Saturday, October 11, 2014

Say Something: Love BY Oliver, Handler, Letterman, Sex, Drones and Rockin' Rolls


Just saw some neat YouTube vids I'm posting below on a pleasantly lazy but informative Saturday morning. The first is an amazing evisceration of the now normalizing use of Drones in Pakistan and elsewhere by the U.S. military and others by former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver on his "Last Week Tonight" show that will blow your mind and make you question what you're sold, which isn't a bad thing if you're sold fear and can use the info to figure out how to relax and perhaps how to help others relax. It's got 4.5 million views so we can all handle it and use it to handle more, or build up our immunity to being vaguely worried without enough specifics to stop or help anyone else stop.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones (HBO)


Generally speaking, while most women can pretty much do most of what most men can, to appreciate ourselves and each other more, when it comes to those who want to, I think more guys need to be able to handle this stuff for a variety of good reasons. This includes so they can feel badass and women have some men to respect and help them feel fine-ass and vice versa. Plus, it's more fun to feel this way than it is to compete. Plus, more men can stop acting sheepish, sideways, pushy, nervous and sketchy and making everyone - including other guys, women and children - worry about them, especially since it seems lots of men, women and children are acting like this instead of talking, or being able to talk enough about enough somewhere until their non-verbal behaviour isn't a concern (again).

I'm happy to chat about this any time, but most people don't seem to be, which makes things difficult. 

Regardless, I think once guys get more on their minds they'll be able to relax, focus and communicate when they feel like it or not care, which means women and children will be able to relax and focus and distract men with something worthwhile instead of everyone turning where we live into a paranoid, awkward, threatening, emasculating, jittery mess, my slang-speak for a generally admittable toxic-cocktail of social constipation and anxiety that's not specifically dealt with. As long as we keep all options open, including peacefully being gay or straight and feeling as masculine or feminine as you want regardless and have some help doing so, or LGBTQ, different colours and creeds and so on, then we need to make sure we have ways of doing them well and dealing with reasons we're not.

Of course people are mostly nice and there's fun stuff and all that too. This stuff helps with that.

This leads me to my next video which is a clip of comedienne Chelsea Handler on the "Late Show with David Letterman" describing an experience she had learning how to scuba dive recently. She's still funny, but I've heard her interviewed too and now more than ever as a really strong, well and outspoken woman, with her success commercially and financially, as a writer, no longer doing her talk show and expressing some frustration with it and speaking about taking a break, she's got more "screw you or this" moxie than ever, which can be a take it or leave it quality I know well that's good in many ways for success but also alienating. So, according to this clip, what does it take to get even a tough ballsy (?) woman like her to fall in love? Well, it's pretty much the same thing that it's always been:


Chelsea Handler's Underwater Love - David Letterman


She fell in love with a man who helped save her and make her feel safe in a dangerous situation.

Like now. 

So, there's some stuff that might work even on one of the most independent and powerful women.

Like now.

So it likely can for men and women and on behalf of children with greater needs and lesser means. 

Like now. 

For those interested in finding them, there are more answers available and as long as people got this.

Like now. 



The Pride Trilogy – Leak

The Chixtape

The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


Black Krishna (BK)

Questions, Bookings, Collaborations:

647.781.1580 +


Album: The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

Song 4: I Got This

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Excited" by Hani G


Aw yeah...

I got this...


Walkin', with ya head up,
Hand in hand, with ya man,
Who's the man? With the plan?
To make a plan? Take a stand?

Make a grand into a mill'?
People, cash, chill,
Pop the will – pill,
Then, I will kill, if I gotta,

But, I got, a lotta time, left,
Rhymes left, the game,
But my game,
Never, left my prime, yet,

Step, to the mic,
'Cause, know that, my hype,
Beats, zebras talkin', on TV,
Wearin' all, different stripes,

Of, a different type,
Calm, cool, confidence, resonate,
Set it straight,
Warren G'd up, 'til I regulate,

Meditate, on a date,
'Til, she salivate,
Then she feelin' great, won the great debate,
Her love, conquors my love of hate...


"Something's got me so excited, baby!
A feeling I've been holding back so long,
You got the shh--"

I got this...
I got you...
I gotta do...
What I gotta do...


Chop, fifty trees down,
Chop 'em up, or we're dead,
This winter, who's a winner?
You can snack, before bed,

Smoke crack, before head,
From a nine, make me whine,
Or, ten's, and they' friends,
Great eight, feelin' fine,

Still, feelin' mine,
Might, chill a dime, with a line,
Hook and sink'er, 'cause a thinker,
Got 'em scared, to unwind,

A little fear, here and there,
Respect, for y'underwear,
Make y'ass, look great,
Movin' slow, right there,

Movin' flow, right hurr,
To right her, and him thurr,
Pushy, nervous, zombies, with furr,

On a dog, or a kitty,
Ain't worth a look, or the witty,
Feel me, in the city,
Or keep feelin'.... (shh---!)

Keep it happy, man!
Does it keep you happy man? Or ma'am?
Excuse the apostrophe in the palendrome,
But, damn!

Can't fight, quite the same,
Can't say, right the same,
Chickalculate, a million ways,
To avoid, that shame,

So, who got cool?
And, who got fun?
Put 'em both, together,
Hear me vrummm, at ya bum,

So, simple and plain,
It's sweet, like laffy taffy,
They put you here,
To make people happy...


"Something's got me so excited, baby!
A feeling I've been holding back so long,
You got the shh--"

I got this...
I got you...
I gotta do...
What I gotta do...




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A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something



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