Thursday, October 19, 2006

you say you wanna revo-so-lution, well, you know...

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann blasts Mr. Bush for the signing of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 in to law. This allows Bush to decide who is an 'enemy combatant' and allows for the use of torture when interrogating prisoners.


jah man,

i agree with stiquato, it's not like i haven't given you a tonne of stuff to look at, including the movies repeated over and over in my signature, the movies and websites i've posted on this board, and a minifesto with some solutions.

here it is again:

The October Surprise: "Mahatma, Martin, Malcolm, Mandela, Jones." (It's 2006. It's Now or Never.)

You can click on the following link to download, enter 3 letters in the top right corner:

but anyway, since you asked...

you need to get informed by brave people exposing the truth who can inspire you, the people like Malcolm and Martin who the media hides today.

that's why people feel so hopeless: the media doesn't talk to the people working on solutions. i have. it's inspiring.

you need to learn how to speak to your social circles, the people you have unique influence over, the people who respect your opinion. you need to find solutions that work for them, including appealing to their personalities and skills and breaking down the barriers and stereotypes that separate them and us.

our only enemies on earth are a handful of central banks controlling the world's money supply, printing it out of nothing, and using it to buy up control over all of our major institutions.

that's it.

there is no such thing as "islamo-fascism", because "fascism" is big government and big corporations working together to suppress the people: it's simply not possible for islamic extremists to institute a corporate-fascist takeover of the West, they don't have the corporations for it, and it's stupid to suggest it.

the handful of isolated threats could be neutralized with a tiny bit of economic aid and freedom for people who'd rather work to support their families then bomb us; the cops could clean up the few real crazies; and our own economic power and freedom could easily encourage them to trade with us instead of fight - as they desperately want to do.

this could all end in a few days.

this whole thing makes no sense: they don't "hate our freedoms".

they love our freedoms and our culture, and most of them wanted to send their kids to school here. ask your cab driver.

they only get mad enough to join a "jihad" or ANY other groups fighting back when our governments lie to us to get us to support a trillion dollar army killing millions of innocent people.

we'd do the same thing, and whether we rallied around Jesus or Joe "I AM" Canadian it'd be no different.

the elites plan is to take the U.S. down by plunging them into debt and scaring them with fake terrorism, both measures weakening the population enough to accept martial law.

then they'll use the U.S. military to attack the world - they've started - and the Project for the New American Century has a list of 63 countries they want to hit - and get the world to view them as the new out-of-control Nazi Germany, which at this point won't be that hard.

then during the height of WW3 or 4, depending on how you look at the Cold War, and with the entire world against them, the E.U. will play "good cop" and lead the world against the renegade U.S. government, and "save" us all by setting up a One World Government under the U.N.

half the soldiers in the world are already under U.N. control, and they're not helping things. with a strong command structure and a total surveillance society to spy on citizens and members of the government to keep them from dissenting - NOT to search for "terrorist chatter" - they'll have enough control to enslave the world.

this is all supposed to happen by 2012.

and it's happening now.

they've already finished sodomizing the third world.

these people were farming and hunting and fishing for thousands of years, and if left alone they'd just start again.

however, in repressive police states trained and funded by the West to suppress populations so western corporations can steal the country's resources, most people are kept on their knees on purpose - with the full support of our governments.

the u.s. gets 80% of their minerals from africa, and with the africans starving they get them dirt cheap.

remember "diamonds are forever"?

that's part of it, but Kanye chose it because it's the issue we can best relate to.

they've morally weakened us into accepting their situation.

we now think of our own homeless and other screwed groups as "normal" in a healthy capitalist society as opposed to a form of apartheid.

by training us to attack "single mothers", "welfare bums", "addicts" and other vulnerable people we could've instead helped, they've destroyed our sense of compassion and community.

you need to have huge balls to match your brainiac knowledge, because people have been trained to neutralize criticism - e.g. you saying bush brings up "good points", or others saying we should never "cut-and-run" even though they can't say what we're actually doing in afghanistan - or find it on a map.

you have to understand it's all threatre, it's WWE wrestling, and bush is simply a better "thug" or "gangsta" for the Big Banks setting up a police state than anyone we've seen - especially with the support of his father's connections built over the last 50 years.

it wouldn't be so bad if it was like "The Matrix", where you could say "no thanks", take the blue pill, and return to normal:


that's the point.

that's why they're working so hard to suppress dissent and distract us with crap: they want us to to ignore what they're doing, and make it cool to say "i'm not political".

if we don't know what we're missing they can get away with anything they want, and that's exactly what they're doing with the cops and soldiers and courts backing them up.

they know we're waking up so they're speeding up, and you can Google for Bill 56, Ontario's version of "FEMA", the specific details are worse - including $100,000 fines for refusing to listen to them, but here's their official press release:

Bill 56, Enhancing Government's Power To Respond To Emergencies, Passed By The Legislature

"Order the evacuation of an area, control travel into an area and requisition property"


so yeah, it's happening here too.

and since we'll all be part of (Google it) the North American Union (NAU) by 2010 - and that's when they'll be FINISHED - we can't simply say "oh that'll never happen in Canada".

anyway dawg, i ain't gonna hold your hand, but i hope this stuff helps you hold someone else's... :)

peace, (now!!!)



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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

BONUS: "Okay, they're pushin' crimes like weight... so what're we doing?"

thanks stiquato, GC,

i think more and more people are waking up - especially with the NY Times/CBS News poll saying 84% don't believe in the official 9/11 story, now we need those waking up to start speaking up.

and please, don't think i'm writin' for the sake of riddin', you asked for solutions so i provided some. and i ain't try'n'a brag, but i can do anything i want, and i'm only on it like this 'cause i want to be - and 'cause i think more people have to be.

i've studied the game well enough to argue it with "experts", and kicked-it with academics, journalists, policiticians, headz, activists, homeless doods, yuppies and everyone else i could find. since i make cerfifiable sense talking about everything else - e.g. hip hop, relationships, work, fashion, religion, etc., i can't be completely wrong about this shit.

here, i posted it on the HHC Lounge bo
insert bold tagsards too, and y'all can check my article on jay-z's contribution to the cause:

JAY-Z: "I was meeting with Bill Gates last week...He told me about what the world's going to look like in five years, and I got scared."

like i said, i ain't try'n'a brag, but i'm also bringing more of hip hop's balls into the game so it's a tricky balancing act.

still, if oprah can be a billionaire with a magazine with a big-ass picture of herself on the cover every month and be considered a saint, then none of us getting "political" should feel no ways about preachin' we're the shit for really handling our most-important-shit-in-the-world biz.

it doesn't matter anyway: it's just information.

it doesn't matter whether you like the person saying it or not: it needs to be understood and acted on, and i refuse to be held to a higher standard than "usher", who made a whole album about him cheatin' on chili.

as reasonable people, i think if we all saw the truth we'd all feel the same way. sure there would be a few power-mad psycho's who for some reason we keep electing, but if we knew the truth we wouldn't.

tru playaz change the game, and with the playaz in power working to change our game for the worse, it's time for true playaz to step up...

good luck! :-)

peace, (now!!!)


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