Saturday, October 16, 2010

the things that man used to do, modern man thinks only god could do.


quick reply for now dood:

the things that man used to do, modern man thinks only god could do.

now, that's mind control.

you can try to think that only god can convince your neighbours to fight back.

but you're ignoring history.

anyway, my biggest problem is our balls have been ripped off, but we've got brains.

so, maybe we can all see it.

regardless, just because some people think they can't do anything, i hope i don't have to.

i won't waste my time moping.

it's a big joke anyway, or the bad guys are laughing at how they convinced to be mannequins.

i'm just a human, so i'll act like it.

otherwise this lack of faith in ourselves and each other will be a depressing way to spend our time.

more later, running off to feel my balls.

once we do there's no stopping us, in fact, ain't no guns here, the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

there's only so much this human can do about that.




bonus: facebook response to a thumbs up


thanks CWTTC, this was a lot of fun and i'm glad you liked it. my number is everywhere because i planned on doing this with everyone in toronto, or having them call me on speakerphone so i could answer all their questions, then they can record and post it online. sigh. so many plans. it's my fault, i should be able to figure out how to get us going by now. instead i got confused and battle-fatigued and slacked, it's hard when your customers love and hate you at the same time, or when you can bake a great cake but nobody feels hungry. but, all is not lost. in this city word could spread in a few hours with all our social networking gizmo's, so i could still win the election easily. i' may also have an open-door policy after the election to take calls and play therapist to 5 million people, or even keep runnin' for a recall unless we get what we want. right now i want to end strong on behalf of everyone looking for hope in this mess, then skeddadle if i don't win, contemplate retirement, or gong undercover, then plan for 2011. one way or another these bastards are going down. then... we have a massive kegger! :P