Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" in stores nationwide November 1st!

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To say we stood up for ourselves, our faith, and our families, we have to support the courage showed by Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, Virgin Megastores, and dozens of other retailers nationwide and promote their efforts. More information is available at:

If you haven't seen all the declassified examples of false flag operations in "TerrorStorm", you see a copy on Google Video as well at:

Shadowy members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission are hellbent on destroying America's sovereignty, and they're lurking behind President Bush and pushing him into starting World War Three: we need to prevent this from happening. Special Forces operating in Iran and Syria are being discussed around the World, and spread thin over multiple fronts with Russia, China and others arming themselves, America is becoming much more vulnerable with each new conflict.

Checks and balances need to be restored to the House to avoid the overwhelming corruption threatening our National Security, and these candidates have shown integrity:

Carol Brouillet, Grn, CA, House Dst 14: (Watch Carol's ad Here!)

FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley, Dem, MN House Dst 2:

[As of Oct 16th, Rowley trailed her opponent by 50% to 42%]

Howie Hawkins, Grn, NY, Senate:

Lt. Col. Dr. Bob Bowman, Dem, FL, House Dst 15:

David Nolan, Lib, AZ, House Dt 8:

Samm Simpson, Dem, FL, House Dst 10:

Bob Fitrakis, Ind, OH, Governor:

Dennis Morrisseau, Ind, VT, House:

Craig Hill, Green, VT, Senate:

Donna Mancini, Lib, KY, House Dst 3:

Michael Metti, Lib, CA, Senate:

Matt Woodson, OK, House Dst 5:

Brian Moore, Indep, FL, Senate:

Peter White, Indep, MA, House Dst 10:

Bruce Marshall, Green, VT House:

The open borders, North American Union (NAU) toll-roads and loss of habeas corpus show we are being suckered by wealthy private interests that hate our freedoms and want to destroy the middle-class. Once they destroy the Constitution, the ultimate protection for free people around the world will be eliminated, and wealthy vultures will feast on the carcass that was America. The $750 billion trade-deficit is also causing a weak U.S. dollar that could soon be dumped as a major reserve currency, and once that starts there will be race to get out causing a massive recession.

These issues need to be managed carefully if we're to survive.

We need to share crucial information about more than the useless fleeting agenda breathlessly set by the 24-hour cable news networks. With 140,000 troops; 70,000 private contractors; and carpet bombing with depleted uranium that's causing soldiers and Iraqi's birth-defects and cancer; if you think a story saying "23 people died in a car bomb" is really the only "newsworthy" thing that happened, you are sadly mistaken.

Over 58,000 Americans and 2 - 3 million Vietnamese died in the last quagmire, and this nightmarish bodycount could be worse. The media blackout is also resulting in the most important voices being drowned out: the soldiers. Once we hear them we'll get a better idea of what we're forcing them to do and how they are treated when they return; and what to do about this mess.

The founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Command is Robert Steele, a former CIA officer who runs the international intelligence website He's also's Number One Non-Fiction Book Reviewer with over 700 published reviews, and recently said Webster Griffin Tarpley's "9/11: Synthetic Terror - Made in U.S.A." had taken "the strongest approach to truth" he'd ever seen. While many are confused by partisan sniping, a quick look at the rigorous approach Mr. Tarpley takes shows a moral dedication to doing the right thing that should be universally respected. He has a high-level view of the problems we're facing, and I strongly suggest understanding it to better understand your own:

Finally, regardless of where you stand in an artifically polarized America, there are real people being hurt by the corruption infesting our government, including many children. Watch the mysteriously un-aired and almost destroyed 1994 Discovery Channel documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence", and let's help the 140,000 who've seen it on Google Video finally get rid of the secret cabal of GOP pedophiles poisoning politics...

Good night, and good luck.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!


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