Friday, January 21, 2011

The Economist Reveals The Conspiracy: Yes Super-Rich People Constantly Meet To Decide On Policy For The Whole World... Okay?


Just saw an article by Steve Watson for and then read The Economist article it's based on. This is wild. About the "conspiracy" and what it means, we've seen the general public move from I don't believe you, to I don't care, to I don't want to talk about it, to I'm afraid to talk about it. We've gotta find ways to reverse this.

This may reveal why "they" are letting so much info get out. They don't care as long as they control what we do with it. They likely allowed and promoted protests to stop people who would normally storm castle walls. They likely allow so many videos, comments, message boards and more so we randomly type stuff. This stuff is wild.

We know that lots of people are waking up based on the increase in online traffic. But, if most people are awake but paralyzed, it probably won't affect the globalists very much. People need to get active to inspire others to get active and react to the latest propaganda in calm, consistently and timely ways. That's just for starters.

After that, we have to find ways to pressure our politicians on key issues and to keep them busy working on everything except for what the new world orderlies want. The shadow government can't easily reveal themselves, so if more people on the inside start pushing for better policies, it's likely their bosses will have to cave more often.

Instead of just randomly re-confirming that yes, there is a conspiracy, people need to start to form local groups to bug their elected officials soon. Otherwise all of us will be aware of what's going on, but just like in fascist or communist countries, we'll also be aware that we shouldn't talk about it in public -- let alone do anything about it.

Before whatever happens in 2012, it's probably a good idea to spread the word so we can think more tactically about how to reach people and pressure the system. We need more professionals in many fields using their expertise to figure out how to handle different aspects. We can't say they didn't let us know what was happening.


Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things, It’s Not A Conspiracy

Agenda for global centralized control system is public and out in the open

Steve Watson
January 21, 2011

We have referred many times to the push for a centralized world government control system as the “open conspiracy”. Groups such as Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foreign Relations are kingpins of this agenda, shaping the policies of the politicians and power brokers that they have effectively bought.

A rather bizarre article in The Economist today addresses this power structure and far from dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, simply reaffirms the fact that “the cosmopolitan elite” do indeed “flock together” at such gatherings and elusive clubs to shape the world that the “superclass” wishes to inhabit.


The world's water-coolers

Where the influential people meet and talk

A special report on global leaders

The Economist
January 20th 2011

“YOU can do nothing against a conspiracy theory,” sighs Etienne Davignon. He sits in a lofty office with a stupendous view over Brussels, puffing his pipe. He is an aristocrat, a former vice-president of the European Commission and a man who has sat on several corporate boards, but that is not why some people consider him too powerful. He presides over the Bilderberg group, an evil conspiracy bent on world domination. At least, that is what numerous websites allege ...

In reality, Bilderberg is an annual conference for a few dozen of the world’s most influential people. Last year Bill Gates and Larry Summers hobnobbed with the chairman of Deutsche Bank, the boss of Shell, the head of the World Food Programme and the prime minister of Spain. One or two journalists are invited each year, on condition that they abstain from writing about it. (Full disclosure: the editor of The Economist sometimes attends.) ...

Mr Davignon credits the meetings for helping to lay the groundwork for creating the euro. He recalls strong disagreement over Iraq: some participants favoured the invasion in 2003, some opposed it and some wanted it done differently. Last year the debate was about Europe’s fiscal problems, and whether the euro would survive.

The world is a complicated place, with oceans of new information sloshing around. To run a multinational organisation, it helps if you have a rough idea of what is going on. It also helps to be on first-name terms with other globocrats. So the cosmopolitan elite—international financiers, bureaucrats, charity bosses and thinkers—constantly meet and talk.




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