Monday, October 27, 2014

Vigilant Citizen: Sex, Death, Fashion, TV and the Answer is... Party In The Dot!




FYI, I just saw some new crazy pics on the great pop-culture deconstruction site Vigilant Citizen that - if you're not already familiar - will blow your mind. No really. (See: above.) While we may casually absorb bits'n'bytes of this crap all the time, the best of the worst is often pretty nuts.

In fact, they do this every month and it's always worth a see with a fairly quick dozen pics or so.

While you may not always agree with the analysis or conclusions - and who does with anybody's - when they (? we?) say a picture is worth a thousand words you can see the ones found here can certainly spark great conversations with parallel pop-culture reference points familiar to most.

Before I drop my own thousand words, here's the link. I suggest checking the article and comments:


Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/14

Oct 22nd, 2014 | Category: Featured, Pics of the Month | 211 Comments

In this edition of SPOTM: Gwen Stefani, Cheryl Cole and Charli XCX proving you that the one-eye sign rules the entertainment industry. And, as usual, proof that the fashion world is simply sick.


Now, after you may have mainlined that main course, on to my dessertation.

Over the last 10 years or so of looking into how the world works and what we can do to make it work better, including our political, cultural and social systems, stuff and us, I haven't owned or watched a TV very often. I'm not completely remiss in consuming it with roommates, family, friends and so on, plus I can find lots of TV and more parallel distractions on the innernets. But, regular and scheduled television viewing habits on certain days and even the new po-mo on-deman flexibility of Netflix have mostly eluded me and still do.

What might that mean except I'm a weirdo who's wasting time not watching TV?

Well, it means I'm not as used to the changes in what's on TV as many people. Or, the progressive - or maybe regressive - and normalized dehumanization that's now such a huge part of what we watch daily which - depending on what you think - or (maybe) are able to - may be affecting many of us adversely. I've seen more recently as I try to catch up and I'm shocked - sort of - since I'm not easily shocked on a personal level - but I'm shocked at how much horrible stuff we see that's somehow not that horrible.

Or, perhaps it is and we're not supposed to see it that way. Or we are. Or... who knows?

Nobody. But, we're all educated to some degree on pop-culture, so the point is - relating to the Vigilant Citizen article - that show after show of psychopath training videos - or how to obsess over, fear, accept or get away with it as shows like CSI: Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Albuquerque, Nunavut, Ogallala and whatever - plus many, many, many, many other similar ones - may be affecting our sanity and morality. I know, I know, it's just a TV show. But, if it's "just a", can people discuss this or are they averse to?

This has always been a fascinating metric to me. Or: can we discuss this? And: if not then why not?

"Anyway", as the "Men In Black" movie-style mind-wipe turn of phrase goes, or "relax and resigned and don't worry and forget about it" type feeling that word now inspires, this isn't really a challenge one has to take on wholehearted or whole-balledly (or eggsily) right away. Plus, there's no "guilt" involved unless one has the forethought to specifically consume stuff like this to become a psychopath or accept psychopathy. As we adults generally get more culturally infantilized or childlike we need more "approval", so there we go.

It's true or true-ish anyway, from "Forever 21" retail to grown men playing with toys they liked as kids. Plus. 

However, as I just said to a buddy when discussing the G20 Martial Law fiasco in Toronto in 2010, we can simply make a pissed-off peace with this stuff. We can even see great actors and shows trapped in the unfortunate position of having unintended consequences we want to guard against if we'd like. We can even be fine with lots of people watching it. The one thing that we ought not do is shy away from discussing the potential impact of media on our old and young and impressionable minds. Not a new thought. Just a good one.  

On that note, I write music to clarify stuff quickly, plus have fun etc., so feel free to check out this answer.




The Pride Trilogy – Leak

The Chixtape

The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


Black Krishna (BK)

Questions, Bookings, Collaborations:

647.781.1580 +


Album: Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

Song 5: Party in The Dot

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Freaky I'm Is" by Kevin McCall or K-Mac



Uh huh...

Like many artists...

Individuals, and creative thinkers...

I'm one of the people DJ'ing this party...

So, let's all get along, shall we?

Who's got security?

Who's got insecurity?

Who's got cool?

Who's got fun?

Well, we either have it, or we don't.

So, let's have it then...

Tell me, what you want?

What you, really-really want?

Don't know? Or won't say?

I'd better get, this one...


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...


Shake, shake,
Shake that girl,

Shake, shake,
Shake that world,

From your shoulders,
"She's like the wind..."
Gettin' colder,
Try'n'a get bolder, wanna say I told her,

When boxers, got boulders,
You can do, anything,
When soldiers, are folders,
Ya stuck, missin' them,

Everybody, relax,
Don't, just wonder, when you can,
Who's the man?
With the master plan?

House party, everywhere,
Everywhere, you dare,
To look, and feel your best,
Okay, so there,

Sex, is the religion,
Of, the masses,

Science, is the religion,
Of, the upper classes,

Takes, too much, time,

We're not all, fruit flies,
Dippin' noses, into wine,

Can take, all day,

Until, you high enough to fly...
Long as, you know the way...


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...


Gay pride, straight pride,
Black pride, white pride,
Don't, make me wanna, hide,
When, you wanna say, hi,

Boy pride, girl pride,
Everybody, in the world, pride,
Don't, make me, wanna ride,
Then, make me, wanna hide,

Rape and kill,
White girls, on TV,
Chop 'em up, again,
Just, to say, it's kind of neat?

That's not, "just life", or "don't watch",
That's, some hardcore, mind-control,
To mitigate,
Or squash,

Intelligent men,
With, intelligent thoughts,
Smart enough, to play dumb,
When, she trades soft,

Smart enough, to have fun,
When, he wants, to pop-off,
To keep, from takin' it, straight,
Up the wazoo, gettin' soft,

Now, just a man,
Speakin' his mind,
Naw, not "just" a man, or stuck,
With a horse's behind,

Perhaps, you think, I'm a fool,
But, since ya thinkin',
Know, my balls,
Got, gravitational pull...


This what you want?


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...




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