Saturday, January 22, 2011

March On Ottawa 2011: July 1st, Canada Day! - Planning Update 1


Just a head's up, some feelers have been put out in Toronto and Ottawa to fellow truth seekers (or truthers) and there's interest in taking back our capital on Canada Day this year. As more people get involved the details will change, but some of the initial planning being discussed.includes who to invite, what to do and how to do it.

1. Who To Invite

We can invite everybody who's working on anything related to problems caused by globalization, or the new world order, including 9/11 truthers fighting for our civil rights being taken away, health freedom advocates, anti-poverty groups and more. With the big picture in mind, we can invite everybody in Canada to join in too.

2. What To Do

We can do whatever people want, like inform as many people as possible about why we're doing it beforehand, inform as many people in Ottawa as we can so our federal civil servants and their friends know what's up to improve policy for years to come, and use this event as a springboard for more activism before and after it.

3. How To Do It

We can promote it on and offline and send out weekly email updates beforehand, hold peaceful demonstrations to preserve our free speech, demarcate the City of Ottawa into regions where we put up posters and drop off flyers, wear t-shirts that identify our beliefs and still chill out with others having a good time, and much more.

4. Hypothesis 1

We know shadow government members control of most institutions, but they can't be too obvious about who they are. That's how lots of great rare mainstream news and policy gets out. If we inform everybody in Ottawa about what's up, more civil servants can incrementally push their bosses for better policy and get some for us.

5. Hypothesis 2

We know many Canadian truthers feel isolated where they live, but if they work with people across Canada on MOO 2011, they can say it and most people will accept or respect it. It can help energize people to trade ideas nationally and get active locally and lead to a strong summer finish in the info war before it gets cold again.

6. Hypothesis 3

We know millions of people worldwide are awake to the new world order based on online traffic, so many in Canada may want to talk about it offline and openly to help others reject bad ideas and make better choices. By making fighting the info war for Canada something patriotic to do on Canada Day, more Canadians may get into it.
Please contact us with any questions, answers or suggestions.

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March On Ottawa 2011: July 1st, Canada Day - Early stages of planning for a great time in the nation's capital sharing the truth, improving federal policy for years to come and enjoying the company of like-minded patriotic Canadians! Contact: 647-855-4744 or or - Thanks!




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