Saturday, October 28, 2006

BADASS: Russo'n'Stiglitz at ::: 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday at... :::

Hi Folks,

No worries, I'm glad you enjoy my ideas and I hope they work.

I have another "solution" email below involving relaxing and listening to some internet radio re-streaming this weekend. A former 2001 Nobel Prize Winner and Chief Economist for the World Bank who quit in disgust and turned-whistleblower on the elite named Joseph Stiglitz is on, and he and filmmaker Aaron Russo have some fascinating things to say about what the elite's plans are for us.

I try to avoid "blasting" anybody who's not a real "criminal", and that includes traditional "criminals" (who I still don't like) who've been victimized by a corrupt capitalist system that wants it's growing shares of private prison-industrial complex stocks to skyrocket in price and split, and then skyrocket in price and split again. It focuses on lowering education standards, destroying social services, installing cameras and metal-detectors in schools, reinforcing prejudices and stereotypes, wrongful incarceration, and creating more and more "criminals" that will become "prisoners" in domestic "slave-labor" camps. It's already started - hence the appalling silence around what's happening in our prisons, and I'm keeping up with it along with many of the other attacks on our collective sanity and civility.

Our nasty habit of attacking each other for stupid reasons has to end, and while I agree that ultimately truth will triumph, I'm more concerned about when, and I'm not prepared to wait for the wrong answer. I'm too young and pretty not to be having more fun more often, and I can't wait to get back to it.

Since they are about to take the internet, or at least replace it with something which will restrict the information I'm sharing that can help end this madness about the people enabling it, I'm furiously composing works that will stand the test of time and shatter the false paradigms we cling to. Perhaps some people will delete them, perhaps some will get involved now before it's too late. Those who save copies for later may turn to them when more stuff starts blowing up or the economy starts going South, both of which could happen anytime.

People from across the spectrum who formerly disagreed on using the term "police state" are now all saying the same thing: we're on the verge.

When people who've been working on and arguing about these issues independently for years all of a sudden flip-out at the same time, it's probably best we take notice. It's just like the dozens of former Army Generals now speaking against the most immoral wars in history currently being waged: that should just end them on principle in any sane and rational World where people used common sense to understand things, and resisted pressure to accept stupid and immoral solutions.

Our efforts are scaring them into speeding up and slipping up, and they are being caught on a regular basis by the media outlets that actually want to catch them. At this point we're heading into the home-stretch and either "winning" or "losing" in a way that's unprecedented, and I know we want to believe that we are comfortably stable in a technologically advanced gyroscopic bubble of history, but one look at the rest of the World shows we are not.

I'm looking to remind us that our problems are not a result of any weakness on our part, and are in fact the fault of our political and economic leaders who've succeeded in corrupting us to further their aims. Then we can stop yelling at each other, look up, and see which idiots put us in positions to start stupid fights in the first place.

This will stop one way or the other, but I'm not enjoying it very much, and I'm actively planning stopping it sooner than later.

Best regards,

Plan BK: The Solutions - GOT MONEY? GOT 'NET? Learn how to keep them!

Dear Freedom Lovers,

They are finally taking the internet just as millions of people are finally waking up, and if we don't fight back we'll lose our best way to fight back.

We are losing it right now.

They have launched "Internet 2" with their only claim that it's "faster" - as if most of us truly need that right now; while not telling us it’s more restrictive and better at tracking and propagandizing us, the first steps in totally controlling it. They are restricting access to websites for people in North America, like alternative news sites from soldiers and 9/11 Truth sites at schools and libraries, just two among hundreds of examples of increasing censorship meant to keep us sleepwalking into full-blown fascism.

We’re not supposed to “get political”, but this censorship is extremely important even if you never looked at any of these websites: THEY ARE TRYING RIGHT NOW TO PREVENT US FROM LEARNING HOW EVIL THEY ARE FOREVER from the only sources exposing it.

To hear who the elite really are, how they’re attacking us, why they don't like us, what their plans are, and some music by Lenny Kravitz and Bob Dylan among others, you can listen to filmmaker Aaron Russo and former 2001 Nobel Prize Winner and Chief Economist for the World Bank turned-whistleblower on the global elite, Joseph Stiglitz, on the 24/7 continuous radio re-streaming broadcast of The Alex Jones Show at starting at:

::: 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Friday :::

::: 12 am, 3 am, 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm on Saturday :::

::: 12 am, 3 am, 6 am, 9 am and 12 pm on Sunday :::

You will hear how hard people are fighting for our rights and freedoms; and how hard the bad guys are fighting to take all of them away fast, including destroying the economy. It's a massive battle, far bigger than the one in Lord of the Rings 3, and one that we can't afford to lose.

Empires have always oppressed their people to hide their escalating corruption and depravity, and this is the start of them trying to make this tyranny last forever using the technology they’ve had us create. The elite have an inter-connected Empire of Corruption, and to avoid being exposed they are brainwashing and enslaving us as I write this sentence. See how hard it is to believe even knowing the state of the World?

We know "politicians are corrupt", but to settle for that pathetic three-word insight is to sign our death certificates. They are "corrupt" because they are "CORRUPTED". And by whom? That process is what we ignore, and it's the most important one of all.

The reason they are cracking down on the so-called "Patriot Movement" is because they explain the big picture and defend the Constitutions we can still appeal to, and if we don’t all pitch-in and help right now we’ll lose them. Once they are gone we are sitting ducks for perfectly “legal” tyranny, just like any other dictatorship, and as we know they’ve already got thousands of people practicing “gun-confiscation” and “torture”.

Many talk about how “stupid” President Bush is without looking at the suffering he’s caused; or they look at the suffering he’s caused without truly identifying the reasons behind it and ways to stop it. These are the safe and useless position we are given and meant pressure others into keeping, and they often lead to a hopeless apathy over the lack of clear solutions.

Dubya being "stupid" also gives him an excuse for lying every time he opens his mouth: we then feel "smart" and get a good giggle out of his crimes by telling each other that he's too dumb to know any better. I'm telling you that's not true and it's a part of their game.

We're being played for fools by a group of criminal social-engineering geniuses: all they do is work on how to screw us, and all we do is laugh at their jokes.

I was there for a while, but through continuous learning I went deeper and discovered that ALL WARS have been based on lies since freshmen Congressman Abe Lincoln introduced “Spot Resolutions” demanding to see the “spot” on American soil where Mexico first attacked the U.S. and spilled American blood. President Polk couldn’t show it because he’d lied to the public about sending the U.S. army to first invade and attack Mexico to provoke a response. ALL WARS since have been started using propagandized “false flag” events for territory and corporate-fascist profits.

As filmmaker Ken Jenkins put it, understanding this could be the key to stopping ALL WARS: we have to help everyone realize we are being lied to, and refuse to believe them anymore. Despite their massive public relations and propaganda efforts, after years of savagery, incompetence, money-laundering and disgusting body-counts, we have to recognize that the U.S. military should have no credibility left, be reigned in by our elected representatives, and have all the corruption cleaned-out.

Don’t believe the fake hype: look at the real history.

The incredibly hard-working, courageous and sincere folks at and and their massive archives of evidence can be considered A People’s Subpoena, and unlike their CRIMINAL absence from the mainstream and independent media, hundreds of whistleblowers from across the spectrum have appeared on The Alex Jones Show.

We need to support them, and understand and disseminate their analysis to the entire World right now. If we don’t, the fascists will attack us and we won’t know why or that it’s them; and we will mindlessly bark at each other like dogs while our masters laugh.

Now that I understand the big picture, the answers to all the World's problems are fairly similar and fairly simple, and we can avoid the hopelessness that infects many of our discussions.

Jesus said: "Money is the root of all evil".

The so-called "Patriot Movement" found: “The root of all money."

And all of us have to learn: “The elite have a lot of money to do a lot of evil with.”

And all of us have to learn: “We need to stop them now because they are doing it.”


Do not lazily amortize all the battles in history between "good and evil" into a normal and stable equilibrium we can live with, or say: "Oh c’mon, there's ALWAYS been fights between good and evil, freedom and slavery, the rich and the poor..."

It is propaganda meant to reinforce apathy, and to suggest you can ignore this battle and everything will be fine. It’s not true. Each time this happens, if it is resisted by enough people we remain free; if not we are enslaved for hundreds of years.

It is not a “smart” thing to say based on how evil we know our “leaders” are and what they’ve done so far. This is unique, and the elite's economic strangle-hold on the Third World is the first part: never before in history have a few hundred rich people trained 500 million to totally oppress another 6 billion, so that part is done. Their end goal is to use their technology and propaganda to lock the rest of us down in the same way, and they are a few months away from finishing the job.

The only thing that can stop them is a mass groundswell of support for the triumph of the human spirit. Some on the inside are scared at how dangerous their peers plans are and help release the information we learn about them, but if we’re selfish and stupid none of the elite will respect us enough to stick their necks out and help stop this.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been specific historical periods where evil has kicked the hell out of good people for hundreds of years, and they have been implementing the technology to finish the job once and for all. Increasing surveillance, DNA banks, thumb-scans, RFID chips, forced mercury-based vaccinations (Google: Thimerasol), drug-tests, National I.D. cards, psychological tests, police checkpoints and other measures are being implemented right now by scaring the hell out of us to justify taking our rights.

So what do you think they want to do next? Stop?


Controlled debates are set up both within and between the "Left" and "Right" by powerful institutions rarely identified or criticized. That's why they teach us to talk about issues this way: it doesn't do anything. We are about to be enslaved by the institutional corruption that those same institutions have taught us to ignore. We’re awesome.

We don't see the puppet-masters despite the fact we all know on some level they exist, i.e. the "rich evil people who’ve always made money off of misery”, and we are taught to ignore them by their media whores in chasing establishment approval. I’m sorry, but simply put the wealthy and powerful should be using their influence responsibly, and aren’t.

Most activists spread the blame around like Philly Cream Cheese until we’re all smeared with it, often for our respective approaches, making problems hopelessly complex and impossible to solve. By aiming blame at each other we also weaken our trust in each other to pull-through, and these bad habits must be un-learned fast.

The best way to feel better is always the same: handle your business.

We need to look “up” and aim at the real power behind the systemic immorality in the World, and say screw the peer-pressure to ignore laying the “serious” charges against powerful people we shy away from making. You know the World is getting worse, so join the fight and get something really good done on behalf of your friends and family by transcending the media's paranoid social control mechanisms that reinforce your “normal” (IT'S NOT NORMAL) fear, depression and weakness.

You also can't beat it by continuing to buy it from the same sources you trusted that made you a mess in the first place. Just like when Vince Carter and my beloved Toronto Raptors stopped trying hard and I got disgusted and gave up on them for a while; so too must we give up on our media sources that just aren't trying anymore.

The solution is simple: identify the small group of criminals making criminal decisions, and focus everyone's energy on understanding that ALL the World's problems can be solved this way.

Before they disappear, and have the most important analysis in history based on cross-referencing hundreds of independently shocking stories from the mainstream and independent newswires, official and leaked documents, special guests and hundreds of qualified whistleblowers. They have massive piles of evidence to support their crazy conclusions, far more than anyone else I have ever seen, and unfortunately as much as I hate to say it: they're trying harder than anyone else to prove what they are saying, and as a result they are right.

They are the best at what they do: and what they do is want to Save The World.

I passed by a homeless guy the other day, and a lady was saying in response him asking for change, "I'm sorry, maybe when I win the lottery."

Sounds reasonable enough, though personally I give whatever whenever I can.

The thing is people have won the lottery.

Or, they have as much or much-much more than any lottery winners ever have.

And their endless money supply isn’t helping any of us; it’s the root of their control.

Once you zoom out and see this you can better tackle any compartmentalized problems you are dealing with, and smash through the repetitive paths you are taught to follow that deliberately avoid affecting significant change. We have to avoid media that reinforces "long-term solutions" as opposed to "pointing out criminals", a far more effective approach to actually learning about their horrible short-term plans, and the reason for the so-called "Patriot Movement" being among the first domestically censored on the internet.

The establishment are very publicly attacking and demonizing legal citizens and taking away their free speech because they want to scare us, and marginalize the brave people who are exposing the elite’s plans to arrest or enslave the rest of us. The elite don’t want us to know that, but frankly some of us think we should.

Please focus people, we have a small window of opportunity to break out of the useless thoughts that chain us to the lies that bind, and if we understand and break free of the myths that have captured us, we will remain free.

Good night, and good luck.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



Black Krishna Brand

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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!


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