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G20 officer: 'This ain't Canada right now' -- Are we ready to March On Ottawa yet?


Just saw this among other zany articles at Yahoo Canada right now, it's amazing how they mix fear and fun together into a toxic and confusing cocktail of crap, but it's still worth a drink on occasion. The cops know this isn't Canada, so that's good news if Canadians work with them in the info war to bring Canada back... soon.

Otherwise it's business as unusual during this unusually slow news cycle, or, maybe it's a usually slow news cycle. Our local new world orderlies know that it's freakin' cold outside and we're staying in, so maybe they want to ply most of us with fluffy crap to avoid revealing much while we have nothing else to pay attention to.

Either way, this is as good a time as any to pass on info that can help people get what's really happening, otherwise we have a bajillion excuses in the warm weather to ignore anything serious when there's too much fun stuff to do. Millions of people are awake, but when there's fun stuff to do besides fight the info war, most do it.

However, it's not like fighting the info war can't be fun. In fact, if it's done well, then it can be the most fun that people who know what's going on can have. We either feel we have balls or we don't in the face of open tyranny, since it's better to feel we do, it's better to break 'em out by sharing info about it to help others deal with it as well.

Besides the latest G20 Martial Law fall-out, a "news" search of "codex canada" revealed... not much. Canada is supposedly a much more oppressive police state than America is according to Alex Jones, especially when it comes to censorship, so news on Codex-related meetings here is probably harder to find.

Still, there was an interesting tidbit about the Yanks considering adoption of Health Canada's new guidelines on table salt. Unfortunately, the rest of the article looks like it's part of UN Agenda 21 plans to lower our living standards in the name of saving the environment. Or really, telling us all to use less and then stealing the rest of it.

The Toronto Star had a corroborating article referencing it that was inconclusive. It's amazing how they get us to live with those inconclusions for decades. People will still say the links between vaccines, fluoride and more risks haven't been proven instead of learning the proof is being suppressed. There must be ways around this.

On the same page, there's a picture of a cute little dark haired baby with dark eyes and the headline "Second vaccination cuts chickenpox cases", which is just more insane generalizing based on spurious correlations. They do admit that vaccines aren't mandatory and that they don't know how many kids got them, so that's good.

Regardless, what's tragic is many people concerned about their health are being herded into these little concentration camp columns on mainstream and even many indie health and science websites. Ideally we'd have people in each neighbourhood informing their neighbours of the latest health news and exposing the latest big lies.

Instead of the ad hoc approach to truthing that many take, we can people know how to set up local people and groups who share info with their neighbours who support them. The only reality we can trust is one we share, so people who live in the same place can develop the connections to build that trust based on consistent good info.

Beating the new world order will probably involve more than just learning how they're beating us. If that's all most people do, then we can be sure it's part of their plan to get us used to it. Plus, especially online, to test and control how we're reacting to it. Let's see if we can think of options for more people to consider taking action soon.


USP Seeks Input on New Bio-Based Content Method

Natural Products Insider | January 4, 2011

... The new FCC method for bio-based contents is a way to determine the amount of a food ingredient that is derived from renewable carbon sources such as plant- or animal-based versus other raw materials commonly used to produce food additives such as petroleum wax and mineral oil. The method uses carbon isotope signatures. ...

... Also in the latest FCC Forum [Food Chemicals Codex] is a revised standard for sodium chloride, or table salt, which was modified at the request of Health Canada. FCC is recognized in law in Canada and USP works closely with the Health Canada to establish specifications that suit the needs of this regulatory body. ...


Health Canada weighs in on table salt

Nicole Baute | Toronto Star | October 27, 2010

... Now, with public-health campaigns urging us to put down the salt cellar, Health Canada will be evaluating the role of iodized salt in maintaining healthy iodine levels, says spokesperson Gary Holub.

Its new guidelines aim to cut the average daily sodium intake from 3,400 mg to 2,300 mg by 2016.


Second vaccination cuts chickenpox cases

Trish Crawford | Toronto Star | January 5, 2011

... Because it is not mandatory and there is no central immunization registry, it is impossible to know how many children are vaccinated for chickenpox, says Vinita Dubey, associate medical officer of health for the City of Toronto.


Canadian Legal Vaccine Exemption Forms For Children - Learn The Risks Too!


John Joseph: A Cro-Mag talks about Monsanto and Codex

Washington Times | December 31, 2010

... If one does due diligence in looking into this matter there are 2 “usual suspects” that tend to come up: Monsanto and the “Codex Alimentarius” food code, which Joseph dedicates a couple of chapters to addressing.

Codex Alimentarius is one of the major players behind limiting public access to nutritional products and information- objectives of Codex are to: Strip nutrients out of all food and remove ingredient labeling (in the name of food safety) • Abolish small farms and organic farming • Popularize GM (genetically modified) foods and livestock • Restrict all vitamins, herbs, minerals and natural remedies.

Monsanto is a multi national food corporation whose agenda is to patent and genetically modify all seeds- Thus giving corporations the last piece of the food system puzzle: control of the entire food system, from seed to finished product. ...

... If anyone has ever seen the documentary “The Future of Food” and how people can get patents and control seeds – and how someone with GM seeds blow and crossbreed with the next door farmers seed and then the corporations go sue the other farmer- there was a case in Canada that reached Canada’s highest court where Monsanto aggressively went after a farmer who got some seed mixed in his own- farmers there called it a “reign of terror”- It was awful.


Further rise in Canadian dollar could delay rate hike

Michael Babad | Globe and Mail Blog | January 19, 2011

... Lagging productivity has been an issue that has dogged Canada for some time.

Over the past year, Canadian factories have actually outperformed those in the United States by driving labour costs down at a faster pace, Mr. Guatieri said, but he compared that to "the woeful underperformance" of the previous nine years.

"Any backsliding in productivity could worsen Canada's competitiveness, widen its current account deficit, detract from growth - and temper the monetary tightening cycle," he said.

Senior economist Pascal Gauthier of Toronto-Dominion Bank added that Mr. Carney and his colleagues appear "to have gone to lengths not to sound hawkish" in an attempt to spark another surge in the dollar.

[Ed: does "productivity" really mean cutting labour costs and safety standards?]


"The global economic recovery is proceeding at a somewhat faster pace than the Bank had anticipated, although risks remain elevated."

- Bank of Canada (sort of lies and told ya so's at the same time), January 18, 2011


G20 officer: 'This ain't Canada right now'

CBC News | January 21, 2011

A police oversight body is probing the comments of a police officer who was caught on YouTube telling a man who refused to be searched during the G20 summit, "This ain't Canada right now."

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Paul Figueiras and York Regional Police officers working summit duty in downtown Toronto, about a block from the security perimeter.

One officer tells Figueiras that police need to search his backpack, but he refuses.

"You haven't opened up your bag, so take off," the officer says to the man.

When the man refers to being in Canada, the officer replies: "This ain't Canada right now."

Figueiras told CBC News on Friday, "It certainly meant in that moment that this officer was saying to me, 'As far as I am concerned, you don't have civil rights,'"

He said at one point, the officer grabbed him and he had to back away.

"I was actually responding to him, saying, 'OK, well, I'm not going to open my backpack so I'm going to leave and that's actually when he assaulted me and said you don't get a choice."

Figueiras lodged a complaint last month with Ontario's Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

In a report last month, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin used the video as one example of how police brass spread confusion among officers on the street.

He said a misinterpretation of special provincial legislation led to police wrongly believing they had expanded powers.

University of Toronto law professor David Schneiderman said this false belief among police that they could search anyone they please led to widespread violations of civil liberties.

"There were various indications that the police officers here from various police forces, Toronto, York Regional police are identified, were exhibiting behaviour that was directly contrary to the constitutional rights of the people involved," said Schneiderman.

A spokesperson for the police oversight body investigating the incident said they don't comment during ongoing probes. York Region police also refused to comment.




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