Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March On Ottawa 2011: July 1st, Canada Day - Planning


Canadian Committees of Correspondence:

Letter from Vijay Sarma (Toronto) to Matthew Buechler (Ottawa)

January 18, 2011


Hey Matt,

Thanks for the enthusiasm, it's helpful and needed today and I'm sure infectious if it gets out there. If things get worse economically and politically, as-predicted, we should get more interest from Canadians of all sorts in the next MOO to show solidarity in truth, express how we feel and blanket Ottawa in flyers and dvd's that could affect the people who affect policy for years to come. July 1st is a Friday, so we can hold a rally at Parliament Hill on that day and spend the rest of the weekend truth-actioning the City while partying at night. If we can get 1000 to 10,000 people there, then we can make a massive impact on the country's public consciousness both in the run-up to it, there and after it as well.

Projects that are this big and fun are hard to dismiss as a waste of time, especially after the success of MOO 2008, so we shouldn't have trouble getting it past the spooks and cynics. It can also re-energize people and help them focus and organize locally beforehand while they feel better as part of a bigger national goal. It could blow up on Facebook with the right people managing communications too. To start, let's get the domain name MarchOnOttawa.com (which is available) or .org if you have it, then build a simple website. We can provide the initial content and get more help soon. Once this project starts, it can serve as a major counter-propaganda point for people to reference and look forward to.

Let's get started man, I'm sure tons of plucky Canucks will be happy to see it and help work towards the goal! :-)



Vijay Sarma


March on Ottawa 2008

DJ Logitek




March On Ottawa 2008 for 9/11 Truth Tribute

Ottawa Fro






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