like we're outside a bank, pointing at men with guns hiding in the bushes, and screaming: "They're going to rob the bank!"

As long as we do they can't, and in many cases relating to this analogy: we're the bank.

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) cabal behind Bush only got the job because they promised the military-industrial complex they would attack 60 countries, you can see it in print on their website, and that's why the corporate-controlled media puts fascist chicken-choking chicken-hawks on TV and calls them "experts" to make them sound sane.


The military-industrial complex sees the "War on Terror" as an opportunity to arm themselves against a public beginning to wake up, and governments around the world are cracking down on their people. The whole global push behind this proves it's being used as an "organizing tool for society" (the great Webster Tarpley - check his stuff), and it's an insane nightmare future of endless wars and police states.

In the novel 1984, author George Orwell suggests that children grow up learning "Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia and always will be", and the same thing is happening now with "Al-Qaeda", a bunch of contract workers for the CIA who's actions help agents keep their jobs.

We watch "24" and think intelligence agents are cool so we cheer when our leaders hire more, but in fact they secretly work for the elite to screw the people, and will continue to as their numbers grow with increased control and corruption. They launder money, run drugs, run prostitution, work with the mafia... they're basically a go-between between a lot of groups, including governments, corporations, banks and the London and Wall Street financiers who gamble on the markets to magically make majillions from nothing.

The CIA haven't been subjected to any "oversight" (e.g. no one knows what the hell they're doing) since the Congressional Church Committee Hearings of 1977, and a world with 3 billion people living on less than $2 a day is their handiwork. The crazy, rich, racist mofo's who run the world are deliberately keeping people down to steal their resources, and we have to stop buying the bullsh-t.

The best weapon to expose it has always been the same: 9/11 Truth, which is so dangerous it's been kept out of the mainstream media, indie media and anti-war movement, rendering them all impotent in the face of "terror".

It's a "racist, fascist, war-mongering and intellectually and morally degrading myth" (Webster Tarpley) that allows Conservative pussies to be scared yet again, but not by "gays" or "blacks" or the "war on Christmas", but instead by "foreigners" who are labeled terrorists in some stupid Pentagon PSYOP James Bong Movie.


Not doing anything about it?



P.S. Oh yeah, and while they might not have been perfect, after all they owned slaves, the Founding Fathers were so pissed-off at the tyranny of the British Empire they'd just defeated that they wrote an almost perfect document for preserving freedom, or the U.S. Constitution. The criminal elite brainwashinga and poisoning us are going after Amendments 1 & 2, or "Free Speech" and "Guns", so make sure you keep both while using the first as much as possible to avoid needing to use the second.


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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