Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FordWatch: TEA for WHO? vs. NWO / NGO's vs. Council Report Cardsharks vs. Canadian Crapocrypha vs. Feel Good At All Costs?



Ed note: I caught this Toronto Starticle about Mayor Ford opposing the commie greeniacs, at least in principle, according to the commie greeniacs, who really have their 'ish together, at least in practice. The current issue is light-rail service vs. subways for different reasons, but we'll forget it by tomorrow. What's more interesting is their "Council Voting Records - Report Card 2010" courtesy of TEA, the Toronto Environmental Alliance, whose oft-quoted executive director, Franz Hartmann, is on my personal sh-t list. They're fanatic global warming holocaust promoters and they're deliberately ignoring all of the real "environmental" or "green" issues causing half of us to get cancer and more evil stuff. But, you've gotta hand it to these NGO/NWO types. They've really got their shiznit together when it comes to organizing themselves and their info.

What's amazing is how sad it is that so many other people don't think ... (...) ... that they or we can do anything. I've heard people say "The problem is we're not organized!" So, I've responded with "Google: How To Organize" to find effective models for human beings. There's nothing that human beings can do that other human beings can't do. Like get organized. Heck, children organize bake-sales, proms, school plays and more, so how come adults can't organize to deal with the people killing a quarter of Canadians with cancer? It boggles. Anyway, another issue that will make this obscenely hard to read is the fact that we want to "feel good" as much and often as possible without actually doing anything good. This is getting in the way of our ability to think of doing anything but feeling good as soon as possible. Or possibly masturbating.

Not-so incidentally, right now, I'm listening to 2Pac's "Ambitions As A Rider" song from his "All Eyez On Me" album, the first song he recorded after heading straight to the studio after being released from prison after 11 months on bail for touching a girl's butt, or that's all they could convict him for because there was no evidence for anything and the cops (etc.) refused to look for and interview any other witnesses and suspects. What's unusual is I've been listening to it for 4 hours in a row on repeat. Why? Well, I'm a hapless (but not helpless) victim of Communist Canada social constipation and brainwashing too. So, if I choose to slack around, I can be web-deep in NBA scores, hip hoprypha, random cute girls or anything else. However, I felt like analyzing a few things from a fairly ambitious perspective, so I'm making sure that I can as best I can.

What's definitely possible is more people (guys?) finding ways to maintain an intensity of thought about serious subjects that helps them feel they can handle them. I find this method works with a variety of songs, which I find work better than whole albums since there's no emotional up and down swings taking you with them. I really like Eminem's "Recovery", but for "work" or "survival" purposes, I'd rather listen to "Ridaz" or "Won't Back Down" or even "Love The Way You Lie" on repeat than to hear the album take me on too-many twists and turns. I vary my steez, but I find this steez helps to keep my from varying my mood when I don't want to. I'm cool and can snap out of it anytime, but I can also snap into it anytime, so it works for me. That's the power of music if we use it, otherwise it's usually just another shot of escapist heroin into the vain.

Like the Manhattan Project, different sections of planning to take our City back in 2011, before it's stolen in 2012, need to be accurately compartmentalized before they're synthesized, if at all, it depends. Of course, if it's more than 140 characters, then we don't want to read it, which means "explaining" anything is nigh-impossible, while even "saying" anything gets that much tougher. But, before the Twitterverse eliminates paragraphs, sentences, vowels and words and turns us all into bird-brains who can barely chirp goofy pics to post, the break-down of how we can break out of this should be attempted. Without any metrics to judge the system, info about the NWO becomes predictive programming. Or, we get used to the eugenics plans to murder us and just accept them. That might be why so much info is allowed. So, we should try to keep score too....


Ford urged to keep light-rail plan



TEA: Council Voting Records - Report Card 2010



NWO: Council Voting Records - Report Card 2011?



FYI, I really went off on Twitter today, I do this once in a while for those who like it...



Boy kills himself, mother over online games

Ed -- South Korea, but don't think this article can't inspire Canuck copycats.



New Toronto council urged to stay 'green'

Ed -- Without understanding UN Agenda 21, going green may rob and kill you.



Toronto Police Want To Buy Surveillance Cameras Used During G20

Ed -- Don't get it twisted, they didn't ask a bunch of cops before they said this.



CCTV cameras: Do they deter crime?

Ed -- If they're still writing these articles years after being in use, then no, they don't.



Ottawa confirms 950 troops will stay in Afghanistan

Canada to stay in Afghanistan until 2014

NATO hails new Canadian Afghan mission

Ed -- They keep revising these headlines online since most of us hate the war, but not THAT much, yet.



Prince William to marry girlfriend Kate Middleton

Ed -- The Brits ran the world for 500 years and never stopped, now we're being re-introduced to the celebs in charge.




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