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36 Hours Later: The most miserable city in Canada vs. The future of Canada and the World



Toronto the most miserable city in Canada: study

Michael Bolen | Yahoo! Canada News | Fri Nov 26, 1:51 PM

Bigger may not be better after all.

A study conducted by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards has concluded what many Canadians have long believed: That Toronto is the most miserable city in the country.


Russia plans to move its people to big towns

Andrew Osborn | Sydney Morning Herald | November 18, 2010

MOSCOW: The Kremlin is considering the biggest geographical redistribution of its population since Joseph Stalin's forced deportations of entire nationalities in the 1940s. ...

... Unlike in Stalin's day, when people were forced to move at gunpoint on the often spurious grounds that they were ''enemies of the people'' or Nazi collaborators, relocating would be optional and encouraged on economic grounds.


Virtual property sells for US$635,000 in real money

Michael Bolen | Yahoo! Canada News | Sat Nov 27, 4:14 PM

If you're already struggling to afford property in the real world you may be discouraged by the inflation in virtual real estate prices.


36 Hours Later: The most miserable city in Canada vs. The future of Canada and the World

Vijay Sarma | Black Krishna Blog | November 28, 2010

An article with a graphic about the "most miserable city in Canada", or Toronto, was up on Yahoo Canada's main page for over 36 hours and likely seen by millions of Canadians. It references an earlier article about the happiest places in Canada, or smaller towns like Sherbrooke, Quebec. In our fast-paced world of soundbite news, plus knowing how the corporate media is controlled, there may be reasons for this editorial choice. The oligarchs who've always been in control of all cultures just do what they do, like plants with a form of "tropism" (Webster Tarpley), so these articles are likely meant to help them consolidate their wealth and lower living standards for everyone else.

Since they just do what they do, we should really try to figure out why so many of us aren't reacting logically to what's really going on by doing something about it, especially since so many of us know, or suspect something is up and are worried about it. In this age of "austerity", we're told that as Western cultures we've had it too good; that life is supposed to get worse; that our kids won't have it as good as we used to; that India and China are taking over as the West falls; that it's all "natural" or "normal" anyway; that we're just supposed to ignore it and play as much as possible and try to be happy anyway; and that there's nothing that intelligent people can or should do about it.

The fact that this "austerity" is even happening in the 21st Century after all the "progress" we've made is, of course, completely insane. However, when insane geniuses run the world and, as far as we know, have for a while, then it's not hard to see why and how. There's no real "overpopulation" problem when all 6.8 billion people can live in Australia with 12,000 square feet of land each. There's no real "resource shortage" problem when countries and corporations find cash and stuff whenever they want to fight wars or industrialize, like America and China. There's no "debt" or "taxes" problem when it's all based on fraud and used for control. The explanations we get are just repeated lies.

People can always parrot the idea that "taxes" are related to "spending", but it's not true. Of course, all government agencies operate on this assumption, but in fact, when federal governments worldwide want to, they can just borrow money from international central banks who make it up out of nothing (i.e. fiat money) to put is in more in debt and under their minions control. In Canada, the Harper administration will brazenly tell Canadians that we're too broke to spend money on what most of us want, then turn around and fulfill his obligations to the military-industrial complex by spending $16 billion on fighter jets to defend the arctic from... Russians? Chinese? Aliens? Who knows.

Before it's impossible, more people need to challenge how we're conditioned by our media to forget what we know and ignore drawing any logical conclusions, including the ways we understand and describe things to avoid brainwashing each other by simply repeating them. We're being herded towards making the best of the bad choices we're given, like paying too-much for too-long for a home that's too small; accepting that getting laid is better than getting loved; that everything may be bad-for or kill us; and more as part of our "trivia". We'll be herded online even faster as a means of escaping all this, but that world will only be made fun for a while to distract us until it's broken too.

Fortunately, most people still have an aversion to the idea of just endorsing "apathy" in the face of injustice, but even moreso when it involves self-preservation. Once more people realize that we're literally being told to do the opposite of everything that makes us happy, then maybe we'll do something about it. We're being told to reject G-d, family, friends and children and community. We're being told to live in big cities in small condos when we like big property in small towns. Much like how gas prices were raised from $1.00 to $1.50 a litre over 6 months a couple of years ago, there's a subtle push-pull programming process that works over time to get us used to accepting all these changes.

Since it's been done and it's not hard today, once we let each other know how the basic "globalization" agenda reflects the same historical goals of oligarchs worlwide, we can "read" the news from a more worthwhile perspective by wondering "why" information is offered and promoted. We can think about how affects us and pushes the bigger agenda instead of just accepting the "news" is what it should be. Our conversational creativity is being crippled when it comes to serious issues, but we can be creative in other areas, which is a transferable skill. Protecting our rights, freedoms, prosperity and property against global fascism won't be easy, but it will be easier once we know we should.

Relationships are the key to salvaging our interest in self-preservation, so as long as we can still value them, there are still reasons for people to express their feelings and for others to listen. There's a whole menu of options to play "defence" against the big agenda by making and recommending better personal choices. Then, there's the parallel option of playing "offence" by working in local groups to demand better from our big institutions. As life devolves into a spectator sport this will get more difficult, but there's still time to arrest this process. While many of us want to feel karmically satisfied by doing anything or nothing, or by rocking the boat as little as possible, we can all prioritize.

Canadians have to realize that with just 30 million people in the second largest country in the world full of resources, we're not short of anything we need, or anything that we can sell to the world to get what we need. Land is ridiculously expensive considering how much we have for the size of our population, so while our central banker-run social engineers want to stack and pack us in boxes (e.g. condos) in compact cities worldwide and steal everything else we own as part of the UN Agenda 21 for "sustainable development", or re-packaged green "communism", we can logically resist by pointing out how ridiculous their assertions are based on facts we all know and stories we all hear.

Of course, versions of this ancient struggle have been seen before, so nobody needs to re-invent the wheel. If people are looking for ways to understand the "big picture" as "normal", they should just realize the eternal battle between people and oligarchs has always been fought on both a propagandistic and physical level. Our modern temporal priorities and beliefs can be framed in the greater context so we can make sure they don't align with the bigger agenda. Every time we see a news story heavily promoted by the corporate media until we've nearly all heard about it and then choose to talk about it with others as part of finding common ground, the only thing we have to do is destroy it.

Habitually helping each other figure out how to resist our daily indoctrination by nearly every source of information, including each other, will be how we can also resist accepting the next stages. Having shared goals and values that include wanting more freedom, free time, free stuff and free speech would help us counter the idea that we're all supposed to make do with less except for the "lucky" or "special" few in charge. Wondering who brought us to this age of "misery" and "austerity" laced with gadgetry can help us avoid accepting their latest explanations for why we should accept an apocalyptic slide. While they ignored it before, the mass media is starting to reveal the conspiracy.

Based on this, we can see a window of opportunity held by a generation that remembers the last 20 years and what's happened, especially before the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and since. Instead of accepting the latest versions of reality we're given, those who know the narrative have an obligation to put things in context for everyone else as quickly as possible. This is historically the same role that "elders" in every community have played, so instead of adults just failing to adapt to the "youth" culture sold in the media and losing respect, they can transcend it by creating their own respect for their superior ability to help the younger generation understand an admittedly unstable world and deal with it.

Ultimately, this is also where "men" come in, especially men age 25 - 45 who have the combination of youth, strength and wisdom to deal with this on behalf of women, children and the elderly. Men have always defended their tribes from attack simply because they were born bigger and stronger, which helped allow everyone else to fulfill their roles in helping to create stable and happy cultures. Unless men react to this they'll lose self-respect and the respect of everyone around them for failing to live up to their abilities and responsibilities, so they'll be miserable anyway. Everyone can help share information, but once men pose the real threat to the new world order they can be, then we can beat it.

Philosophically, some people wonder why people bother bringing all this stuff up when so few apparently care about it, at least according to the mass media and others that define their version of reality outside of their immediate social circles. Aside from the obvious goals of survival or self-preservation, the truth is nobody knows how many people "care" about this stuff until more people actually try to bring it up. Everything is obvious everywhere in the world, or: how do people figure out how to talk to other people where they live until they have a shared understanding of what's really going on, then figure out how to take their case to their political and cultural system to get better results for more people.

Once even the process of even trying to do anything like this is made obvious to enough people, when coupled with a near-universal admission that there are real issues to deal with that threaten our future, then it gets embarrassing for anyone to even admit that it even needs to exist. After all, who wants to admit they're too-brainwashed to handle their business? What adult male wants to admit they need to be spoonfed in the right way or they won't react? Who wants to demand that this information and analysis be "entertaining" enough or they'll reject it? To quote the prematurely venerable Alex Jones, "Resistance is victory!", for taking action itself reveals that it's possible to take action. So, then what?

This is the reality of life in the 21st Century, or millions of people trying to talk to billions of people about something that nearly everyone can obviously understand, then figuring out what to do about it. As long as it's made obvious to everyone, then everyone has a chance to react in times of crisis. Before the global recession lurches dangerously and throws the world deeper into chaos and poverty, figuring out how to tell people that you're figuring out how to tell people can be a way to get them to understand what the problem is. There are no more language or intellectual barriers, just social ones that can be transcended by everyone who can to give everyone else a chance to understand why they were.


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