Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Besides, all the people like Jesus, Gandhi, and King taking on the Roman, British, and American Empires were crazy..."

Yo Hov,

No worries man, being crazy helps me deal with the craziest shit in the world with a big smile on my face, and I'm poking my finger into the Eye of Sauron like Curly, Larry and Moe.

And of course, Shemp.

Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk... ;P

It gets tougher hangin' with a sane missus or any other sane people for any length of time when I'm forced to be boring. I've already had those damn conversations a bunch of times, and people who, as Thoreau put it, "lead lives of quiet desperation" instead of finding inspiration, can't handle much. An increasingly paranoid world also makes us cling to our cliques and crap on others - the worst possible reaction, and I can't believe as "individuals" we're called-out for not saying and thinking the same ways: damn gang-mentality at it again...

We're kept from challenging and pushing each other to improve our respective intelligence, and politeness is often an enemy of truth, and a friend of fakir's...

Besides, all the people like Jesus, Gandhi, and King taking on the Roman, British, and American Empires were crazy, but straight up, I think them doods and others like them are who we should've listened to. We haven't, but maybe we still can.

There's a method to my madness dawg, I won't deny that it's madness, but I will insist there's an M-e-t-h-o-d, Maaan... ;P

I'll get into it and whatever else you want to ask in detail when we're recording. When I'm saying stuff no one's thought of, or stuff we've been taught to forget, it always takes a minute or two to explain, and I'd prefer to save it for posterity as we head into the home-stretch. Even you've heard me be right a whole bunch, but nonetheless the consistently skeptical and relenteless questioning comes as my credibility is challenged more than the bastards turning the planet into a slaughterhouse, so into the breach I go again and again and again...

I ain't trippin', and to quote Fiddy:

"This is chess, not checkers, these are warning shots, after your next move I'll give you what I've got..."

If what i'm doing wasn't important I'd feel worse, but people have to know the truth, and in a world of "official" lies, it's damn tough to convince people. I think I've worked it out as best I can, or if not as best I can as much as I wanted, and I refuse to be shit-on by peeps that don't do shit.

I still feel bad though, and if my friends like me and want to hang and I don't have time, that sucks. However, if my friends still like me and don't want to hang since I don't have time and I'm crazy, that's fine. In fact, I prefer it that way.

I think y'all know where my head's at in principle(s) anyway...

I called you on Mundae to say I put the word on the wire to K-Solo by blowin' his mind, I was damn near out of "Fun-Vij" by Sundae after a busy weekend, and after some "Classic-Vij" joke-crackin' I spoke "freely" about the state of the World - including our hood. i wanted to tell you not to trip over any reactions, just observe in your amused way as usual, you know homiez been trippin' for a minit. While you and Easy-B are calm as Switzerland, sometimes homie's paranoid as North Korea, and I wanted to give you a head's up on what's poppin' off. It'll sort itself out, I'm cool, and I'll still hang and get my goofy-on for social trump-cards like birthdays or weddings, etc.

We can all do what we want for as long as we can, and I'm doing what I can to buy us as much time as possible to watch old TV on DVD.

It's gonna get tougher and tougher as we get dumber and dumber with shorter and shorter attention spans.

I can't explain things in detail because people have no patience, and yet unless I take the time to explain stuff in detail no one understands it. If even then.


Oh well, the smartest people in history have always made the complex simple.

At least the nice ones.

The most evil ones have made the simple complex.

And they're still in charge.

I've gotta be right about everything to appeal to everyone, and to prove that my analysis is trustworthy without being seen as too specialized and/or compartmentalized. I'm ballsifying the world to brace us for battles, and just like I fell in love with their courage, passion, and tireless efforts, it seems the struggling hard-core anti-fascist "activists" in particular are lovin' it.

Incidentally, and for nearly all of us:

We're not "activists".

We're "crime-fighters".

There's doods freezing outside going thru garbage cans for food every night.

That's a crime.

And thinking of it that way opens up a world of solutions...

There's millions of other "crimes" against "humanity" being investigated, and as long as we switch from labels that turn people off to labels that turn them on, we've got a shot. I'm basing this on the brilliant work of Alex Jones, I first heard him allude to the idea and am expanding on it.

As for you guys... someone's robbing your houses. Right now.

And at some point they're coming for all your shit.

I'm giving you guns in the form of information and solutions.

You can choose to get more and shoot back now or later.

Or not at all.

See... inflation is a tax.

It just means they're printing a lot more money out of nothing, and it's especially easy today with computers and digital transactions. The guys in charge know this, and keep a bunch in advance.

Now that the U.S. Federal Reserve has stopped publishing their M3 number - or the total aggregate money supply of U.S. dollars, you can expect hyper-inflation within a few months to destroy our life(s) savings.

You can already see it happening with the housing slowdown and rising prices.

The "fix" is in, and when the interest on 5 year fixed-interest mortgages spikes after the "fixed" part expires, with 20 years left to pay for their houses the cash-strapped and jobless will become the homeless, and they bad guys will take us down hard.

Some of this is our fault, and In shopping at Wal-Mart we're acting like animals licking our own wounds until we bleed to death engorged with our own blood. With what the Americans who own Wal-Mart have done to China, it's not hard to see what they'll do to us too.

The North American private prison-industrial complex already runs slave-labor camps for corporations instead of education and job-training programs, most of which are gone.

Shareholders want to see their $20 stock go up to $50, and then $100.

And then split.

And then see it go from $50 to $100 again.

And then split.

And how can it do that without more and more and more prisoners?

That's part of why they're doing this - or at least how they're corrupting one level of this massive conspiracy ("Oh no! I used that word! That proves I can't be making sense! Oh noooo!!!), and a weakened America or North American Union (NAU) will be a prime candidate for a martial law fascist takeover. Which, if you notice our inability to get the Bush Administration to do anything positive for the World in 5 years, has pretty much already happened.

The Hitlerian wars for Empire we're involved in and our pathetic apathy and lack of desire to stop them are angering the World. They want us to stop our insane leaders from poisoning and bombing the world into the stone-age, and who can blame them.

Incredibly, and this is also a good reason for our apathy: they've also been finding out a hell of lot more about our criminal governments and corporations than we have.

Greg Palast is the best American investigative journalist in the world, and he can't get a job in the United States. He's exposed more American government and corporate "crimes" for the mainstream media like the BBC and Guardian than anyone I know. His new book "Armed Madhouse" is a bizarre parallel history of what's been happening to us that we never saw behind our "electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media".

But: the rest of the world has.

And: they're pissed.

Friends who visited Europe have come back shaken by what they've heard about the continent they'd just left, and quite sanely think we've gone insane.

Through no fault of Mr. Palast or any the other journalists exposing our crimes to the rest of the World, this is part of a tactic that will be used against us.

The world will insist that Europe play "good cop" and use the U.N. to attack us, and half the troops in the World are already under U.N. control, including the ones doing hundreds of exercises in Northern Canada.

By 2010 we'll have the North American Union (NAU) acting like the 4th Reich and attacking everyone else.

By 2012 we'll have the U.N. taking us down and setting up a One World Government while the world cheers it on.

Until we're all enslaved.

Unless we stop them.

Semper fi... :-)



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