Thursday, February 03, 2011

Orwellian-ggas: Positive Thinking vs. Positive Ignoring, Individualism vs. Globalism, Trust vs. Belief, Nature vs. New World Order


Just a head's up, there's lots of ways they're politically emasculating us, but with our freedom, education, wealth and access to communications technology, the problem isn't physical restraint, it's mental. We have to be careful not to miss the boat on this, once we get past a certain point where people learn to "love their servitude" as Alduous Huxley (Brave New World) predicted, we won't be able to turn it around.

In many ways, we're being taught to feel like we're in a literal prison and to randomly theorize and fantasize about the outside world to pass the time. Absent consistent control of our political system, or a desire for it, we argue more about all sorts of nonsense than we would otherwise. The big driver of togetherness used to be the need to work together to preserve and improve the welfare of the tribe. That's going.

Orwellian concepts like "Ignorance is strength!" are more subtle today, or they have an effect on us over time that we can't see easily. We're being taught to forget about actual "positive thinking", or seeing a problem and thinking we can solve it; to now "positive ignoring", or seeing a problem and thinking we can ignore it and be happy. There's no thinking involved at all. But, they still sell it as "positive thinking" anyway.

Individualism is also under attack, but not just to make us feel bad, it's also because the more we agree to think globally, like we're told to, the smaller we feel. Ironically (again), we think being part of big crowds or a global movement makes us happier. But, it just makes us feel less important and valued. People are happier in small companies or communities... not as 1 person in a global corporation of 7 billion.

This also makes us easier to control, or it's easier to control large groups of people than it is small groups, because in large groups we feel small. The more we go into this era of "globalization" the smaller we feel. We also like to "believe" whatever we want, but ironically (again!) that just destroys trust in people around you, including family and friends. If nobody can tell anybody what to do, nobody is worth anything.

People often think this is all "natural", but as Lenin said, humanity can go in many directions, but they must be taught to think the one they're going in is the only one. Our lack of trust means we often don't like learning from people just like us, just the "experts", though we all hear different experts and could simply trust each other and compare notes. Either way, we all have to figure out what's natural and what's not.

There's more to be said, but perhaps it's best to end on the idea of what makes us happy. Most guys want to feel their balls and most girls want a guy with balls. We're given lots of stuff that's supposed to make us happy, but we always crave more, so maybe there's a reason. Once we figure out how to deal with this pesky new world order problem in calm ways on a consistent basis, then we'll figure the rest out too.



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