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FLUORIDE: Calgary Fights To Make Sense... Will The Rest Of Canada Follow?


Just a head's up, I'd heard about the decision beforehand but forgot about it in the flotsam and jetsam (what is that anyway?) of info that comes down the electronic pike. Calgary's City Council was set to vote on whether or not to keep fluoridating their water on January 26th. A search of "calgary" on Google News had nothing. But, "calgary fluoride" popped-up a confusing mix of stories keeping the "debate" alive.

("They" (?) really don't want us talking about this.)

Fluoride is a local issue that can actually help people build organic relationships that aren't controlled and corrupted by the mass media and designed to depress us later when they fail, like Obama, Wikileaks, Egypt Protests and more. Abstract notions of sending good vibes into the universe to support causes we don't know much about isn't as worthwhile as getting together and working on something where we live.

("They" (?) really don't want us talking to each other.)

Below are links to help us figure this out. We've been taught to keep it positive and avoid disagreeing when repeating propaganda. So, we can't help each other figure it out. We're just supposed to celebrate what's worth celebrating, which means lots of people must be behind it, which means it's propaganda. We get mentally hogtied by the media telling us what to cheer for and when. Can we make our own fun too?

("They" (?) really don't want us figuring out how to win.)

See the evidence of an over-flowing public meeting below. When busy people see a chance achieve something, many will take the time. One idea is getting a petition going to show public support, then giving all of our City councillors a copy of "The Fluoride Deception" on DVD, then getting them to watch it and meet with people for an hour within a month. Can we ask our politicians to do two hours of work for us?

("They" (?) really don't want us to get our politicians back.)


Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Risk Info, Links and Options

Dr. Paul Connett on The Alex Jones Show (27.Jan.11)

The Fluoride Deception - Non-Fiction Book and Documentary Film


Fluoride is the feud that won't die

It may be the most debated issue in the city's history, and we're at it again. As city council readies to again vote on fluoridated water, veterans of past battles look back with the same passion that drove them in the first place.

Sarah McGinnis; with files from Tony Seskus | Calgary Herald | January 9, 2011

It was the fall of 1989. Madonna's Like a Prayer blasted on radios, stores were filled with acid-wash jeans and moviegoers awaited the release of Michael J. Fox's Back to the Future II.

And once again, Calgarians were talking fluoride.

Newspaper articles described the virtues of adding fluoride to water to prevent tooth decay since the '40s.

But in plebiscites in 1957, 1961, 1966 and 1971 Calgarians continued to say no.

Desperate to avoid a no vote in a fifth plebiscite, Calgary Health Services launched a $50,000 public information campaign in 1989.

It set up one of the most divisive public health fights this city has ever seen.


Calgary fluoride debate delayed to Jan. 26 to allow more input

Jason Markusoff | Calgary Herald | January 11, 2011

Council will delay deciding on the future of fluoride in Calgary’s water system until a public hearing later this month, but one aldermen questions whether members’ minds are already made up and that a hearing would be largely ceremonial.

Ten of 15 aldermen had lent signatures to a motion Monday that would have ended Calgary’s 20 years of fluoridation without any formal public input.


Committee recommends Calgary gets rid of fluoride in drinking water

CHQR Radio Vancouver | January 26, 2011

A city committee has a recommendation to take to council on whether to keep fluoride in Calgary's drinking water. After more than ten hours of public debate and discussion, council will be asked to stop fluoridation. More than 50 people signed up to speak in council chambers on Wednesday, where the meeting was held, away from the usual committee room because of the sheer volume of people looking to take in the hearing.


Aldermen almost evenly divided on fluoride question: Herald survey

Jason Markusoff | Calgary Herald | January 31, 2011

Fluoridation: scrap it, keep it, study it or put it to plebiscite?

Those four options will come before city council next Monday after its utilities and environment committee recommended this past week an end to 20 years of adding fluoride to Calgary's water supply.


When in doubt, take the fluoride out

Naomi Lakritz | Calgary Herald | January 31, 2011

Everyone is suddenly using the F-word.


I don't recall the issue surfacing during the civic election campaign last fall. But suddenly council wants to talk about removing fluoride from Calgary's drinking water and, just as suddenly, everyone is weighing in with instant vehemence, as if they'd been fulminating on it for a long time and the fulminations, unable to simmer below the surface any more, have burst forth. A couple of weeks ago, the word "fluoride" wasn't on anyone's lips and, I think it's safe to say, the vast majority of people were filling their glasses with tap water with nary a thought to it.

Now it's an instant hot-button item. Weird.


Vijay Sarma: Stopping The North American Union 4/4

Solutions for winning the information war.


Google News search (31/Jan/11): "calgary fluoride"

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Search Results

Aldermen almost evenly divided on fluoride question: Herald survey

Calgary Herald - 1 hour ago
By Jason Markusoff, Calgary Herald January 31, 2011 9:06 AM Alderman Druh Farrell listens to comments during city council's debate on the issue of fluoride ...
City council split on fluoride‎ - 660 News
all 4 news articles »

Calgary could lose fluoride

Toronto Sun - Renato Gandia - 4 days ago
CALGARY - Fluoride-infused water could soon be history in Calgary after a city committee voted Wednesday to remove it from ...
Scientists and citizens square off in Calgary's fluoride debate‎ - Montreal Gazette
Fluoridation weighed at Calgary public meeting‎ -
Committee recommends Calgary gets rid of fluoride in drinking water‎ - CHQR
Vancouver Sun -
all 75 news articles »

When in doubt, take the fluoride out

Windsor Star - Naomi Lakritz - 9 hours ago
But suddenly council wants to talk about removing fluoride from Calgary's drinking water and, just as suddenly, everyone is weighing in with instant ...

Debate painful as a root canal

Calgary Sun - Michael Platt - 1 day ago
There are many Calgarians who'd rather endure a symphony of dental drills than listen to another peep about fluoride in ...

Calgary's fluoride debate goes public - 10 Jan 2011
Since fluoride was added to Calgary's drinking water following a public vote in 1989, city officials haven't decided if a plebiscite would be needed to move ...
Calgary fluoride debate delayed to Jan. 26 to allow more input‎ - Calgary Herald
Council votes to hold public meeting on fluoride issue‎ -
Fluoride debate resumes at City Hall, Monday‎ - 660 News
Calgary Sun
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Fluoride removal goes to Calgary city council - 5 Jan 2011
Fluoride was first added to Calgary's water in 1991, but the level was reduced in 1999. (CBC) Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi says removing fluoride from the ...
Alderman rallies support to remove fluoride from Calgary tap water‎ - Calgary Herald
Q & A: Who decides on fluoride in Calgary's water?‎ - National Post (blog)
Calgary city council mulls fluoride debate‎ -
660 News - Cosmetic Dentistry Guide (press release)
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Calgary's fluoride

National Post - 11 Jan 2011
A The presence of fluoride in Calgary's city-supplied drinking water, meant to prevent tooth decay, is one of the city's longest running debates, ...
A Decisive Debate‎ - TopNews United States
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Fluoride's good

Calgary Herald - 2 days ago
Calgary is at the lowest rate of fluoridation recommended by Health Canada's expert panel. Dental fluorosis rates are declining in Calgary and across the ...

Calgarians can have their say on fluoride

Metro Canada - Calgary - 5 days ago
It's the public's turn to have its say in the ongoing debate on fluoride in Calgary's drinking water. A hearing will be held today at the standing policy ...

Fluoride: Should it be added to tap water? - 2 days ago
By POV A Calgary city council committee is recommending that fluoride be removed from the drinking water. The utilities and environment committee voted five

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