Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CRTC Decision on CKLN: Dissenting opinion of Commissioner Louise Poirier


FYI, this is the official CRTC decision link and the dissenting opinion starts 3/4 down the page. It might be good to look at for pointers on how to define our strategies for speaking about this and to use as a reference for communications with the media and public.

We can make sure most people know someone at the CRTC who was directly responsible for judging CKLN's status thought it was a mistake to revoke our licence for reasons that fall within the guidelines of the CRTC's mandate to regulate Canadian broadcasters.




CRTC: Dissenting opinion of Commissioner Louise Poirier

I am firmly opposed to the panel’s majority decision to revoke the licence for the campus radio station CKLN-FM Toronto, primarily because I am of the opinion that a mandatory order issued under section 12(2) of the Broadcasting Act should have been used as the first step for this station, which had had its licence renewed in 2007 for seven years and had never previously been in a situation of confirmed non-compliance.

It should be remembered that CKLN-FM is Toronto’s first campus radio station, that it was licensed by the Commission in 1983, and that since then it has always been given full licence renewals. Immediate revocation, without first applying any other regulatory measure, is clearly inconsistent with the Commission’s usual practice. No other licences have been revoked in this manner in recent Commission history.