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GQ: “Son, Men Don’t Get Raped” (Actually... We Need To Talk.)



Kole Welsh “A month and a half after the assault, I was brought into a room with about nine officers and told, “You’ve tested positive [for HIV].” I was removed from the military and signed out within a day. It was a complete shock.”


GQ Longform

“Son, Men Don’t Get Raped”

Nathaniel Penn

Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military, and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak, and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it

A warship is like a city—sprawling, vital, crowded with purposeful men and women. But on a warship, as in a city, there are people who will see you not as their friend or their neighbor but rather as their prey.

After turning 25, Steve Stovey joined the Navy to see the world: Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Fiji, the Persian Gulf. His first year and a half as a signalman on the USS Gary was "the greatest time of my life," he says.

In late September 1999, Stovey was sailing to Hawaii, where he'd be joined by his father on a Tiger Cruise, a beloved Navy tradition in which family members accompany sailors on the final leg of a deployment. Parents and kids get to see how sailors live and work; they watch the crew test air and sea weapons. The Disney Channel even made a movie about a Tiger Cruise, with Bill Pullman and Hayden Panettiere. The West Coast itinerary is usually Pearl Harbor to San Diego.

On the morning of September 20, two weeks before the warship was due in port, three men ambushed Stovey in a remote storage area of the ship, where he'd been sent to get supplies. They threw a black hood over his head, strangled and sodomized him, then left him for dead on a stack of boxes. Stovey told no one. He was certain that his attackers, whose faces he hadn't glimpsed, would kill him if he did. He hid in a bathroom until he could contain his panic and tolerate the pain. Then he quietly returned to his post.

Stovey says he might have killed himself were it not for his father's imminent arrival. The timing of the visit was "almost a miracle," he says. "When I saw him, it was the most safe feeling I'd ever felt in my whole life."

Father and son spent the next five days on board ship, almost certainly being watched by the three attackers. "I just kept it inside," Stovey says in a low voice. "I couldn't tell him."

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FYI, I just read a bunch of this great article on about MST, or military sexual trauma, which actually affects more men than women since there are more men in the military. It happens thousands of times a year, or men raping and beating and threatening other men who are often too afraid to report it, which I believe is probably true based on this and other articles plus the volume of first-person testimony and quotes referenced in this article. I just looked up military sexual trauma (MST) on YouTube in the last month and here's an easy YouTube video explaining it and confirming 38 men are sexually assaulted per day in the U.S. military. As people of all ages quietly get more selfishly aggro-sketchy and predatory and normalize this among more, this is a potentially serious concern for everyone which means we should deal with it soon. 


The Reality Of Military Rape Will Amaze & Surprise You


The Pride Trilogy – Leak

The Chixtape

The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


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Album: Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

Song 4: No Country For Old Men

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Have It" by Kevin McCall or K-Mac


This, is your emergency broadscast system...

Introducing... your option.


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


I'm, "just" a man?
Ha! Then you're, "just" a woman!
Oops, now you're all mad,
Wanna call the cops? Or start suin'?

Good luck,
Gettin' raped, by the red-tape,
Another victim, of the system,
'Til, we set it straight,

Next in line,
After the cops, of course,
No guns, involved,
I'll, at least, discourse,

Ain't feelin', divorce,
For, my socks on the floor,
I just, got home,
From bein', a workin' whore...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


A, hundred years,
Of social engineerin', don't bug me,
Still get, thug-love,
And, it's good, to be busy,

Not, a slave-plantation,
Where, the chicks, in charge,
Of takin', the biggest, black guys,
And, makin' 'em feel, less large,

I'm servin' up,
Sigh-laugh, chick-cocktails,
Get smashed, off the laughs,
Get to work, outta jail,

They start, throwin' punches?
Wrap 'em, in a bear-hug,
And, once they calm down,
Make, sweet-sweet love...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


Ain't all, about you,
Girl, you wouldn't respect, that,
Cut each other, up at parties?
Break, and say "your perfect" trap?

I, don't, blame, you,
For, what, do you know?
Maybe, what you're s'posed to,
Now, how 'bout you, bro?

These, cute, little creatures,
Gotta plan, plot and scheme,
Big scary ones, lose it,
Nightmare's, not a dream,

I'll trade, soft-sides,
'Cause, my hard one'll kill ya,
Or, chill ya,
Good thing, we like ya, now will ya?

Like, we and you, want to,
Wanna do, what I gotta do,
To make sure, you can to,

So, feel, how it sound,
When, they play, "Jump Around"
And, balls, hit the ground,
Gine'y (heiny) tingle, at the sound...


I know you grandma's askin' teenage girls for advice on what yoga pants make your ass look great. The answer is none and you all lie to each other. So, we'll have fun, but we're not being run into the ground by a bunch of teenage girls...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?



Here endeth the lesson...


Feel free to relax and get back to work...

You know who I'm talkin' to...

Women takin' on more and men less stress than they need...

Now, I'm generalizing, but I love that word, "Generalizing"...

"I'm Generalizing"... so we generally know what works.

You can differ and do what you want...

But, if you're not happy, don't forget how to be.

Love, ya boyfriend.

Nah, ya manfriend!




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