Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Plan BK: The Solutions - Amnesty Intellectual: Searching for Heroes, Villains, and Webster G. (Unit!) Tarpley.

Dear Freaked-Out Friends,

Worry not, for you already have heroes.

They are in your books, your music, your community, they are everywhere.

They are everybody who says we shouldn’t kill people, and it’s time we started trusting them more than the people who say we should.

I just bought the new album by K-OS the other day for $9.95 at HMV, it’s called “Atlantis: Hymns for Disco”, and it’s K-awesome. Even the CD case is cool. I’m not smart enough to understand everything he’s trying to tell me yet, but I’m enjoying the process of figuring it out.

I think he wants me to help Save The World though, and in the liner-notes he suggests that even if we are “submerged” the human spirit will rise. A lot of human spirits have risen to support the Alex Jones documentary film “TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism”, and as Mr. Jones has predicted for 10 years, the bad guys are setting up police states around the World based on a big fat lie, and we have to stop them before they capture our children’s futures. “TerrorStorm” is going into stores across America on November 1st, including Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, Virgin Megastores and Amazon.com, so please support everyone you know in finding and supporting the film, and asking for it everywhere it’s not stocked yet. More information is below.

TERRORSTORM INFO - http://www.infowars.com/terrorstorm/

It’s going to be handy to have copies of all this stuff this in case we have an information blackout on the internet and full-scale propaganda war on TV, which may have started. In a World full of stupid “rules” we’ve got books full of “principles” we should revisit, like The Bible or “O” Magazine, but information could be even handier and a heck of an organizing tool in a paranoid environment. Knowledge is power, and we need to have enough power to stop the rise of the police state. We have to stop the “anti-terror drills” in our schools and neighborhoods that serve as distractions and cover stories for eventual false flag events (http://www.total411.info/ and http://team8plus.org/news.php), and condition us to live with fear. In a World where we are encouraged shut our minds off, we should watch documentaries with friends so we can help each other logically work through our inevitable learning curves, come to grips with the truth, and start learning how to wake others up.

::: Selected Save The World Filmography :::

Rent, Download and Save, or Google to Buy and Support the Filmmakers

Orwell Rolls in his Grave – a brilliant look at how truly controlled the media is from former CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and other journalists and producers and academics. We’re worse than Russia: at least they knew they were propagandized.


Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices – a brilliant study of how communities are crushed, and how to join the hundreds of cities who’ve resisted the suicidal shopping experience. It’s also a reminder that artificially low prices can cost you your soul.


9/11: The Road to Tyranny & Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State – brilliant narratives of mostly mainstream footage and articles showing the history of false flag terrorism and increasing police state tactics used on citizens. The Oklahoma Bombing was faked too, just like nearly all “terrorism” is. And the elite are weirdos too.


Gary Webb: In his own words – a brilliant look at a true hero of investigative journalism who exposed the CIA had introduced crack-cocaine to Los Angeles to fund an illegal war in Nicaragua. And he got blasted for it. That’s right: the government has satellites that can tell from space if your belly-button is pierced, and they let tonnes of drugs into the country to throw us in jail. See “A Scanner Darkly” too. Or listen to hip hop.


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – a brilliant look at one of the most intriguing matches of the 21st Century: Hugo Chaos vs. The New World Order. I don’t know how you feel about Chavez, but you don’t like him enough. If he ran the World he’d make sure we all had enough to live well, and that’s what he’s doing for Venezuela.


The History Channel – Conspiracy: The CIA and the Nazi’s – a brilliant look at the thousands of Nazi’s the U.S. hired to fight The Cold War. So what did they do? Expand The Cold War. It’s just like terrorism, and if you want to keep your anti-terror job…


Learning this stuff is easy with the brilliant documentary films available, and they were made by passionate people with pressing issues to reveal. It’s like breaking a taboo or “learning a secret”, and also kind of like traveling together: you stare at strange stuff and have someone to say “Wow!” with.

The whole World makes more sense, your petty problems will become less significant, and you will get better at making your friends happier by easing their minds since seeing the big picture helps all the small ones make more sense. Truly applying the valuable lessons from the past and present to the problems we face makes the “truth” more addictive than crack, and it’s a lot less stressful than “fear”.

We have to understand there are two types of power: how much power you have over others, and how much power others have over you. Helping separate yourself and others from the fearful herd will allow everyone to make better decisions using better motivations, and we can stop playing defense in Saving The World and finally switch to offense.

Right now most people are straddling the fence, and grading their mainstream news on a curve while cheating their opinions towards what’s commonly acceptable. We are taught to stay close to what our social circles believe, and to get angry (thanks Fox!) at questions about our ability to understand the World. Most conversations involve creative theorizing based on a deliberately fractured and loose framework of half-knowledge, disinformation, secrets, heroes and villains, and the spectrum ranges from “Bush = God” to “Bush = Satan”, sometimes even within the same family.

This is ridiculous.

In some ways it’s our fault for repeatedly sticking our heads in the microwave called television, and allowing them to decide what we should talk about. Despite them knowing by now that members of the Bush Regime are probably lying when they announce something, the “news” helps all of us forget, and allows for the cognitive dissonance to eat away at our common sense. Some of us even believe them every time, and are let down every time.

The “news” takes what President Bush says seriously, and warps our minds by giving it headline credibility and demanding we do the same. They magnify Bush “radiating schizophrenia and autism” into the World – directly at us. World-renowned historian, author and journalist Webster G. Tarpley has researched terrorism since NATO was blowing stuff up in Europe in the 1970’s, and right now in Europe where they are studying our descent into full-blown fascism with a more objective sadness, these are some of the conclusions they are coming to.

Our ability to understand complex issues is being weakened in the World of “official” simple-speak, and taking more than a handful of words to explain “war” is deemed excessive.

Just like a James Bond film, the “War on Terror” narrative has its own crazy internal logic and rules. Different groups believe various elements all predicated on visceral figments of a ruthless enemy it will take years to defeat. This consistently accounts for failing to defeat them, and allows the “war” to continue to expand in scope.

If you’ve seen enough Bond films you can write your own too: Bond can jump out of an exploding airplane, land on a ski-doo, and make his way to a floating sea-tent where he makes love to a beautiful Russian supermodel. That makes perfectly logical sense in Bondworld. He can do some crazy stuff, but he can’t fly, he doesn’t have X-ray or laser-vision, and he’s not bullet-proof. That’s Superman.

If you’ve seen enough “War on Terror”, you can write you own script: Iran and Syria will lead a group of rogue Islamic states in ganging up on America, Britain and Israel over Iraq, and attacking “the troops”; Russia, China and North Korea will seize the opportunity to launch strategic attacks on waterways and choke-off oil supplies to the West. Europe will join the fray, and a World War Three for all the resources will start. Therefore, to stop a World War Three we need to nuke the Middle-East off the face of the earth. And of course, take their oil.

The “War on Terror” is a brilliant fictional construct, but also intellectual quicksand and social suicide. It’s logic built on lies. No amount of convincing will change many people’s minds on the Iraq or Afghanistan, but on 9/11 where Bush gains the most strength with his “base”, the facts have been laid out in so many ways that they can be reached, and we can chip away at the 35 or 40% who will let him attack as many countries as he wants to make them safer. Yes, that makes sense to them.

The “War on Terror” keeps failing no matter how many thousands of innocent goat-herders we torture, so that can’t be helping. The answer? We need to torture more. It keeps failing no matter how many rights we lose. The answer? We need to lose more. It keeps failing no matter how much power and money the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, FEMA and others are given. The answer? We need to give them more. The “War on Terror” logic keeps building on itself, because once you buy into their stated problem and solutions you keep buying in the more frightened you get, which will continue happening by design to give the fascists more and more power and money.

This is the exact same thing Hitler did: he played upon Germans ignorance of the World, fear, racism and nationalism the same way Bush is playing on that of many Americans – with the full support of the corporate media. If nothing proves to you there is a massive fascist conspiracy at work, let that fact finally do it.

These neo-con salesmen and their fascist parrots on talk-radio and FOX News have been secretly active for a while now, and their financial backers had the press chase Bill Clinton for years over infidelity and everything else largely because he avoided going to war for as long as possible from 1992 – 1999, and helped the middle-class become stronger. He wasn’t even primarily responsible for the war crime that was the bombing of Serbia, as that decision came right after he was “impeached” and politically weak. It was strong-armed by Al Gore, Madeleine Albright and others on the “Principal’s Committee”, and a quick look at the corporate media and their endorsement of war-mongers vs. their crucifixion of peace-keepers shows what we’re up against, and why you should turn off your TV before “war” becomes perfectly “normal” and we have to live with the consequences.

To help out, we all don’t have to do the same thing: some people will be “sponges” who soak up as much info as they can; while others will be “soakers” who hit lots of people up with the info they’ve certified as valuable. It’s kind of like people who design posters and pamphlets and the people who put them up and hand them out: everyone has a role, and everyone can peer down the rabbit-hole only as far as they want to go, but they must respect each other for this to work.

These efforts should obviously be appreciated since the only sources we’re told to trust are “official” ones, and we know those sources are spreading “official” lies. If we start this process now we may have time to develop the leadership roles in our own circles we need on these issues, and if the people we know are really our “friends” perhaps they’ll trust us. If they don’t, you can see how powerful the propaganda has been so far, and we don’t have any choice but to recognize that and re-double our efforts. You may be shocked to realize that your friends trust big government and big corporations more than they trust you, but once you point out how stupid that is hopefully they’ll be cool, and you’ll get along better.

I know this is an individual process, but it simply can’t be a slow one any longer. They’ve made the “news” into “religion” in getting us to accept different belief systems, which gets us to accept that the media lying is normal, and that no one but our own circles knows what they are talking about.

If we suspect something is “wrong” but don’t know for sure, we also cheat our answers back towards mainstream acceptability. On the truth about 9/11, I’ve heard for years the LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) theory from people who couldn’t believe in MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose), despite the fact it amounts to the same thing: they’re lying and should be thrown in jail, and if they allowed 9/11 to happen, what will they do next?

(I don’t think enough of us asked that last question.)

Just like any other discipline, in this particular Save The World area there are people who’ve worked harder to understand how we’re being lied to than others. As a matter of practical logic and happiness, we’ve got to stop assuming the people speaking truth to power are lying when they have never lied to us before: unlike the controlled corporate media.

This automatic distrust of any peers questioning the voice of authority is a masterful stroke of genius by the fascists in charge of us, and is building the erosion of trust in our communities into massive fissures. The reversal of this process is a simple one, involving keeping an open mind and an open heart, and it’s crucial that we re-build trust for the battles coming up.

As part of the “boiling frog effect” they’ve been trying all sorts of stuff to prepare us for this New World Order for several years now, much of it documented in Alex Jones films. This includes “anti-terror” drills that condition us to accept the police state, and if they start doing them in your neighborhood or schools you’ll be glad you can help your friends and neighbors figure out how to stop them.

Out of Control Cops Stage School Safety in Full Riot Gear

Associated Press | October 29, 2006

WYOMING, Mich. (AP) -- A school safety drill that included police officers in riot gear with weapons has caused concern among some parents who say it was too realistic and frightened some students.


SOURCE FOR SOURCES - http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/schools_drill_upsets_parents.htm

I recommend downloading movies and shows and handing them out on CD-ROM, you can fit quite a few of the compressed movies on there. Incidentally, my friend Tom, a doctor from Arkansas, wanted me to let you know his group is passing out thousands of free DVD’s to fight this fascist coup at www.911dvdproject.com, and he’s pretty mad about it. Poor guy, he was all set to relax and retire with his nice nest-egg, and now he’s got to spend all of his time doing this “fighting fascist evil” thing because not enough people want to wake up and fight. Support The Truth.

As a final note, if you want to understand how the whole damn thing works from the perspective of a human satellite, including where $500 billion a year goes deep into the bowels of the Pentagon, you’ve got to check out Webster G. Tarpley. He’s the benign anti-matter doppelganger of Karl Rove, and he’s the man with the Master Plan, he’s the man, he’s the man. His book “9/11: Synthetic Terror – Made in U.S.A.” was certified as the best non-fiction book out of over 700 reviewed by Amazon.com’s top non-fiction reviewer, former intelligence officer Robert Steele, and the first one to convince him that 9/11 was in inside job.

The G-Man breaks down the weak U.S. dollar that countries can’t wait to sell, which will cause a stampede to the exit as it’s value tanks and causes a massive domestic recession; how “40,000 people died needlessly yesterday as a result of globalization” should be the headline of every paper; how the Pentagon was running 15 drills and at full-nuclear alert on 9/11 itself; how the “secret government” admittedly spoke in giving Bush is “Angel is next” death threat and codes on 9/11, and why Dubya rabbited around the country from base-to-base instead of scrambling fighter jets; how the oil grabs are a major sign WW3 on the horizon; and how if we want to stop this madness we must destroy the myth of 9/11 that our entire future is based on. Whew. He’s the man.



Good night, and good luck.

Peace, (NOW!!!)


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